by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 12, 2016) — On March 20, The Post & Email published a report concerning the death of a civilian contractor in Afghanistan, Thomas J. Boyle, Jr., under unclear circumstances which his widow believes was caused by friendly fire. In the article which follows, Mrs. Boyle goes further into describing what she alleges is a “web of corruption” in which she unknowingly became immersed and which encompasses military contracting companies, insurance companies, attorneys, the justice system and the U.S. military itself.

A 30-year veteran and retiree of the Chicago Police Department, Tom Boyle felt compelled to continue to serve by training law enforcers in war-ravaged parts of the world with the skills he acquired over a lifetime, beginning with his enlistment in the U.S. Marines following high school and two tours of duty in Vietnam.

At the time that he deployed to Afghanistan in May 2012, Mr. Boyle held several insurance policies which were offered on a personal plan website provided to all employees of Engility Corporation, a division of L-3 Communications. Mr. Boyle was stationed in Kandahar Province when he was killed on June 19, 2012. “Technically, I’ve never been told what happened or how my husband died,” Mrs. Boyle told The Post & Email.

Following her husband’s death, Mrs. Boyle found herself in the throes of sorting out the benefits he had purchased prior to his last deployment. To her surprise, she learned that the cause of death was stated differently among the four companies involved and that consequently, three of them would not issue a payout based on the “accidental death” provision in the policies.

Mrs. Boyle provided The Post & Email with emails she exchanged with the insurance companies in an attempt to discover the true cause of her husband’s death and why certain policies did not issue her a payout even though they were aware of the “accidental death/homicide determination” and coverage under an accidental death policy (AD&D). She has maintained to the companies involved that “accidental death equals fratricide.”

Boyle Aetna email acc death

“If you look up ‘accidental homicide’ in any legal dictionary, the term applies to ‘killing a person that was an accident,’ Mrs. Boyle said. “Homicide is a murder. To use the Wikipedia definition:

Murder is the killing of another human being without justification or valid excuse, and it is especially the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought.[1][2][3] This state of mind may, depending upon the jurisdiction, distinguish murder from other forms of unlawful homicide, such as manslaughter.”

As a result of eyewitness statements made to her privately, Mrs. Boyle is convinced that her husband was killed accidentally by two poorly-trained members of the U.S. Army Reserve Unit, 303rd Battalion, of Jackson, MI as they stood watch on June 19, 2012. Thus far, the Army has admitted no culpability in Thomas Boyle’s death and failed to adequately detail the circumstances leading up to that tragic day.

“Further research into manslaughter charges or murder is that it may lead to a dishonorable discharge with regard to military personnel,” Mrs. Boyle told The Post & Email. “Manslaughter charges may be brought against an individual whose action or inaction unintentionally resulted in the death of another. So in the case of my husband, it could be determined that two U.S. soldiers could be tried for manslaughter. Not one, but two, soldiers — which almost defies logic that something this horrendous could happen. The media would have been all over it had the facts surrounding my husband’s death been made public.”

Mrs. Boyle believes that there exist four “cartels,” for lack of a better word, involved in a cover-up of the facts which led to her husband’s death. She identifies the “coalition of corruption” as consisting of military contracting corporations such as L-3; the insurance companies, more specifically, Metlife and Chartis/AIG; attorneys who specialize in insurance policies, and the U.S. “justice system. “

“It became apparent to me that within each major city there is a so-called ‘main/top attorney’ who acts as a liaison to the insurance companies and coordinates payouts of policies, further negotiating the amounts paid. Everyone has his fingers in the pot. Even though you may have an accidental death policy and hire an attorney to represent you, you can almost bet that he answers to another attorney and that attorney answers to the insurance companies. They all compromise on what you will receive, and everyone gets a kickback; it is the poor consumer who suffers, as the amount paid is not the face value of the policy,” she explained. “I will wager the attorney on your side convinces you to take a lower amount since ‘the cost of litigation will whittle away the payout.’ The consumer takes the lesser amount, and in the eyes of the others involved, everyone wins. Except that’s not how it’s supposed to be,” Mrs. Boyle said.

