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(Mar. 16, 2016) — A lot of people who run businesses follow the usual business rules and strategies so that they can achieve success. They will, for example, write a business plan, make sure to apply for appropriate levels of business financing to have the right resources to get started, and take the time to come up with myriad marketing strategies to increase profits.

But a whopping 75% of business owners also feel that, despite their efforts, luck plays an important role in whether or not their companies are actually successful in the end. Continue reading to learn more.

The Good Thing About Believing in Luck

Even though 25% of business owners do not think that luck will have any bearing upon their level of success, there are some experts who believe that luck could actually affect how well you do in business after all.

Luck may very well only be a state of mind and not necessarily a real thing, but if a person believes that they can be lucky, this can have a profound influence on their level of confidence. In other words, the mere act of believing in the idea of luck and the possibility of being lucky can increase your optimism and your personal confidence. And when you are optimistic and confident, especially in yourself and in your business venture, you increase the odds that you will be successful in business because you will not be afraid of going out there and getting what you want.

The Bad Thing About Relying Upon Luck

If you believe in luck too much, to the point that you only rely upon it to succeed in business, you will be shooting yourself in the foot. Luck comes to those who work hard and who work for it. If you end up thinking that you are lucky or that luck will bestow upon you and your company by just thinking that it will come along without much effort on your part, you are basically dooming your company to fail.

Creating Your Own Luck

Whether or not you believe in luck, as a business owner, you need to take steps to ensure your success and pretty much make your own luck.

You can do this by knowing your purpose, focusing on your strengths rather than on your weaknesses or shortcomings, collaborating with other talented people who can help your business grow, never fearing failure because you can actually learn from failures, celebrating even your smallest successes, and minimizing your risks by being smart and purchasing business insurance from reputable companies like Biz Insure. All of these factors will add up and help you be luckier in business overall.

Even though it will really be your actions that bring about your success, if you believe in luck, you may very well end up attributing your success to nothing more than being lucky. Either way, though, your success is ultimately all that counts, so if a belief in luck helped you along, then it is not a bad thing at all.

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