Home of Half-Shell Bugs


by OPOVV, ©2016

(Mar. 8, 2016) — Long before the white man came, the valley was known as the “Home of Half-Shell Bugs,” which we call Lady Bugs, and it was a particular hunting ground of the utmost degree. It was there, and ONLY there, where the deer came from to honor the feast of the introduction of a new chief of the Indian tribes from as far as a 5 day trek away.

But deer weren’t the only desirable gem from the valley, as the white man discovered in the 1840’s, for it was there that traces of copper were found.  But when there’s gold-fever, there’s only one cure: gold.

It was such a far, out-of-the-way valley that nobody had any need of it so it was designated a “State Protected Area through Eternity,” presumably so the deer, squirrel and beaver could live their lives in peace and tranquility, but also to ban mining, be it logging, strip or otherwise, for eternity.

And it came to pass that a “Mr. X” discovered an old assay sample of the area and, after the essential calculations, which included, among other things, like equipment and wages, bribes to various public officials, from the bottom-feeders — county officials (a couple thousand) — all the way up the chain to federal (millions). Money was to be made; after all, the price of copper was going though the roof.

So the BLM got involved and decided that the future bribes to be paid were worth the destruction of “Home of Half-Shell Bugs.” It then came to pass, not by any duly-elected official but by “career government employees,” that the land was “sold” to Mr. X so a copper mine could be constructed.

As soon as the clear-cutting was accomplished, the bulldozers moved in and a mine was built. Now from a public official’s point of view the mine was a money mine, for isn’t that envelope on the desk full of $100 bills? From the State Police officers’ perspective, the mine was “job security.” For Mr. X and his employees it was money in the bank on a weekly basis. Now for the deer, the trees and the millions of Lady Bugs it was oblivion: death, and death is eternal.

If it weren’t for the clear-cutting there may have remained a ray of hope, but once the bulldozers arrived, the valley’s fate was sealed. Look around where you live and witness clear-cutting in person: it’s happening all around us on a daily basis, from a builder of single-family homes to the apartment building or storage units being built all over the place. Maximize profits with no thought of any stupid worthless Lady Bug, of this we all can be abundantly assured, or so goes the belief of the “bean-counters” at the altar of the Almighty Dollar.

Solar farm in the future? Call the dozers and kill the cactus and lizard: no more cattle-grazing.

THE END: eternally.

Semper Fi


2 Responses to "Home of Half-Shell Bugs"

  1. Sharon Rondeau   Friday, March 18, 2016 at 7:57 AM

    The Comment function was reimplemented about a month ago after some technical difficulties.

  2. TalkingMonkeyNOT   Friday, March 18, 2016 at 12:53 AM

    Very good article, OPOVV!

    I’ve missed this place ever since the change and elimination of the commenting ability. When did Sharon re-implement it? I had been thinking of unsubscribing to her emails; glad I held out a little longer.

    Anyway, yes, the mega-corporate-system worship at the alter of the almighty dollar and under which many have been deceived and enslaved for millennia is an abomination. I can’t help but wonder what it will take for people to finally have enough and do away with it. Maybe they never will. TPTB have done a superb job of indoctrinating the general public into believing what is essentially a crock of you know what.

    And yes, the debt based system of civilization HAS been around for millennia, encompassing many facets of life, but until the advent of the modern age was relatively impotent. At least, for some select swaths of humanity. Now it seems as if we are all to be eternally saddled with the effects of psychopaths who have the power and money to affect millions, billions of lives. How on earth did we come to this pass?

    Best Regards,


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