by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2016

(Apr. 5, 2016) — Had a dream last night that was kind of unusual in that there were three things that happened in it I was quite astounded by.

First – I was in a twin bed with a single bed on top of it. I woke up in the dream I thought I was wide awake. The single bed I was in was a waterbed and what had woken me up in the dream was the rolling of it. I wondered what it was. Thinking it the wind or gust outside? I laid back down only to notice it happening again. This time I recognized it as an earthquake happening. The rolling of the bed water was from west to east in a directional flow. While it was in my house, and my house is old, I looked instantly at the upper walls and ceiling expecting to see damages but I saw none and wondered why?

Second – Alarmed at the sound of gun-fire – not the little stuff of a rifle but of big guns coming from an airplane above firing through the ceiling of my roof. The holes looked as big as 50 Caliber. I scrambled around the house wondering why I hadn’t been hit yet? I was told in spirit to stand close to the walls as they afforded with the studs, the top plates and the trusses the most safe place. I noticed a women crawling in what was the top of a wall through a cubby-hole that aloud her to drop down into a room. There we kind of huddled up by the wall. She said she wanted a little girl, and I asked her if she always got what she wanted?

Third – I was sweeping my floor up as I normally would when I saw some movement in the dust and clutter I’d swept up. To my “blaah-yuck” I saw fleas. I thought it was strange as I had not been bothered by them and wondered why?

This was all I can recall at this time and I always try and tell things in a dream as they are in a responsibility to you to interpret it as you will.

Now many, maybe most dreams of course are a reflection of what we are going through. A rolling earthquake could be symbolized as just going through some rough times. Shots fired through the roof could be bill collectors after you. (hahaha) and fleas could be just an irritating problem or minor problems that are bothersome.

They also could be problems that are coming that we need to be on the look out for. The things that made me think more of this is I wouldn’t really see myself as being affected like this with the problems I have now and the other thing is in each event I was not really affected. The lucidity of this dream was very real.  This goes into the theme of the picture – Stand Ye in Holy Places.

How do we do that? The places I was at in my dream, or directed to, were safe places from certain danger. I want to include in this Post a Facebook Post I wrote a yesterday that deals with another condition of our National Security that millions are in fact voting on in Primaries with very distinct violations of our national security in the Office of the President with Ted Cruz as a Candidate.

Here is that Post:

Read the rest here.

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  1. @Jonathon Swift – God Bless you for that second witness.

    EDITORIAL SHOUT! The Courage that is Shown by Sharon Rondeau is shattering bronze ceilings in Heaven. It’s beyond the courage of the Major Networks; so very incredible to me. Why? If we could judge from Heaven’s Perspective GREAT SHOUTS! are being heard and that is incredible!!! That is what COUNTS!
    Featured Editorial THE POST & EMAIL: http://www.thepostemail.com/2016/04/05/prepare-for-three-stand-ye-in-holy-places/