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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

Is Ted Cruz the evangelical Christian he claims to be?

(Mar. 14, 2016) — Ted Cruz and other establishment pretenders continue to expose themselves and unravel.  Let us see so far.  Senator Ted Cruz followed the CNN misinformation about Ben Carson back in Iowa implying Ben Carson was quitting the race.  Then we saw Cruz telling his followers to swoop in and get Carson’s votes.  Ted said he was sorry later, naturally, after the damage was done.  Never mind that Cruz was accused of similar dirty tricks again by Rubio in the Hawaii primary.  I’m certain it was another well-meaning accident.

Attacks against Trump are Trump’s fault

Then we see the ‘Rent-a-Mob’ protestors showing their organized and violent mob side against Donald Trump at his Chicago rally.   Secret Service had to surround Donald Trump and at least one protestor was thrown out.  Instead of calling this threatening and evil behavior, Ted Cruz blamed Trump for the attacks and violence.  Once again, Ted Cruz must have had a ‘judgment’ accident and was wrong.

Now, we all remember Obama’s seeming amnesia when he was running for President.  He pretended he wasn’t that close to his fund raiser and close friend, William Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground.  There was longtime associate, Rev. Wright, radical, America-blaming and hating Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for over 20 years.  Though he married Obama and Michelle in that very church, Obama minimized his connection and relationship with Rev. Wright.

Ted Cruz at event where Pastor calls for execution of gays

Apparently, Ted Cruz either is splitting from reality or also struggling with amnesia these days.  Sadly, maybe it is that he just doesn’t care or horrifyingly could it really reflect what he believes?  I pray not. Ted Cruz was introduced as a speaker at a rally right after a black pastor stated that gays should be executed.  See for yourself before it is taken down. The pastor apparently believes gays should only live if they repent.

Is this another “judgment” accident by Cruz?  After all, he cannot control what people say before he is introduced, can he?  If Ted Cruz were remotely Presidential material and daring to think he could represent the broad variety of citizens, including gay folks in this country, he would have harshly and publicly rebuked this kind of anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-sane statement by anyone “pretending” to be a Christian Pastor.  Is this Ted Cruz’s David Duke moment when he shared support for Donald Trump?  The difference is that Trump rebuked and strongly rejected his support dozens of times in the media.

What will Ted Cruz do now?  Are there other “unrepentant” groups he or his Pastor friends want executed if they don’t repent?

I want and pray for a President this election cycle that loves the God of the Holy Bible, loves and respects our Constitution, freedoms and real values.  We sure don’t need more groups targeted for demise and persecution and in the name of “Jesus.” Shameful!

A real Christian and real Pastor would share Christ’s love and grace, whether the person on the receiving end believed it or not.  You make up your own minds in this critical election and do it carefully. As for me, I believe Donald Trump has the guts, talent, openness and vision to restore America (all Americans) and protect Judeo-Christian values.

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