by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 8, 2016) — 9:22 p.m. EST – Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is giving an address from Jupiter, FL following his wins in the Mississippi and Michigan primary contests.

During his address, which began shortly after 9:00 p.m., Trump thanked “lobbyists and special interests” for his victories in a tongue-in-cheek way, referring to groups of “establishment” Republicans who have been working to derail his candidacy by diminishing his lead in the ongoing primaries.

Trump referred to Mitt Romney as “a very nice man” while invoking Romney’s speech from the University of Utah last Thursday, during which Romney excoriated Trump for “dishonesty,” being a “phony,” and lacking the “temperament” to serve as president.

Romney has reportedly been working with other old-guard Republicans to encourage primary voters to cast their votes for one of the other three remaining candidates:  John Kasich, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz.

The Republican Party has not addressed the questions surrounding the Cruz and Rubio candidacies in regard to whether or not they are “natural born Citizens,” as is required by Article II of the Constitution.

“Every single person who’s attacked me has gone down,” Trump remarked at 9:27 p.m.  “Even Megyn Kelly said I did well tonight,” Trump remarked, then said, “Thank you, Megyn.”

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and Trump were at odds beginning in August after Kelly, a moderator in the first Republican debate, asked Trump personal questions about remarks he allegedly made about “women.”  Trump later called Kelly a subpar journalist not worthy of her lofty position at Fox News.

At last Thursday’s debate, Kelly again moderated with Chris Wallace and Bret Baier, accusing Trump of cheating Americans through his training course, “Trump University,” over which a civil lawsuit is active, as Trump has refused to settle out of court.

“I know politicians better than anybody; they’re liars,” Trump said at 9:31.

Trump predicted that he “would do really well in Florida,” which he called “my second home.”  Primaries in Florida and Ohio will be held next Tuesday, March 15.

“I’m going to be working very hard between the two,” Trump said, then mentioned that the Illinois primary will be held on the same day.

At 9:34 p.m., Trump took questions from the press involving Marco Rubio’s future prospects, the subject of the “hostility” between Rubio and him, and the comparative expenditures among the other Republican candidates and him.

Trump also stated that some of the mainstream media’s polls have been incorrect, as in South Carolina.

“I can be more presidential than anybody,” he said at 9:40 p.m.

As of 9:41 p.m., Idaho and Hawaii have not yet reported election results.

As of 9:51 p.m., Yahoo! News had not yet reported Trump’s win in Michigan.

Trump’s remarks concluded at 9:54 p.m.

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