The Muslim Brotherhood Threat; 76 Radical Islamic Terrorist Attacks In America Covered Up

“JIHAD IS OUR WAY”                                              

by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), Chairman, CombatVeteransForCongress

(Mar. 14, 2016) — The government of the United Arab Emirates has designated the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim American Society (MAS), the Muslim Student Association (MSA), and other Islamist organizations as terrorist organizations that promote, incite, and finance terrorism.  The MB overthrew the legally-elected government of Egypt, violently cracked down on its opposition, perpetrated brutal genocide on all Christians in Egypt, and it has now been banned in Egypt.  Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia have all designated the MB as an international terrorist organization.  Israel, Canada, and the United Kingdom have announced that they are close to designating the MB as an international terrorist organization as well.

MSA is a college student organization, founded by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1963 at the University of Illinois.  In the early 1980’s, the MB created the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), in order for it to be the “nucleus” of the Islamic Movement on the North American continent.  It was formed by many of the leaders who created the MSA, and is, in fact, an outgrowth of the MSA.  ISNA has become the umbrella organization for all MB front organizations created by the MB in America.

In 1980, when the ISNA was created in the US by the MB, it then created over 100 organizations to help accomplish MB’s stated mission, the “Civilization of Jihad.”   In 1992, the Muslim Brotherhood Strategic Plan (MBSP) was published.  The goal of the MBSP was to create thousands of Islamic organizations in accordance with the MB Implementation Manual. The MB then created many new Islamic Societies, 2200 Islamic Centers and Mosques, 160 organizations (social organizations, media organizations, legal foundations, medical clinics, and trade associations), 700 Muslim Student Associations (MSA) on every major college and university campus and other organizations across the United States.  The MB is continuing to create Islamic organizations that will be needed to achieve victory over democracy and the U.S. Constitution in the U.S.; they are needed to populate those thousands of MB organizations with hundreds of thousands of Muslims to support the MB Strategic Plan—that is exactly what Obama has been doing for the last seven years.  Obama has brought in and resettled 900.000 Muslim refugees to populate the thousands of MB front groups.  Every year for the last seven years, the Obama administration has rejected application from the Greek Catholic Relief Agency to admit 300,000 Middle East Christian refugees fleeing from the ISIS brutal and bloody genocide.

In 2001, the Justice Department indicted the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), a Muslim Brotherhood front group.  By 2008, the Justice Department successfully obtained a judgement against the HLF for terrorism.  The HLF prosecution was the largest terrorism-financing trial in American history, and the Justice Department proved that the MB directed the HLF to provide media support, millions of dollars in financing, and thousands of men to train in Hamas terrorist training camps (a violation of US federal law).  CAIR was also named along with 300 other unindicted co-conspirators in the HLF case.  Federal prosecutors explicitly named CAIR and the Muslim American Society (MAS) as MB entities in the trial.

From 1963 to the 2001, the Justice Department proved that through the HLF, the MB built a network of thousands entities in America including 2200 Islamic Centers and mosques, 160 associations (medical clinics, media organizations, legal foundations, and trade associations), and 700 Muslim Student Association Chapters (MSA) on every major college and university campus in the US.  The goal of forming those thousands of organizations and Islamic Centers was to fulfill the MB’s stated American Mission – “Civilization Jihad.”  Civilization Jihad is designed to overthrow the US government and replace it with an Islamic State, under which Sharia (Islamic Law) will be the law of the land.  All of this is a matter of fact, and the evidence was proffered by the Department of Justice in the HLF trial, and in several agencies of the United States Government.  All of this has also been exhaustively detailed in “Understanding The Threat’s” (UTT) written by former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo, and it has also been outlined in many published articles, books, videos, and interviews about the Muslim Brotherhood.  Information on “Civilization Jihad” can be easily found in many of the Muslim Brotherhood writings on their International Internet websites and other Islamic sites.

