by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2016

(Mar. 8, 2016) — Running for U.S. President isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world.  It takes a lot of grueling work. While most Citizens consider their civil duty completed with a trip to their Polling Place, there are so any more things that go into even the Primary Balloting we are seeing happening in the Republican and Democratic Parties now in every State.

Underscoring the difficulty at the bottom  of this Post is just for instance the difficulty the Democratic Party is having right now in hosting a Primary. They did not have the $100,000 worth funds to pay for a Primary, the National Party is not helping, and the GOP Controlled Senate didn’t pass a bill that would fund the Primaries of every Party.

Parties also seek help from the Candidates charging them upwards of $1,000 dollars to get on the Primary Ballot. Times that by every state and it would be $50,000 and some States also require a number of signatures (Utah just passed one requiring 28,000 for State Wide Races) which then requires boots-on-the-ground in that State to collect those. Its very easy to see why FUND RAISING is so important and why Candidates get so angry when they either cannot tap into the National Political Party vehicle of emails and addresses to even do that.

Senator Bernie Sanders sued the DNC for $600,000 dollars per day weeks before the Iowa Caucus and I myself was noticed on Record at having sued the DNC in a Report for the combination or formation of a cartel of corporations that formed a cabal allowing Barack Obama into the Ballot Box in violation of the rules of the race requiring a Presidential Candidate to be a [natural born Citizen] in the 2008 and 2012 Campaigns to the tune of $40,000,000 (Million) Dollars. Judy v. Obama Utah Division.

30 Documents, 3 Courts, and nearly two years Later the matter in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 has been arbitrarily refused or denied to proceed by the denial of a forma pauperis Motion which is utterly corrupt and is surmised now in a Criminal Complaint to the Attorney General . The good news is the U.S. Supreme Court Clerks have not sent that Motion to Re-Open and Re-Consider the Motion for Forma Pauperis with new evidence. The Bad News is that they have not Docketed the Motion either leading to all sorts of conspiracies of corruption and this is a big problem in the Justice Department and calls for Justice Reform we are seeing today.

So neither the orchestration of getting on the State Ballots is cheap, nor is the implied duty of the Court in seeing to it that Candidates for the same race are the only ones who have Standing to challenge for  damages other Candidates who are ineligible for the office. This places a great financial burden on Candidates the public really does not see when they walk in to the ballot box and vote for their Candidate.

That is not the only problem we face as Americans threatened by the corruption of our elections. The system we have of checks and balances is favorited when it works to STOP something we want stopped, oh say like Barack Obama’s Executive Orders/Actions of the Executive Branch being challenged in the Civil Court or the Judicial Branch for constitutionality as the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear regarding 5 million immigrants for deportation and their questionable voting ability in the 2016 election which can swing a close election.

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  1. Re: “Mr. Judy’s complaint was heard and rejected at every level because his lawsuit bases its claims on laws that are not applicable to his complaint.”

    This statement is of course respectfully false.

    While Mr. Silvestros indeed cited some of the Tenth Circuit’s opinion he has failed entirely to NOTICE My Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court has not yet even been heard.

    How could it have been heard in SCOTUS if a Motion for forma pauperis has not been granted?

    The Court can not entertain Writs that have not been paid for. This the entire SCOTUS Appeal is yet unseen by SCOTUS eyes officially.

    To surmise my Writ is dismissed simply on a basis of not having funds is arbitrary malfeasance especially given I’ve proven to the Court my finances are below the Federal Poverty level.

  2. My great thanks to Editor-In-Chief Sharon Rondeau for her outstanding coverage and documentation of this Case the MainStream Media has noticably failed.

    Re: Mr. Silvestros comment- I would leave unaddressed accept for people who have not followed the Case and who may not be familiar with a 7 year epic Court Battle.

    His second paragraph does not give rhyme or reason to the sound legal doctrine of the Case in which the Civil Court deferred many cases due to what I will call getting the cart before the horse.

    The fact many times the Courts have stated that the Federal Courts have no delegated power to remove a president is honored by Me in not laying that task frivolously before them.

    Indeed however the Courts have also ruled that standing requires another Presidential Candidate. Standing ascertain damages.

    Thus, if the Court were to rule monetary damages had in fact occurred based on a dereliction or violation of the Rules of the Race in qualification, that Ruling would then give Congress cause to pick up a Hearing of ineligibility of qualification, and the findings of the Federal Court would be considered for a disability impeachment Trial in the Legislative Branch.

  3. The P&E needs to stop giving Cody Robert Judy credibility. His claims concerning Obama’s eligibility were dismissed as frivolous first by the United States District Court in Utah and then by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Judy appealed to the Supreme Court and was rightfully turned away.

    Mr. Judy’s lawsuit did not request that Obama be removed from the ballot or from office. He only sought monetary damages. Specifically he sought $40 million under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, and another $100 million for violations of the Sherman Act.

    The District Court stated:

    “After carefully reviewing Plaintiff’s Complaint, the Court finds that Plaintiff’s suit is frivolous. Plaintiff’s claims lack an arguable basis in law or fact and Plaintiff’s factual allegations border on the irrational and wholly incredible. Moreover, the suit could not survive a motion to dismiss because Plaintiff’s claims rest on conclusory statements rather than factual allegations that plausibly state a claim for relief. Finally, most of the relief sought by Plaintiff is money damages. Many of the defendants in this case would almost certainly be immune from such relief. And it is not clear that the remaining defendants would not also enjoy the same immunity. Based on the foregoing, the Court will dismiss Plaintiff’s claims.”

    The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the District Court’s ruling that the lawsuit was frivolous and was properly dismissed. In fact, under the law, the District Court was required to dismiss the lawsuit. Links to the court rulings can be found at

    Mr. Judy’s complaint was heard and rejected at every level because his lawsuit bases its claims on laws that are not applicable to his complaint.

    1. The very fact that every “eligibility” case has been dismissed indicates that the courts, regardless of who brings the suit, are not willing to rule on who is and is not a “natural born Citizen,” on which point Mr. Judy had filed a case previously. The P&E therefore finds these types of reports newsworthy.