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by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2016

(Mar. 30, 2016) — Increasingly America is waking up and becoming much more educated about the political process of our Modern Times with the information in the superhighway, but there is still a lot to learn. What is a Super-Delegate? Why are they necessary if Primaries and Caucuses are indeed the method of picking a Candidate for your Party? And who is funding these Private Parties?

Daily News in New York ran a story today that rather underscores a bigger problem – The Major Political Parties Establishments have hijacked American taxpayers footing the bill for their Private Party that resembles less and less a democracy in a public vote.

Underscoring the chorus of foul on one hand are those people voting for a Candidate who is losing and the fact their Candidate can still win with the Establishments Super-Delegates Vote in a contested convention as we are seeing with the Republicans and their 1237 Delegate hurdle no Candidate has cleared yet.

On the other hand, if your favored Candidate is losing in the delegate count and another Candidate is winning because of the Super Delegate pledges as we are seeing with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, then where’s the incentive to even vote in Primaries and Caucuses if elite Super Delegates choose the Candidate anyway?

[The superdelegates who are elected officials are, for example, members of the House and Senate, Democratic governors and the Vice President as well members of the Democratic National Committee. Other superdelegates are “distinguished party leaders” like former Presidents, senators and House leaders.]

[To secure the Democratic nomination, either Clinton or Sanders must attain 2,383 total delegates before the party’s national convention in Philadelphia this July. In spite of Sanders winning 15 states — including some by an 80%-20% margin — over 94% of the 498 superdelegates have said they are backing Clinton.]

[Right now, if Sanders had the SuperDelegate votes that Clinton currently has, he’d be winning handily, with 1,444 total delegates to Clinton’s 1,272.]

Now if you really want to make Democrats and Republicans angry start telling them that they can’t make the rules up in their own Party. Each party has different rules and they are also flexible and revised almost every year. That’s why you see different Delegate Counts in each Party along with other differences. They both have their own systems.

No one really disputes or can dispute these as Private Parties. However the problem with that is when all of the Tax Payers [WE THE PEOPLE] are the mechanism in which these Private Parties are being funded in their Primaries with our Taxes.

Take Utah, for example, whose State Legislature dominated particularly by Republicans decided not to fund primaries this year with a three million-dollar bill that would have funded all Political Party Primaries. Republicans I guess decided they didn’t want to fund a Primary they could not vote in and told Democrats if you want to fund a Primary cough of the money in your own Private Party to do so.

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