Because Obama has refused, for the past seven years, to label the Muslim Brotherhood as an international sponsor of terrorism, both houses of the US Congress have finally introduced legislation entitled the “Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act” (HR 3892), sponsored by Cong. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL-8); a companion bill has been introduced in the US Senate.  HR 3892 designates the MB as a terrorist organization, outlines its long history of creating terrorism organizations like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Ansar Al Sharia, the Islamic Action Front, Ennahda Movement, and over 20 other worldwide Islamic terrorist splinter organizations.  It refers to Osama Bin Laden, the founding member of Al Qaeda, and Ayman Al Zawahiri, the current leader of Al Qaeda, who were both supported and mentored by the MB, and explains that the MB assassinated Anwar Sadat in Egypt.   HR 3892 calls for deporting all foreign nationals who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including current employees and top advisers in the White House, the Defense Department, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, and other government agencies.  It calls for the deportation of Jihadist-preaching Imams who are visiting the USA on foreign visas.  Since HR 3892 designates the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist and jihadist organization, it would make it a crime for anyone to raise funds in the United States for the below-listed MB Terrorist Front Groups:

  • The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) which refers to patriotic Christians as terrorists (on the Justice Department’s list of unindicted terrorist co-conspirators).
  • The Islamic Society of North America (a radical MB front group (on the Justice Department’s list of unindicted terrorist co-conspirators)
  • The North American Islamic Trust
  • The Barack H. Obama Foundation, formed by Barack’s brother, Malik “Roy” Obama, who has been identified as the “principal” international fundraiser for the Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist Organization.  Lois Lerner personally signed the authorization papers allowing the formation of the Barack H. Obama Foundation while she was preventing Conservative organizations from registering to exercise their Constitutional right to participate in US elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR supported Hamas in its terrorist attacks against American citizens and friendly Muslim nations in the Middle East, who had been allies of the US for over 70 years.  In testimony in 2011 before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Robert Mueller, the former Director of the FBI, stated, “I can say at the outset that elements of the Muslim Brotherhood both here and overseas have supported terrorism.”  When the Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliates are capable, they will try to undermine democracy in the United States, as they have done or are doing in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, are other countries in Europe and the Middle East.  Even though the head of the FBI said the Muslim Brotherhood is undermining democracy and supporting terrorism, Obama and Clinton supported the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Libya and had a gun-running operation through Qatar to support the MB control in Libya.

In February 2011, the Libyan MB gained the support of Obama and then-Secretary of State Clinton to join them in their effort to depose Qaddafi.  In March 2011, despite repeated efforts by Qaddafi to negotiate his abdication and had agreed to his exile, Obama and Clinton refused his offer, because it wouldn’t have resulted in the MB taking control of Libya, they rejected his effort to abdicate, and insisted on the official support for the Libyan MB and Al Q’ieda militia to take over Libya.  Obama issued a Presidential Finding in March 2011, authorizing the transfer of weapons thru Qatar to the Libyan MB and Al Q’ieda militia,  When Qaddafi was killed on October 20, 2011, the thousands of hand held shoulder fired missiles, and the massive store of weapons from Qaddafi’s armory were collected under the supervision of the CIA Annex in Benghazi from January to September 2012.  The CIA Annex directed that the massive store of weapons be shipped from the port of Benghazi to Turkish Ports, then transferred overland to the Syrian MB and Al Q’ieda militia in Syria.  In June 2012, Obama supported the MB’s overthrow of the Egyptian government, and immediately recognized Mohammed Morsi MB government.  After the Benghazi attack by Al Q’ieda, MB Front groups, Anas Al Sharia, and the Iranian Quid’s Force, Islamic Society of North America (a MB Front group), supported and promoted Obama and Clinton’s lies about the reason for the Benghazi attack was a video, that it wasn’t initiated by Radical Islamic Terrorists, through a Media release campaign, and by posting the Obama administration’s lies on its Web site about a video that was responsible for the attack in Benghazi, which stated “we condemned the creation of such a hateful video”.  Could there be any doubt that Obama and Clinton had stealthily supported the Muslim Brotherhood agenda to take over Egypt, Libya, Syria, and now the US?

