Outrageous Ruling!


by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2016

(Apr. 6, 2016) — On March 31, 2016, after months and months of delay, after missing numerous ruling dates, and what appears to be collusion between the defense and the District Court Judge Shipp, an Obama appointee, finally issued his ruling on several motions related to Purpura v. Christie, a Federal lawsuit which was filed early last year.  It detailed proof of collaboration and conspiracy by New Jersey state officials, political, judicial and law enforcement to deny New Jersey citizens their Constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.  The Brief showed conclusively that this conspiracy was a Civil Rights violation of the Federal RICO Statutes.

Much to our shock, (just kidding, no surprise at all) Obama’s Judge showed total disregard for the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and ruled in favor of the Defendants, granting their procedurally infirm Motion(s) to Dismiss.  This ruling was issued despite the fact that the Defense wholly failed to file an affirmative defense or a timely response as required and mandated by law.  If America were still a land of laws, those two violations of the regulations would have created an automatic declaration of default.

Judge Shipp, an ideologue placed on the Court by the left-wing Obama, in total disregard for established law and rules of procedure which have been consistently and routinely supported by Supreme Court precedent, ignored those rules and denied Mr. Purpura’s Motion for Default and Summary Judgment.   His ruling not only despoils the Federal Court’s regulations but also violates existing RICO statutes which have been defined in the Petition.

In a veiled and disgraceful attempt to further protract this litigation, Judge Shipp, using underhanded procedural tactics, not only denied Purpura’s Motions “without prejudice”, which would normally have allowed Mr. Purpura to appeal his Order and the supporting Memorandum Opinion, added a caveat to the Order.   Mr. Purpura was given until April 29th to amend the Complaint.  If he fails to do so, the Complaint shall be dismissed, this time “with prejudice,” thereby making it almost impossible to appeal this case to the Third Circuit Court!  This caveat, as if there were not already substantial evidence that this Judge is working hand-in-hand with the Defendants as opposed to being an impartial jurist, is quite clearly designed in support of those Defendants and their history of Civil Rights violations.

Let it be known, “No Fair and Impartial” hearing ever took place. Let it also be known that Mr. Purpura will submit an Amended Complaint within the time frame ordered by the Court.  This filing will prove that the District Court in the State of New Jersey has and continues to act in connivance with the Defendants.  Mr. Purpura will further prove that “Due Process” was blatantly denied!  One example is/was the District Court’s repeated refusal to allow an oral argument or even a conference. These denials were issued so as to preclude the possibility of any written record which could and would have been used against them in an appeals process.  Mr. Purpura’s Amended Complaint will show that this tactic has been repeatedly used by the District Court (Trenton).  These collaborators may have avoided making potentially embarrassing and harmful statements during oral arguments but they will not escape much longer as the Amended Complaint Mr. Purpura files will become part of the Official Record.

Nevertheless, ignoring numerous rules, statutes, and Supreme Court precedence, as well as the United States Constitution, Obama’s Judge ruled in favor of the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss.  Why would this sociopolitical jurist, Judge Shipp, misinterpret, manipulate and ignore his duty to uphold the Constitution?  Quite simple. He is reasonably confident he can get away with it.

One case in point in his ruling, which appears to be the main thrust of his Dismissal Order, declares Mr. Purpura had no standing because he was not actually denied a carry permit.  This arrogance ignores the fact that everyone not connected to law enforcement or some form of security work in New Jersey who applies, is summarily denied.  Even retired police officers.  Mr. Purpura was told on several occasions not to bother to apply, since he would be wasting his time and money, as have by the way, thousands of other NJ citizens.  While there may not be an official record personally for Mr. Purpura, there are many, many recorded videos of Police Chiefs telling citizens the same thing.  NJ2AS has a video of a Police official from a rather upscale town in Northern New Jersey telling an applicant that not one person in his entire town during the 20 plus years he has been there has been issued a carry permit.  Simply put, as surely as gravity would plunge Mr. Purpura to the ground if his parachute failed to open, his application for a carry permit would be denied.  He knows it, the Court knows it.  As does every citizen in the state of Liberty and Prosperity. So as surely as the earth orbits the sun, Mr. Purpura and every NJ citizen has standing in this case.

If there is any good news in this outrageous and legally unsupportable ruling is that the case was dismissed “without prejudice.”  This will require Mr. Purpura to file a motion of appeal back to the Obama-appointed judge’s District Court.  It becomes legally complicated at this point because the motion will once again be reviewed by the same Obama appointed judge and no doubt there will be more collusion between the defense and the Federal Court as they once again ponder ways to ignore the law in regards to the points Mr. Purpura will make in his Amended Complaint as well as on appeal up to and including the Supreme Court of these United States!

Dwight Kehoe


Nicholas Purpura

NOTE: Mr. Purpura will be holding a lecture and a Q&A forum very soon.  We will post the details when they become final.

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  1. Ed Sunderland   Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 11:42 PM

    Proof once again that we have NO justice system. It is a racist wing of the Obama administration.

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