Mrs. Boyle reported that in the case of Aetna, her husband was covered by a company-based policy which paid out on the claim of accidental death. “Metlife would not acknowledge an accidental death policy, let alone pay out on one. AIG/Chartis denied the universal life policy, citing a ‘war risk’ exclusion, but according to Metlife, they also hold an accidental death policy,” she said. “So tell me: how does MetLife know what policies AIG/Chattis has on my husband? These are policies I know nothing about.”

“Marsh, the administrator for both Metlife and AIG/Chartis, never answered my questions regarding two uncashed premium checks they forwarded to me. I recently sent via certified mail a letter requesting clarification asking if an accidental death policy exists. As we know, if I were to cash these checks which represent premiums paid, it would negate my ever collecting on the policies.”

Boyle AIG certified letter req docs 2016

Boyle Marsh certified March 2016 request for docs

Boyle Metlife certified letter req for docs March 2016

“I have contacted Aetna by certified letter to ask how they came to the conclusion of ‘death due to accidental bodily injury’ as written in their own email,” Mrs. Boyle said. “I’ve done the same with Metlife and AIG. I went through my paperwork, and Metlife indicated that they do not have a personal accidental death insurance policy, but they believe AIG does. Again, how does Metlife know what policies were held by other companies in my husband’s name? How would Metlife know who underwrites them? How does Metlife know which underwriter sold which policy to which insurance company? It’s all a game, and the consumer is the pawn.

Boyle Aetna certified letter March 2016

“So it’s clear to me that Metlife is not acknowledging an accidental death policy and AIG has an accidental death policy I knew nothing about,” Mrs. Boyle told us. Is this not insurance fraud? What is the fiduciary responsibility of the insurance companies? What is the fiduciary responsibility of the administrator of the policies, Marsh? What is the fiduciary responsibility of L-3 Communications? What is the responsibility of L-3’s subsidiary, MPRI/Engility? What about the responsibility of the human resource employee — no doubt Pearl Mihara knew.”

On April 11, Mrs. Boyle sent three more letters by certified mail to insurance companies which issued policies on her husband:

Boyle National Union certified request accidental death 2016 2

Boyle US Life Assurance Co of NY

Boyle Chartis certified request accidental death 2016 2

Of the companies’ denial of her claims of “accidental death, “Mrs. Boyle continued:

AIG/Chartis, the insurance company U.S. taxpayers bailed out, has never acknowledged that it holds an accidental death policy. And believe me, this company is not broke; it never was broke. The taxpayers bailed out a greedy corporation that made the upper echelon even wealthier. This should be of concern to everyone.

The insurance companies are the first element of what I refer to as the “coalition of corruption.” The second is the attorneys. I have already had to fire two attorneys. My instincts are spot-on, and I can tell when someone is not being truthful to me. And when someone is deceitful, always ask yourself, “Who benefits?” You can pretty-much figure out the rest after that. As I stated, I believe there is a “top” attorney in each large metropolitan area who works directly with other attorneys as a liaison to these insurance companies and then the deal is made: whose cut is whose and they all have their fingers in the pie. They even decide what documentation is shared with the beneficiary.

As I mentioned earlier, do a search on “accidental homicide,” and you come up with “fratricide,” and to have a top attorney say, “I disagree with you about that conclusion,” and he’s representing you, you know it’s time to say “goodbye. “

These attorneys set you up regarding falsifiying, or shall we say, ‘losing’ or ‘misinforming’ information. We had one attorney look into my husband’s CT scans with a prominent doctor. They are in Dicom format, so you can literally trace the bullet as it entered his body, where it went, where it fragmented and what remained in his body. That technology exists. Every wound can be traced. We asked that the doctor interpret the scan, which was arranged by the attorney. This the attorney will tell you is so the testimony will not be tainted. The same attorney — the one who didn’t believe accidental homicide is fratricide then said to me after the fact that the doctor doesn’t do a written report, whereas initially he stated his conclusion was the same as that of the medical examiner at AFME (Armed Forces Medical Examiner). This was contrary to my instructions that the new doctor not be allowed to see the first autopsy report. I did not need a regurgitation of the lies AFME told me. Then the attorney expected me to pay a large invoice for absolutely nothing.