Countries and leaders from all over the world have used only one word to describe the daily slaughter of Syrian and Assyrian Christian for the last 7 years, that word is “Genocide”.  The Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Royal Family in England, the UK Prime Minister, the King of Jordan, the President of Egypt, the President of Kurdistan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Australian, the Prime Minster of Russia, the President of Poland, President George W. Bush, President George H.W. Bush, President Jimmy Carter, Reverend Billy Graham, the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Prime Ministers of every NATO nation, the European Union, the Prime Minister of Israel, Christian Religious Leaders of every denomination throughout the world, the Knights of Columbus, The Masonic Order, The Shriners International, the 17 Republican candidates who were seeking the nomination for US President, Christians worldwide, hundreds members of the US Congress, and the Secretary General of the United Nations have all raised their voices in unison to demand that the bloody “Genocide” of Christians in Africa, Syria, and on the Plains of Nineveh in Iraq immediately stop.  Unfortunately for 7 years, the occupant of the Oval Office has not joined in with world leaders in their condemnation of the “Genocide” of Syrian and Assyrian Christians by Radical Islamic Terrorists, by ISIS, Al Q’ieda, Islamic Jihad, and other radical Islamic terrorists.   The silence from the Oval Office for the last 7 years, has been to be in line with the MB and MB Front Groups refusal to condemn the Genocide, and it continues to be disgraceful!!

Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran and is a senior adviser to Obama

Today, MB Front organizations enjoy major influence within the Obama administration, in DHS, Federal law Enforcement Agencies, the US State Department, left-of-center media establishment, religious organizations being paid millions of dollars to resettle Muslim Refugees throughout the US, 70 Leftist/Socialist members of Congress, and on 700 campuses of colleges 7 universities.  Despite the fact that CAIR was previously linked to Hamas’ terrorism in the HLF trial, and that CAIR is an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator, it has held hundreds of meetings with Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and White House Staff members (who were members of the MB and MB Front organizations).  CAIR has been influencing and lobbying for a wide range of national & international agreements, like passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, that is eliminating US sovereignty on trade matters and is handing US’ sovereignty to international committees.  That agreement will bring in millions of Muslim low waged workers from 12 Pacific rim countries including Mexico, displacing millions of American workers.

CAIR has sought to present itself as a mainstream Muslim organization.  Over the last 7 years, the government, and law enforcement agencies often turned to the MB and MB Front organizations, when they needed to determine the pulse of the American Muslim community, or seek help in locating suspected Radical Islamic Terrorists threatening to attack the US homeland.  However, what often has been happening is that the leaders of MB Front organizations, and Imams of Mosques, under the guise of trying to help law enforcement, have often warned the suspected Radical Islamic Terrorist so they can get away.   Critics of the MB Front organizations– Muslim and non-Muslim alike – say that engaging thousands of the MB Front organizations to help with Radical Islamic Terrorist  issues, poses a very serious threat to the National Security interests of the United States, and that thousands of those MB Front organizations should be spied upon like they are being spied upon throughout Europe today.

A Homeland Security official reported that DHS was forced to “modify” nearly one thousand terror suspects posted on the Terrorist Screening Data Watch List (TSDWL) by removing all references to the terrorist ties those individuals had.  The terrorist suspects removed from the TSDWL by the Obama administration, entitled the “Hands Off List,” were members of the MB, MB front organizations, and were closely associated with & were supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a documents showing 1,000 individuals were scrubbed from the TSDWL, in order to protect the MB and the MB front groups which included suspected Islamic Terrorist groups.  The 183 pages of DHS documents were produced in response to a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed on February 13, 2015, related to a “Hands Off List”.

The “Hands Off List” was purportedly maintained and used by DHS, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to allow those suspected terrorists to enter the United States, who had previously been denied entry to the United States, because of their terrorist ties, or because they had previously been required to undergo secondary screening by CBP because of suspicion of their terrorist ties.  The documents released by DHS confirm charges that the Obama administration created a massive “Hands Off List” of known suspected terrorists who had been removed from the TSDWL.  It was recently alleged, that if certain individuals had not been removed from the TSDWL by the Obama administration, that information could have helped prevent the San Bernardino terrorist attack that killed 14 and wounded 22 Americans. The new DHS documents confirmed that the removal of 1,000 terrorist suspects from the TSDWL is a violation of the US Federal Immigration Law, 5 USC § 552(b)(7)(E) which specifies that withholding the disclosure of specific intelligence information on suspected terrorists is a violation of US Federal Law.

