by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2016

(Feb. 26, 2016) — Before I begin, I ask that each of you who know me personally or via TPATH, SAPPA, WPE and the TEA PARTY movement to take the time to read this letter in its entirety.   All of us have been involved in this bloodless struggle to save our Republic for many years now, have a very special bond.  We joined groups or created new ones as we realized that we could not stand by any longer as if nothing was happening to our country.

Many of us, I include myself here, felt some guilt, some culpability as we awakened to the frightening reality of the corruption, the cronyism and the immoral depths to which this beautiful country our parents left us, had fallen.   For most of us, our onus resided not in apathy but in inattentiveness.  As we were busy creating and nurturing our families, working to provide for them, the internal and external enemies of this country have been busy destroying our America.

Their methods, as we are now painfully aware of, were many and varied and relentless.  Under-educating our children, removing God from every aspect of their lives, creating envy and odium for those who have achieved things through hard work, destroying their competitive nature to succeed by giving every child a trophy, regardless of the effort or outcome, and blaming America for the ills of the world while denigrating the accomplishments and sacrifices of our Founding Fathers.

These efforts found purchase as a result of the people’s acquiescence to the progressive model designed around forgoing the rule of law and replacing it with the rule of elitist ideology.  The main target, the main opposition to this blueprint of godless socialism, it has become painfully clear, is our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.  Each tiny chip chiseled off an edge, provides traction for the removal of yet a larger chunk.  Eventually, there will come a time when no amount of repair will prevent the toppling of even the mightiest structure.

During these past almost 8 years, I have met many who have decided it is time to not just make repairs but to remove those tools of destruction.  These are some of the most wonderful and terrific people I have ever had the honor to meet, to work with and to call friends.   It is a shame that the impetus for our coming together was over the dreadful issue of our Republic being under attack.  The circumstances be damned, countless times I have thanked God for having had the opportunity and the privilege of having each of you in my world.

For sure we have had disagreements over issues and how they should be handled, and sometimes those disagreements turned heated and even caused some temporary rifts.  I for one have had a few of those heated debates with more than a few of you.  But to this day and forever, I cherish everyone in this struggle.

I have prefaced the context of this letter in the opening paragraph because it appears that this election cycle has elicited nasty and personal attacks on each other.  More volatile than anything has since the awakening of our movement.  We are witnessing in social media an unfortunate collapse into the progressive left’s tool of Alinskyism.  This is hard to read and it breaks my heart.

All of us want the same thing. There will always be disagreement on methods such as on whom we can trust to help our country survive and recover.  We are on the same side. We must stand together and not let the news media and the enemies of our country and our cause, elicit a divide which may not be repairable.  Our disagreements must, for the sake of this movement, dwell in respect and understanding.  If nothing else comes of this letter, I pray the message of this paragraph will be seriously contemplated.

The other motive for this writing is to explain why I and so many other patriots are supporting Donald Trump, much to the chagrin of some.  Let me be very clear in this.  I am not endeavoring to change anyone’s mind on whom they are supporting.  I’m old enough to know and have seen too much to expect that to happen.

My purpose here is to let you know how I and so many others have come to the decision we have and to do it without trashing your guy and without belittling any of you.   I decided to do this as a result of the many postings which have, sometimes in not very cordial tones, asked “How could anyone support Trump?”  While I have not engulfed myself in these written battles, except for a benign blurb I dropped on FB last week, every hurtful comment on either side of this issue damages each of us and our goals.  So I have decided to spell out why I support Donald Trump and why I do not support the others.  My reasons may be different from those of others who support him, but probably pretty close.


The references I made above about why we are doing what we are doing and what we need to do to be successful in preserving our liberty, first and foremost, requires our defense of the Constitution.  Not just the parts we like and not just the parts the progressives like.  But all of it.  Some would like it twisted and interpreted to suit the whim of the times.  This my friends we should never condone.  The proven and well thought-out intent of the authors of our founding documents, if we are to preserve them, must be of the utmost concern.

For this reason, though there may be others which I need not detail here, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have been eliminated from any consideration during these primary races.  Neither one is eligible under the intent and description of Article II.  They know it, many millions of voters know it, and I know it.

One might wish to create contorted verbal manipulations or to just pretend these requirements do not exist, because all the other attributes of a preferred candidate may inspire one to allow yet another chip to be chiseled from the foundation of liberty.  I personally believe, and I believe also that our movement is based upon the concept that no man is larger, no man is greater and no man should be placed above the Constitution.  To not endorse that understanding is to undermine the very concept of our movement.

No one can deny that both political parties have been partners in the growth of government and the shrinking of our liberty.  One group has been implementing it while the other pretends to oppose it.

During these years this three legged stool of corruption and thievery has grown in such boundless terms and to such boundless heights and proportions, it is literally impossible to fully grasp the vastness of it.  The tripod is comprised of and supported by the left leaning news media, the socialist Democrats and the progressive Republican establishment.  All of them are equally culpable and equally important to its continued growth and dominance over the people.  This little piece of information is no news flash to those in our patriotic movement.

