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by Anonymous

Reince Preibus is Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), which has failed to address whether or not Ted Cruz should have been permitted to launch a presidential campaign given his birth in Canada to a non-U.S.-citizen father and lifelong Canadian citizenship

(Apr. 10, 2016) — [Editor’s Note:  In response to a WND article published on Friday titled, “Why is RNC Allowing Cruz’s Bid for President?” a citizen writer opined the following.]

The RNC is allowing Cruz to continue in the race so as to hinder the ability of Trump to reach 1237 delegates. The same goes for keeping Kasich in the race.  If Trump can’t get 1237, then the RNC can get its longed-for Open or Brokered Convention.

If the race goes into the Brokered Convention column, at that time, the RNC — which really doesn’t like Cruz — could decide that he really isn’t eligible per the U.S. Constitution to serve as POTUS and force his removal.  But they will have used Cruz as their tool to get the Brokered Convention.

In the Open Convention, the RNC and GOP Establishment can bring out their “long knives” to try to defeat Trump after the first ballot and then dig into its deep dark-horse stable to pull out a “fresh face” as Rove referred to it.  Probably Paul Ryan. But Ryan really isn’t that “fresh,” having been part of the 2012 Romney ticket which failed to win the election.  A recent poll indicated that Ryan would NOT do very well against Hillary or whoever the Dems nominate — Sanders or Biden. So how about a Rubio/Ryan or Ryan/Rubio ticket ?  Two failures for the price of one. No rejects need apply.

Is the RNC desperate and/or insane?  Probably both. But their deep hatred for Trump drives them forward into the quicksand of a political swamp they will be unable to emerge from no matter how hard they try.

But they have NO real alternative to Trump, who undoubtedly will upset all things Establishment in D.C. — the District of Corruption.

If Cruz is ruled ineligible at the present time — either by the RNC or via a lawsuit — the 2016 Presidential race is already over. So the RNC most likely will continue to thwart the Constitution — as its members of Congress have done for 7 years on behalf of the ineligible Obama. Where is the courage or respect for the Constitution or the rule of law?  The same could be said about their failure to IMPEACH Obama for his long list of offenses, especially those relating to aiding and abetting the enemy. By their cowardly failure to act, the GOP allows Obama to continue to destroy America for another nine months — as if he hasn’t done enough damage already.

Historians will have lots of material with which to convict the RNC and the GOP Establishment of malfeasance.  Is it any wonder why the grassroots and average Americans are turning to non-politican Donald Trump as the only hope to restore our country and sweep out the debris in D.C.? The GOP 2016 Presidential race started out with 17 candidates and has now been winnowed down to the top 3.

The voters have rendered their verdict on Kasich, and sooner or later Cruz will be deemed INELIGIBLE — even folks in faraway England can see the handwriting on the wall. The truth is right in front of Cruz’s nose, but his blind ambition prevents him from seeing and realizing his deceitful play for the Presidency was doomed from the start. “There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.”

PRAY for Donald Trump that he will serve well and long as President, since the country needs a LEADER who will be able to overcome all the problems created by Obama and both political parties in Congress over the past 8 years. PRAY for America and our children and grandchildren, who have had $20 Trillion in debt loaded onto them — with more to come, thanks to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, who just passed a totally irresponsible Omnibus Spending Bill.  God help America, please.

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  1. Technically, Ryan is the actual President right now. Obama and Biden usurped their respective offices by fraud. That said, Ryan can be President until the end of Obama’s “term”. Rubio,on the other hand, cannot BE President. Along with Cruz, Rubio also does not meet the legal definition of a “Natural Born Citizen” (One born in the US to 2 US Citizens Parents-Minor v Happersett,USSCt.(1875)). Rubio’s parents were both Cuban citizens when he was born.