by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2016

(Mar. 27, 2016) — VERY DIFFICULT SCRUTINY NOTICED as; [We are Sorry, we made unwise Choices], seems to be prevailing consistency with #Emailgate and #IRSProfiling “lawyers in the [Department of Justice] have a long and storied tradition of defending the nation’s interests and enforcing its laws — [all of them, not just selective ones] — in a manner worthy of the Department’s name. The conduct of the IRS’s attorneys in the district court falls outside that tradition,” Judge Raymond Kethledge wrote.”

The deterioration of JUSTICE is intrinsically connected with the Fraud of Obama’s Cover Up as ineligible and the quantum leap to overthrow the Constitution’s Principles. We see it in [Trickle-Down Corruption] of Republicans running Ted Cruz that have turned normal constitutionalist into raging lunatic liberalist courting the same communistic lines of tyranny that remove the powers of Citizen for those of subjects.


Being a U.S. Citizen comes with a lot of responsibility and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Those Laws trump any law any particular religion might have in opposition. It was the only way that our First Amendment had Claim upon all religions in a mutual respect for all.

It’s one of the biggest reasons the U.S. has been nicknamed the Great Satan. Our preference for a respect or plurality of religions is an offense to many religions. It is one of the reasons that many people coming over to America needed at least two generations to assimilate into an American culture where that recipe is not offensive. It’s one big reason that our Constitution demands an undivided loyalty for the Office of the President and Vice President seen in the defining unique qualification of [natural born Citizen] ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

The U.S. Constitution is the umbrella that ALL AMERICANS come under when they become U.S. Citizens which includes a respect for that unique qualification required for the Office of the President. It was different then the requirement for Senator or U.S. Representative or even a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

You can understand why I was so disheartened and saddened when Utah Republicans voted nearly 70% for Senator Ted Cruz- an illegal alien in 1985 until his mother needed a passport for a high school trip [Retired Army Colonel Dr. Lawrence Sellin reports that Canadian-born Cruz may have entered the United States illegally in 1974 and his parents did not file the required Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) until 1986.

Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2016/02/shock-report-canadian-born-ted-cruz.html#32YxiW0lbpyZotMH.99 ]

Of course I think Mitt Romney did have a lot to do with that. He’s the same one who would not stand for the Constitution when it came to Barack Obama not being Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents either.

As a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party I did sue Barack Obama as ineligible giving him Ballot Challenges as well as a Federal Case in the U.S. Supreme Court as 12-5276 that drifted into a Federal Law Suit here in Utah that also went to the U.S. Supreme Court as 14-9396. Of course you can’t get much BIGGER of a SIGN then a Case in the U.S. Supreme Court and there is still a Motion to Re-Open and Re-Consider the Motion for forma pauperis in that Case, that has been proven to be arbitrarily denied. No, its not Docketed, but it is there of Record.

Civil Cases are those things we have to keep Order so people don’t go around killing other people or beheading them for the slightest things like insults.

Civil cases is a process of Trial where two people are allowed to come into a Court of Law, provide their evidence and then a Judge in a Bench Trial or a paneled Jury of piers is able to weigh in the balance the evidence of the grievance and to come to a resolution.

This is something that has never been done with me in my grievance to the Judicial Branch. I can honestly say that though the Court has ruled that Presidential Candidates in the Race for the Office of the President have Standing, that there has been no Court accept for the TENTH AMENDMENT Trial in New York which has heard the evidence of Obama’s ineligibility by a panel of Jurist from across the Country who were an assortment of pier Citizens of the this Country. They found Obama guilty when the evidence was heard.

I testified in that Trial on Day 2 as a Presidential Candidate, the only one to do so against another Presidential Candidate in American History and have a bi- or even tri-partisan Federal Court Record to do so. I do not say so in bravado because in one sense it was a difficult thing to do. One would hope enough honor existed among Candidates for the Highest Office not to put other Candidates who [do have] standing with the duty to defend protect and preserve the Constitution when their fellow Citizens [do not] have standing, in a witness chair in a Judicial Trial.

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