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(Mar. 13, 2016) — Tonight’s show will focus on the current revolution to reclaim control of the Republican and Democrat Parties and determine the independent rights of the voters, the people and their sovereign states…

Avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders is giving closet Socialist Hillary Clinton a run for her money in the DNC race… but the country would continue to be destroyed by either, or maybe both, at the further expense of freedom, liberty and the rule of constitutional law.

The RNC race is the most interesting… Last week, we filed a query with the Texas Secretary of State, the Chief Elections Officer in Texas, asking just one simple question… (READ QUERY HERE)

The divisions in America are deeper and wider than ever… But the ongoing divisions in the Republican Party may prove the most costly divisions in America today…

Clearly, “the people” are angry! The nation is at a tipping point, or is it a boiling point? Can this energy be channeled into a productive ACTION oriented direction? Or is it just more unfocused anger?

Tonight we will discuss the Trump phenomenon… The Soros funded assaults of “free speech” at Republican campaign stops, via MoveOn.org and college campus kids for Bernie Sanders and free college…

We will also discuss the reasons and purposes of the divisions in the conservative voter base, and what needs to happen in order for “the people” to win their independence from DC insiders and Washington globalist elites…

94.5 FM and 960 AM on your radio dial in the Michigan listening area…

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