Over the last 7 years, the FBI has continued to warn Congress that it has never had the ability to determine if the 900,000+Muslim Refugees resettled stealthily throughout the United States by the Obama administration, have terrorist ties—yet the Republican led Congress keeps funding the entry of hundreds of thousands Muslim refugees, while saying absolutely nothing about Obama’s exclusion of 300,000 Christian refugees from the Middle East who have been making application thru the Greek Catholic Relief Agency.  Radical Islamic Terrorists have been entering the United States thru the UN Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program for 7 years.  The result is that 250+ new entering Muslim refugees fast tracked to become US Citizens have traveled to the Middle East and Africa to participate in the ISIS genocide of Christians.  The FBI is prosecuting 900 ISIS terrorist case in all 50 states.  The FBI has broken up over 100 ISIS terrorist plots in the US, and the below list specifies a good number of the 76 Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks on US soil are a result of Obama refusal to vet Muslim refugees to determine if they have terrorist ties.  The Radical Islamic Terrorist threat in the US has gotten completely out of control over the last 7 years, because of Obama’s massive resettlement of 900,000 Muslim Refugees throughout the US, his refusal to close the wide open southern border, and his infiltration of thousands of members of the MB and MB Front groups throughout the US government bureaucracy.

Hundreds of thousands Muslim refugees have been entering the US as a result of the heavy pressure exerted by Obama, and by members of the MB and MB front groups in influential positions in DHS and the State Department (listed in the below listed paragraph).  The leaders of the MB and MB Front Groups in the US who have been lobbying Obama and Congress to fund the massive resettlement of hundreds of thousands of Muslim Refugees throughout the US.  For over 7 years those Muslim Refugees who were never checked to determine if they had terrorist ties were resettled throughout the United States by the Obama administration, without informing the elected officials in the cities and states where they were being resettled, and without informing local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies where they were being placed.  As a result of that reckless Obama administration policy, over the last 7 years, there has been a massive spike in Radical Islamic Terrorist Attacks in the US listed below.  Those attacks have been covered up by the left of center liberal press to provide cover for Obama’s policies—ask anyone you know if they realize there has been over 76 radical Islamic terrorist attacks on Americans on US soil listed below.

The Muslim Brotherhood has transformed Islam into a political movement, and that mix of religion and politics has become known as “Islamism.” Since its founding in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has established a presence in more than 70 countries, and created countless Muslim Brotherhood front organizations worldwide that have adopted and been driving its “Islamism” strategy and goals. That strategy, is promoted aggressively in many countries, is supporting ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood activities, and those activities are not in the best interest of the national security of the United States.  While members of those Muslim Brotherhood Front organizations might appear to be moderate, their support and interpretation of Islam is at odds with democracy, human rights, and the US Constitution, the Rule of Law in the United States, and freedom in the Western world (just look at what is happening in Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, England, Spain, Greece, and Italy.  Engaging those Muslim Brotherhood front organizations to ferret out radical Islamic terrorists and ISIS terrorists hiding in plain sight, bestows an undeserved legitimacy upon those MB Front groups, and makes it easier for them to undermine federal law enforcement, and helps them advance their secretive agenda to install Shariah Law in the 70 countries they are operating in.

Over the last 7 years Obama has appointed, members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and MB Front Groups, to leadership positions throughout the Federal Government Bureaucracy. Obama’s primary Presidential Advisor is Valerie Jarrett whose religion has been masked for 7 years (her college thesis stated she wanted to change the US to a Muslim friendly nation); unlike Obama, Jarrett has never alleged she is a Christian.  Jarrett’s Iranian origin and her close ties to Black Muslim in Chicago has fueled the allegation that she is a Muslim.  The CIA Director John Brennan, a convert to Islam, took his oath of office on the US Constitution, not on a bible.  The following leaders of the Obama administration have MB and MB Front Group memberships & associations: DHS Assistant Secretary for Policy Development Arif Aikhan, the Advisor to the Secretary of DHS Mohammed Elibiary, the White House Advisor & Founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council Salam al-Marayati (he was removed from the National Commission on Terrorism after his defense of terrorist acts and the terrorists who carried out those terrorist acts), Obama’s Sharia Czar & Founder of the Islamic Society of North America Imam Mohamed Magid (whose Mosque trustee & officer homes were raided by federal law enforcement agents because of their funding of terrorists), the Obama Administration Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnership Eboo Patel, and Secretary of State Clinton’s Primary Advisor & now her Presidential Campaign’s Primary Advisor Huma Abedin (whose mother & brother are actively involved in the outlawed MB in Egypt).  Those Obama appointees have been operating, under the radar, appointing thousands of MB and MB Front Group members to infiltrate all levels of the bloated Federal Bureaucracy, in Law Enforcement Agencies, in Intelligence Agencies, in DHS, in the State Department, and in many other government Agencies—–they now fill more civil service positions in government agencies, than the Communist Party filled in the 1950s, when Communists tried to take over the US government.

