by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

(Mar. 31, 2016) — It is nauseatingly predictable in the compromised society we now live in. Trump is now demonized and grossly misrepresented regarding his views on abortion.  This week we saw the bait-and-switch entrapment questions from Chris Matthews, sounding like he was being spoon-fed from the Hillary and abortion machine.

Implying that abortion could be evil, wrong or even criminal, requiring some sort of ‘punishment,’ is beyond the pale.  It is just a bunch of ‘human-shaped’ cells, isn’t it?  Never mind the human being with Constitutional and Biblical rights to life behind the curtain.

There is certainly no crime where abortion is concerned, is there?  Pick your month…3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th even 9th – with the cherry on top – partial-birth abortion.  It is just another life polluting the world and taking our food.  Remember, our inspired President Obama even voted in his Senate days for babies to be allowed to die who actually survived an abortion.  Life is only life apparently if Obama and the left declare it so.

As usual, the abortion and women’s rights crowd have zero interest in the right to life our God bestows on us all via the best-selling book in the world, The Holy Bible.  Then there is the constitutional right to life outlined in the U.S. Constitution – 14th amendment. Even the late, great Ronald Reagan talked and wrote about this many times.

Over the decades the abortion movement has changed meanings and words to commit the largest ongoing mass murder-genocide campaign in the world…against whatever babies they want to kill…no murder.  The ongoing murderous actions have long hidden behind ‘women’s rights’ and  ‘Government not on my body.’

Media traps have been laid everywhere for those who dare to call it what it is instead of ‘another right’ to women.  Trump dared as Chris Matthews flew at him like a rabid wolf to do what he does best – call it like it is. Trump even dared to say if it was ruled as ‘illegal’ he would support punishment for the abortion.  He wasn’t committed to say just what the punishment would be but dared to stand up about it.  No one else has had the guts to try and make a real statement about this national and international disgrace and genocide.

Standing for freedom and life means standing for all, not just those we wish to live.  Remember, there are those who campaign to kill off or shorten the lives of the elderly and disabled.  Hundreds of unborn human babies have been murdered and are murdered every day in the largest genocide humankind has ever seen.  Is that really about rights or murder?

Now, Donald Trump is the bad guy because he risks standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  I have always hated the term “abortion.”  It fails to describe what is really going on and that is the murder of a unique person with a Biblical and Constitutional right to life, just like you and me.  I love ‘women’s rights’ but I also believe in the right to life for all, not just a select few.

Bravo, Donald Trump, for having the courage, moral fiber and guts to call it what it is.  Keep standing tall for the rights of the unborn.

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