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by Dr. Tom E. Davis, Col., USA (Ret.), ©2016

Eric Fanning has received approval by voice vote of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee to advance his nomination by Obama to be Secretary of the Army

(Mar. 11, 2016) — “Senate Committee Confirms First Openly Gay Military Service Leader” by Chris Riback | March 10, 2016, 11:49 am The Associated Press reports that “the Senate Armed Services Committee has confirmed the first openly gay leader of a U.S. military service.”

“By voice vote Thursday, committee members approved the nomination of Eric Fanning to be Army secretary.”

“The committee met in January to consider Fanning’s nomination shortly after he stepped down from the job in an acting capacity.”

The faux president of these United States is pro-homosexual and (“D)uring his time in office, Obama has overhauled internal policies to provide federal benefits to same-sex partners, appointed gay men and lesbians to the executive branch and the federal courts and ended the 18-year ban on gays serving openly in the military.”

Has the United States Senate also become pro-homosexual? Has our government without our approval abandoned or assaulted the Judeo-Christian ethos by which WE live and by which we live OUR daily lives? It is blatantly obvious that our tripartite federal government has become so politically-correct that basic intelligence and decency have been abandoned to assuage the tender feelings of the LGBT crowd of which Soetoro-Obama is so enamored.

A sycophant of Soetoro-Obama, Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, a self-proclaimed ‘transgender,’ while a PFC on active duty in the United States Army serving in Iraq in 2009, made contact with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks infamy. “In early 2010, she [sic} passed this information—which amounted to hundreds of thousands of documents, many of them classified—to WikiLeaks.”

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