The above listed individuals have held meetings in the White House with the President of the Islamic Society of North America Azhar Azeez (a radical MB front group leader on the Justice Department’s list of unindicted terrorist co-conspirators), the USC Professor Sherman Jackson appointed to the King Faisal Chair (who while in Toronto “called Muslims to action against the West”), Muslim Public Affairs Counsel’s National Policy Advisor Hoda Hawa (leader of a MB known worldwide Jihadist organization).  Those leaders with terrorist ties have been lobbying Obama to appoint Muslim Judges to install Sharia Law (one such Judge was install in New York and gained national notoriety because her oath was taken on the Qur’an.  Cong. Andre Carson (D-IN), is the first Muslim lawmaker appointed to the House Select Committee on Intelligence; he receives Top Secret Intelligence Reports on Islamic militants in the Middle East and supports the MB Front Groups who have been designated as terrorist organizations  (he suggested US Schools should teach the Qur’an & be modeled after Islamic Madrassas in Pakistan). When he was sworn into Congress, another Muslim Congressman, Cong. Keith Ellison (D-MN) took his oath of office on a copy of the Qur’an and supports the MB front groups which have been designated as terrorist organization.

Would any other US President in the 240 year history of the Republic take the below listed actions, or appoint members of Terrorist Front Organizations (the MB Front Groups) to important leadership positions in the US government and give them SECRET clearances as Obama has?

(1)The Obama administration has sent $100 million overseas to build Mosques.

(2) Obama exempted all Muslims for the penalties under Obamacare that the rest of all American citizens must pay.

(3) Obama told NASA its “foremost mission” was to outreach to Muslim communities (since Obama came to power 7 years ago, NASA no longer launches space flights).

(4) Obama is the first US President in 240 years who has not sent out Christmas greeting cards from the White House or remains in DC during Christmas.

(5) Obama halted the US military tribunals of Al Q’ieda & Taliban Terrorists in GITMO; instead he transferred hundreds of Terrorist to the custody of foreign countries.  (6)For 7 years Obama refused to call the Fort Hood killing of 13 and the wounding 31 US Army personnel by a Radical Islamic Terrorist a terrorist attack.

(7) Obama funneled $490 million of taxpayer’s money to Hamas, after Hamas was convicted of terrorism in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

(8) Obama forced mandatory Arabic language & Arabic cultural studies in grammar schools across the nation through Common Core.

(9) Obama had Common Core spend 5 days teaching the Qur’an & the Muslim religion, while spending less than one day on the Christian religion.

(10) Obama cut off all military aide to Egypt after the military deposed the Muslim Brotherhood government that was slaughtering  thousands of Egyptian Christians.

(11) Obama got agitated and stomped out of a Pentagon briefing on expanded the bombing campaign against ISIS, when the briefer tied the Islamic State to Islam.

(12) Obama removed all literature from federal law enforcement and Intelligence agencies that identified radical Islamic terrorists or Islam, eliminating many years of valuable background data about the history of  the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood front groups, and terrorist organizations, dumbing-down the knowledge of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Officers on anything that relates to Islamic Jihad, Islamic Terrorism, and the Islamic genocide from 632-711 and in 1914.

(13) At the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast, Obama attempted to minimize ISIS’s past year of brutal genocide of Christians, Obama stated: “Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”  (What really happened in 1100 AD was that after 400 years of Islamic brutal genocide of Christians from 632-711 AD in Jerusalem, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, North Africa, Spain, France, Sicily, Cyprus, Crete, etc., Europe finally responded with a Crusades to protect Christians and take back their homes in the Middle East).

(14) Despite the brutal and bloody genocide of thousands of Syrian and Assyrian Christians for 7 years by ISIS, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihadists, and Radical Islamic Terrorists, designed  to exterminate them from the Middle East by beheading them, crucifying them, burning them alive, drowning them, burying them alive, throwing them off of high-rise buildings, cutting little Christian children in half, by raping of young Christian women before they were murdered, torturing Christians, hanging Christians, shooting Christians behind the head in a kneeling position, and selling Christian women into white slavery.  Obama has refused to have the US Government official condemn the brutal extermination of Christians in the Middle East, “genocide,” as over 100 countries have done—because the MB condones it.