I asked, “Why would I have him do an interpretation of a scan if he doesn’t write a report?” The doctor ended up having a conversation with my investigator and me via conference call and, sure enough, we got a lot more information than that attorney was willing to admit. I believe the doctor was honest but that the attorney interceded and intended to deceive us regarding the ‘complete’ findings. This attorney knew about the “unknown” policies and attempted to defraud me regarding payout by confirming his interpretation that these policies did not exist. Think about it — you hire an attorney to represent you and provide documents about homicide and other accidental death policies and he just chooses to ignore that information. Why would you continue with someone so inept?

Of course, the other coalition entity is the contracting companies which make millions, if not billions, on the DOD contracts. Military contracting companies are nothing but money-makers. My husband and I didn’t believe that at the time; we believed it was a necessary means by which older, more experienced people taught younger soldiers in the military and foreign police departments how to investigate and prosecute terrorists. We both thought we were contributing to the war on terror. In actuality, military contractors are nothing but a puppet being used — a commodity that is expendable.

There was one response to the last article that was very interesting, and I believe that gentleman could elaborate more on the amount of money these contracting companies make for the corporations, insurance companies, attorneys, and so on.

Zurich Insurance, which pays the Workmen’s Compensation required by the Longshoremen’s Act to cover overseas civilian employees, is another company that benefits. This insurance is required by law for all employees working overseas, which Zurich handles for L-3 Communications/Engility. What’s interesting is that after the last article [at The Post & Email] was published, my check was delayed by several days. Coincidence? I’ve had this problem before: every time I FOIA’d documentation regarding Tom’s death, my check would be delayed. Once it was delayed two weeks, and when I finally received it, it was postmarked “Detroit.” I live outside of the Chicago, IL area and the Zurich office is perhaps three miles from my home. I still have the envelope; it was purposely rerouted so that I would receive payment even later after I complained that it was late. This is another game they play. They want you dependent.

I don’t believe in coincidences and truly believe that because of the previous article, my check last week was delayed. I contacted the attorney after a representative from Zurich told me that the attorney was handling my deposit. They were required by the Department of Labor to set up a direct deposit because of the continued late payments in the past. A repeating direct deposit happens the same time/day every pay period. You would have to request for it to be deposited late or delayed. So when it doesn’t go into my account on time, I have a pretty good idea that it’s retaliatory in nature.

The attorney never got back to me, so I sent him a copy of the previous article by email, saying, “Day 3, check missing.” Wouldn’t you know that within hours of his receiving a copy, I received the direct deposit. This is a game in which the government or insurance companies engage. It’s all about control.

I also want to emphasize how Zurich, which works for L-3 with regard to the Workmen’s Comp issue, has a sweetheart deal with the Department of Labor in my opinion. It seems Zurich can petition the DOL for reimbursement for all monies paid to me. Yes, I said that…meaning it’s a win-win for the contracting company. They are required by law to provide the insurance, the company in this case, L-3/Engility is reimbursed for it later. They incured no out-of-pocket expense with regard to a lost employee, as they made millions on my husband anyway. That was the reason attorney Dan Louis, who handles the workman’s compensation insurance for L-3, attempted to have me sign a Stipulation of Facts. In this instance he complained that I refused to sign the document, which I had never laid eyes on and which supposedly was to provide the circumstances and accounting of my husband’s death. This document would then be submitted to the DOL, and only then could L-3/Engility be reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses, which included a stipend towards funeral expenses. That was why it was so important for me to sign the Stipulation of Facts; L-3 wanted its reimbursement.

When I finally reviewed the document, it was full of holes — nothing was true — even the date of death is in question, so I refused to sign it. I realized later that had I signed this document, everything in it could be used against me in court. Of course, the Stipulation of Facts did not mention accidental bodily injury nor accidental homicide as the cause of death. I actually provided the DOL copies of the emails, although they were never mentioned in the DOL caseworker’s report regarding an informal conference held with Zurich, the DOL and myself. The collusion here is unbelievable. It sounds idiotic, but once again, the taxpayer gets nailed and the corporations benefit.

I contacted Zurich and asked for the medical records; I have a cover sheet of a fax sent to the DOL where “medical records” is checked off.

I said, “I’d like these medical records,” and they responded, “Well, nobody can find them; we don’t know where they are…” Even the DOL insisted they do not have any medical records. So two entities have processed a claim and made payouts on a deceased person without any medical records or casualty reports from the military…

And it goes on and on — the corporations, the insurance companies, the attorneys, the justice system, our governmental agencies — the coalition of corruption. But this is yet not the entire picture…

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