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by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2016

Former “DC Madam” attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley has been attempting since mid-January to have a 2007 restraining order lifted on the release of phone records he says are pertinent to the 2016 presidential election

(Apr. 11, 2016) — [In a newsletter issued on Monday afternoon via email, former DC Madam attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley released the following with attachments included below.]


I have waited long enough for the basic right to be heard in a timely fashion. Former Chief U.S. District Court Judge Roberts would not let me file my Motion to Modify the Restraining Orders. Recently nominated-to-the -U.S.-Supreme-Court Circuit Court Chief Judge Garland has tied up my Emergency Petition in the Circuit Court of Appeals for over thirty (30) days without addressing the merits.  Chief Justice Roberts has denied my Application.

But then a funny thing happened.

Back in February I had filed a lawsuit against Former Judge Roberts and the Clerk of the District Court in D.C. Superior Court — the “state” court for the District of Columbia.  Last week, the U.S. Attorney in her infinite wisdom removed that case to U.S. District Court which left me one last federal judicial opening.

So today I  jumped through that opening and filed with U.S. District Court Judge Walton both my First Amended Complaint and “Emergency Motion for Pre-trial Conference to Schedule Expedited Disposition of Sibley’s Third Claim”.

Exhibit “B” to that Emergency Motion lists the names of some 174 companies and government agencies whose cellphone numbers appear in the Verizon Wireless subpoena return that I have in my possession.  Before you rush to Exhibit “B”, I would hope you would take a moment to read the seven (7) page Emergency Motion in its entirety so you can put my actions in releasing this information in the context I intend them.

And no, I am not releasing any individual names  . . . yet.

Emergency Motion Status Coference2a

First Amended Complainta

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  1. If the person with the information wants to release the information, and the public wants to see the information, it is ILLEGAL according to the constitution to block the release of that information. We want the companies and we want the names.


    Every American Citizen Everywhere