(15) Obama assigned leaders of ISNA, a MB terrorist front group, named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the conviction of the Holy Land Foundation terror trial, to be advisors to the National Security Council Staff, and to be advisors to the last two Secretaries of State in the Obama administration.

(16) Obama has placed ISNA members, a MB Terrorist front group, named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the conviction of the Holy Land Foundation terror trial, in charge of recruiting and certifying Muslim Chaplains for the US Armed Forces and the Bureau of Prisons.

(17) Obama has placed leaders of ISNA, an MB Terrorist front group, named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the conviction of the Holy Land Foundation terror trial, to the Homeland Security Advisory Committee and has given them SECRET clearances.

Although Law Enforcement has been working closely with the MB front groups for the last seven years to ferret out Islamic terrorists threatening the US, it hasn’t resulted in the hoped for results, if they had, the below-listed terrorist attacks would not have occurred in the United States.  In additions, the 250+ newly admitted Muslim refugees, who were fast tracked by Obama to become US Citizens, would have never traveled to the Middle East and Africa to participate in the genocide of Christians, and the FBI wouldn’t be over extended prosecuting 900 Radical Islamic Terrorist and ISIS cases in all 50 states, at the same time over 100 ISIS terrorist plots in the US have been discovered and broken up by the FBI.  Since Obama came to power, the attempts to prevent terrorist attacks is losing ground because of his above listed policies, and the threat is expanding with the entry of over 100,000 new Muslim refugees Obama is bringing in to the US this year, being funded by the Republican leaders in Congress.

Despite all the above listed serious threats and attacks by radical Islamic terrorists, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, and Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups it has been covered up by the left of center liberal media establishment, in order to protect Obama’s open borders policies and his resettlement of over 900,000+ UN Muslim Refugees stealthily without letting the FBI vet them to determine if they have terrorist ties.  It should be noted that Obama has developed refugee programs where  91% of the 900,000+ Muslim Refugees are receiving food stamps, 73% are receiving Medicaid medical coverage, 68% are receiving cash welfare payments, where their travel costs, and their resettlement into new homes are being funded by US taxpayers (in the amount of $3 billion each year).  An American women who would have worked and paid taxes for 40 years of her life and retired on Social Security and Medicaid, is receiving much less in Social Security and Medicaid, than a Muslim Refugee receives on “day one” when they arrived in the US—veterans don’t receive the same quality of medical care from the VA that a Muslim refugee receives from the Obama administration on “day one.”

At the same time the threat is growing in the US from Radical Islamic Terrorists, the Communist Cuban government has allowed Hezbollah to establish a terrorist training camp on its soil.  The goal of the Hezbollah terrorist training camp is to train America supporters of ISIS who will be able to fly to Cuba as tourists, to get their terrorist training, and the will no longer have to fly to the Middle East to get their terrorist training, like 250 Muslim Refugees did to train and participate in the genocide of Christians.  The Hezbollah terrorist training camps, after training recruits from the Middle East, will be able to infiltrate trained Islamic terrorists from the Middle East through the “wide open southern border” to kill Americans.

Since Obama came to power seven years ago, there has been ZERO action by the federal government to close down the MB, a designated International  Terrorist Organization outlawed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Bahrain, and Russia.  Ever since 2008, when the US Justice Department found the Holy Land Foundation guilty of terrorism, the Obama administration has refused to target the massive jihadi network that the MB has created in the US; it has prospered and grown much stronger with the influx of 900,000 Muslim Refugees to fill its ranks.  In a  declassified FBI document from 1987, the Muslim Brotherhood was identified as a “secret Muslim organization that has unlimited funds and is extremely well organized in the United States.” The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) leadership has indicated that in the current phase of their organization’s attempts to bring Sharia Law into the US, it has had success in infiltrating the US Government.  The ultimate goal of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Revolution is the overthrow of all non-Islamic governments worldwide, and that violence is a tool that will  be used in the future as part of the Islamic revolution”(as it was used in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan, and Lebanon).

“God is our Goal. The Prophet is our leader. The Quran is our constitution. Jihad is our way. Death in the service of God is the loftiest of our wishes. God is great; God is great.”

