Trump on Hannity: “Nobody Called Me” on Fields Incident


by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot of security video from March 8 Trump campaign event after which former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields claimed she suffered “battery” by Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski

(Mar. 29, 2016) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Sean Hannity’s show beginning at approximately 10:06 p.m. EDT that the Jupiter, FL Police Department did not interview him about the incident involving former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, who filed a police report on March 11 over the March 8 incident in which she claimed Trump’s campaign manager assaulted her.

Lewandowski reported to the police department at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday without a warrant being issued, according to media reports.

Trump told Hannity that he objected to Lewandowski’s life being potentially “ruined” over the incident wherein Fields first said that Lewandowski “tried to pull me to the ground.”

The police report obtained by The Post & Email on Tuesday morning states that Fields asserted that “she fell back but caught herself from falling.”

While the word “assault” was first used by the media in reporting Fields’s claim, Lewandowski has been charged with “Battery-Simple,” which is a misdemeanor in Florida.

On Tuesday evening, the UK Daily Mail reported having spoken with one of the Secret Service detail members providing Trump’s security that evening, with the agent stating that Fields “was warned she was too close” to Trump as he exited the event.

Trump told Hannity that he felt Fields touch him on the arm as he and the Secret Service were making their way out of the room.

News media have been playing and replaying the security video of the incident all day.  Both supporters and detractors of Fields have expressed their views on her Twitter feed.  A number of pundits, including on Fox News, stated that Trump and Lewandowski should have issued an apology over the occurrence, while Trump has continued to defend his campaign manager.   “I don’t discard people; I stay with people,” Trump said from his private jet on Tuesday.

Fields resigned from Breitbart News several days after the event, claiming that her employer did not lend her adequate support.  Editor Ben Shapiro and three others followed suit.

The Post & Email did not receive a response from the Jupiter Police Department as to why the Associated Press provided a quote from what it said was their police report which does not appear in the documents The Post & Email received.

Lewandowski has secured counsel for the May 4, 2016 hearing indicated on the police report.

Trump also raised the issue on Tuesday as to whether or not he could “press charges” against Fields for “grabbing” him and “shouting questions” at him on March 8.

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