by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2016

(Apr. 15, 2016) — Nightmare? You could only imagine hoping to wake up from the bad dream that became your Life. You’ve been framed in a City, State. Both the Government and what’s considered the Fourth Branch of Government “The Free Press” have taken stances against you in a conspiratorial story that has become your reality. While taking care to deny a Theocracy exist in the Government of the State, the reality in your case appears inescapable. No one believes your story, or shall we say no one from the City, but the evidence made public would help illustrate the frame job. Problem with the evidence? Yes, it’s been used against you in a Court of Law. Available to you under the Rights of the U.S. Constitution as a Defendant or Publicly Available in the Judicial Court right? Well… that’s where the conspiracy is rooted, but the answer is “No”. Why? Because those who have framed you do not want the Public outside the City to know of their own felonies against you. You’ve been Tagged, and the Tag-Team will risk everything to prevent their conspiracy from becoming understood as the Truth.

Conspiracy: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. The definition is simple, but the word has become somewhat of an exoneration of those in the secret combination itself. Darkness needs only the attention of Light to transform completely, and that is where we began here to highlight the darkness with light – to shed truth as light in the devils darkness of lies.

Read the rest of the story here as to how Cody Robert Judy defends himself against Salt Lake Tribune writer Paul Jolly’s commentary.

In response to Jolly’s column, The Post & Email left the following comment:

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  1. Great comment Thank You P&E for the light that is shed on the subject with your comment and thank you for Posting.

    There are many weaknesses of our Country, but demanding prior elected office as a pre-requisite is not one of them; and our Founders were brilliant to understand Citizens could govern, and hold office.

    I gain more admiration for them daily.