The above statement is the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in 1928, as a vehicle to establish a worldwide Islamic empire governed by Shariah law.  The Muslim Brotherhood and its Muslim Brotherhood front organizations are a very dangerous threat to the internal security of the United States, the US Rule of Law, the National Security of the United States, the Freedom of Religion, the survival of the US Constitution, and the free enterprise system.  We encourage you to review the below partial list of 76 Muslim Refugees and radical Islamic terrorist attacks that have been executed against Americans on US soil—the number may shock you, because it has been covered up for seven years by Obama.  Nearly every act of Jihad against Americans from 9/11 on, executed on American soil, can be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood centers, the radical Islamic terrorist organizations created by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Brotherhood front groups listed above.  We encourage you to give this Op-Ed wide distribution to those in your address book who want to preserve the Republic and the 240 years America has survived its foreign and domestic enemies.

Copyright 2016, Capt. Joseph R. John. All Rights Reserved. This material can only be posted on another website or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without permission from the author.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

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Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8


This is a partial list of Refugees and Radical Islamic Terrorists Who Have Made Terrorist Attacks Against American citizens


The United States is under attack from coast to coast:  Sacramento, Houston, Philadelphia, San Bernardino, Times Square, Moore, Detroit, Boise, Portland-ME, Chattanooga, Garland, Boston, Portland-OR, Minneapolis, Merced, Missouri, Kentucky, New York, Illinois, Washington-DC, Oklahoma, etc.


The media is covering up the arrests of Muslim refugees across North America so that Americans will stop pressuring Congress to pass the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act.A partial list of the refugees and Radical Islamic Terrorists who have participated in jihad against the USA since Obama took office.

  • On January 7, 2016, Aws Mohammad Younis Al-Jayab was arrested in Sacramento, CA on charges of assisting jihadi organizations.
  • In an unrelated case, also on January 7, 2016, Omar Faraj Saeed al Hardan, an Iraqi Refugee, was arrested in Houston, TX on charges of providing material support to ISIS and going thru terrorist training.
  • In Philadelphia, PA, a jihadi opened fire on a cop on January 8, 2016. He fired 13 shots and hit the police officer three times, grievously wounding the man.
  • On January 11, 2016, Sens. Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions said the number of people implicated in radical Islamic terrorist plots in the U.S. has jumped to 113.
  • On January 16, 2016, Mohamed Elmi, 31, and Mohamed Salad, 29, both of Calgary,
    Canada, were arrested after they invaded the doorway of a neighborhood bar and grievously wounded a 38-year old stranger.
  • In November 17, 2015 A Uzbek Muslim refugee in Boise, ID was convicted of plotting to bomb US military bases.  On August 14, 2015 three Somali Muslims, Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31, Abil Teshome, 23, brutally beat and murdered Freddy Akoa, 49 a Christian in Portland, ME. The attack allegedly took place over the span of several hours, in which Akoa suffered cuts and bruises all over his body, a lacerated liver and 22 rib fractures. However, according to the autopsy, Akoa died as a result of blows to his head. 
  • Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez murdered five US Armed Forces (1 Navy and 4 Marines) in Chattanooga, TN in July 2015. On February 16, 2016, a court magistrate ruled after hearing the FBI testimony that Khalil Abu-Rayyan, a 21 year old Dearborn, MI man  was too much of a threat to public safety and ordered him held without bail. He gets excited by thoughts of beheading Americans, burning people alive and throwing homosexuals off of tall buildings. He’d actually made plans to shoot up a 6,000 member Christians in Detroit, in conversations with an undercover FBI agent.. (If I) can’t go do jihad at the Middle East, I would do my jihad over here.” He also told the agent that “shooting and death make me excited. I love to hear people begging and screaming. … I wish I had my gun.”  The FBI claims Abu-Rayyan has since late 2014 used Twitter for “retweeting, liking and commenting” on Islamic State propaganda.
  • On February 12, 2016 a machete wielding assailant known to the FBI, identified as Mohammad Barry, a Somali living in Ohio attacked Jewish and Christian patrons at a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, killing four people. Witnesses said it was carnage.  Some of the patrons fought back by throwing chairs. Police later shot and killed Barry after a short chase. Investigators are trying to determine if Barry attacked the Nazareth Restaurant because he thought the owner was Jewish.  In actuality, the restaurant is owned by an Israeli Christian.   
  • On May 3, 2015 an attack with gunfire was carried by two Radical Islamic Terrorists followers of ISIS at the entrance to the Curtis Culwell Center, in Garland, TX featuring cartoon images of Mohammad—both were shot and killed by a police officer. Just prior to the attack one of the gunmen posted “May Allah accept us as Mujahedeen”—he wrote both pledged allegiance to “Amirul Mu’mineen”, a likely reference to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
  • An immigrant from Ghana, who applied for and received US citizenship, pledged allegiance to ISIS and plotted a terrorist attack on the US soil (June 2015).
  • An immigrant from Sudan, who applied and received US citizenship, tried to join ISIS and wage Jihad on its behalf after having been recruited on line(June 2015).
  • In November 17, 2015 A Uzbek Muslim refugee in Boise, ID was convicted of plotting to bomb US military bases.
  • On August 14, 2015 three Somali Muslims, Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31, Abil Teshome, 23, brutally beat and murdered Freddy Akoa, 49 a Christian in Portland, ME. The attack allegedly took place over the span of several hours, in which Akoa suffered cuts and bruises all over his body, a lacerated liver and 22 rib fractures. However, according to the autopsy, Akoa died as a result of blows to his head.
  • Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez murdered five US Armed Forces (1 Navy and 4 Marines) in Chattanooga, TN in July 2015.  Mohammad was an immigrant brought here by his family from Kuwait at a young age, and who was later approved for U.S. citizenship, who carried out the Islamist attack that killed the 5 military personnel in Chattanooga.
  • The Somali refugee who recruited the San Bernardino killers also recruited the jihadist who attacked the Garland, TX “Draw Mohammad” contest in May 2015.
  • Six Somalian Muslim refugees were arrested in Minneapolis, Minnesota for attempting to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS.
  • Five Somali Muslim refugees were charged in July 2014 with fundraising for jihadi groups in Africa.
  • The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing by Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev; those brothers and their family were Muslim refugees.
  • Two Bosnian Muslim refugee in Portland, Oregon was arrested in November 21, 2014 for trying to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
  • Five Muslim Refugees in the same family were arrested in Missouri, Illinois and New York for sending arms and cash to ISIS. 
  • Two Al Qaeda members who had killed American soldiers in Iraq were arrested in Kentucky in 2009 – and, both were refugees!
  • On November 4, 2015 Faisal Mohammad who had a black ISIS flag in his possessions and a terrorist manifesto, stabbed 4 of his fellow student at U C Merced; police had to shoot him to stop his stabbing spree
  • In San Bernardino in December 2015 two Middle East Radical Islamic Terrorist who said they were ISIS, attackers (immigrants) killed 14 civilians and wounded 21 others, were recruited to their jihad by a Muslim Somali refugee who has now moved to Syria, but continues to recruit Jihadist in America using social media.
  • On June 3, 2009, Abdulhakim Mujahid Mohammad shot and killed Pvt. Andy Long, USA and wounded Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, USA outside a US Military Recruiting Office in Little Rock, Arkansas.  They were eventually awarded Purple Heart Medals.
  • In December 2009, the bombing terror plot to kill 290 innocent passengers on a flight from the Netherland to Detroit the Nigerian Radical Islamic Terrorist, Umar Farouk Abdulmutlallab (aka the Underwear Bomber) failed to detonate on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 because the explosives in his underwear malfunctioned, and passengers were able to subdue him until he was arrested.  
  • In Sept 15, 2012 Amine El Khalifi, an Al Q’ieda Radical Islamic Terrorist plotted to do a suicide bombing plot in the U.S. Capitol.   
  • In Sept 30, 2014 Alton Nolen, a Sharia suspect, beheaded an employee at Vaughan Foods in  Moore, Oklahoma


             In Sept 30, 2014 Alton Nolen, a Sharia suspect, beheaded an employee at Vaughan Foods in

             Moore, Oklahoma


             In 2011 there was an “Honor Killing” of his wife and daughters by Alfatlawi in Detroit, MI


             In 2011 there was an “Honor Killing” of his wife and daughters by Alfatlawi in Detroit, MI


             In May 4, 2010 Faisal Shahzad conducted a terrorist car bombing plot in /times square that failed


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  1. Ed Sunderland   Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 12:09 AM

    I am having a hard time deciding whether or not to send this story to my congressman Michael Burgess in light of the fact he financed even more Syrian refugees into this country in the last corrupt CR.

    Nope, don’t think so. Congress has proven itself useless.

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