It does appear, however, that some either intentionally or unwillingly have chosen to ignore the old Chinese adage that declares; “if we continue to go in the direction we are headed we will surely get to where we are going”.   By this I mean just one thing, not one of the Republicans in the race who are either the first, second or third choice of the Republican establishment, will do anything to change the third leg of that stool.  As always, they will promise to fight the elites while campaigning and will fall right into line moments after being sworn in.

We have taken that path before. It has always led us to the same place.  Are we about to be fooled into continuing in the same direction as in the past and do we actually think we could change where that road is taking us by supporting those the establishment present to us?

No viable candidate in this primary race will take the promised and required fork in that road.  Not one. Not one except Donald Trump. If you think for one minute that he won’t at least try to do the things he has promised, it should be noted that no representative of that three legged stool agrees with you.  They have all aligned against him.  They have lied, they have manipulated videos, they have misquoted him while ignoring his abilities, his accomplishments and the many wonderful good deeds he has done over the past 3 decades.

Yes, for sure Trump has some dirty laundry. It would be impossible for someone so successful to not.  He is tough, he is brutal, but even his biggest opponents in his business world say his word is gold.  Sounder than a written contract with any other person.

One of the rubs I hear about Trump is how he attacks those who attack him.  Really? Please recall if you will, the 8 years of GW Bush.  He was relentlessly and in some cases falsely accused of being responsible for the maladies facing all of mankind.  What did he do about it? The answer is, nothing.  The result was, every lie about him was believed.  Isn’t it about time that kind of “leader” was replaced with one with a backbone?  One who will provide an environment that will give serious pause to the free swinging leftists, progressives and elites?  Is it not time for no more, Mr. Nice Guy?  We need nice, like we need another leftist Supreme Court Justice.

So why have these three groups worked so hard take Trump out? It is quite simple, they know he will do what he says he will and they fear him, therefore, they hate him.  Some fear the gravy train of corruption, embezzling, graft and payoffs will come to a dead end and some fear their pinstriped suits will be replaced with prison stripes.  They think he will do this because he said he will and they know he means it.

Here is a list of the things Trump has promised.  Unless you have listened to him in rallies or watched uncut interviews, much of this will be a surprise to you.

He has promised to stop the flow of illegal drugs coming across the southern border.

He has promised to build a wall that will keep illegal immigrants and terrorists from invading our country.

He has promised to bring businesses back into this country and thereby create real, full time jobs.

He has promised to investigate every government agency, weed out the corruption, reclaim monies and prosecute the crooks.

He has promised to end the Federal government’s land confiscation and return some of the land, already taken, back to the states.

He has promised to help our wounded warriors get instant medical attention in any hospital or clinic, without first getting permission from government bureaucrats.

He has promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with non-mandated policies as well as removing the boundaries placed upon purchasers of insurance.

He has promised to defend all of the Constitution which includes the 2nd amendment.

He has promised to send almost 200,000 illegal criminals now residing in our prisons and stalking us on our streets, back to whatever countries they came here form.

He has promised to prevent Islamic terrorists coming into our country and neighborhoods disguised as Syrian refugees.

He has promised to send every Syrian refugee back from where they came and will support building safe zones in Syria, not in your back yard.

He has promised to, pay attention here, audit the Federal Reserve.

He has promised to end Common Core wipe out the Department of Education and return control over your child’s education, to you and your local community.

He has promised to simplify the tax code and clear out 90% of IRS bureaucrats.

He has promised to revamp the business destroying EPA.

He has promised that no snail darter or spider will prevent farmers from irrigating their crops or impede the implementation of projects.

He has promised to use his executive order powers to remove Obama’s illegal executive orders.

He has promised to not cut Social Security but to weed out the millions of dollars of corruption, mismanagement and thievery.  And he has promised to put the perpetrators behind bars.

He has promised to open investigations into Fast and Furious, not with time wasting Congressional panels, but with real prosecutors.

He has promised to investigate Hilary Clinton’s breach of National Security and he will do it before the statute of limitations runs out.

He has promised to cut personal and business taxes.

He has promised to make lobbyists seek alternative employment.

My Dear Tea Party and patriotic friends, it’s possible that some of you may not be aware of these things, especially if you get your information about him from one or more of the entities supporting our bloated government.  I presented this information, as I wrote above, not to convince you to support Trump, but to answer the question as to why so many patriots do.

Please do not send me all those neatly packaged quotes or expertly edited video clips of things Donald has said when he wore his businessman hat.  First of all, if you have seen them, you can bet your mortgage, I have seen them, and in spades.  Those are two different worlds, with very different objectives and as far as I’m concerned, not relevant.

No one would be foolish enough to believe that Trump could accomplish all these things.  But no one who knows him and supports him believes he will not try. However, considering his boundless energy, his 20 hour, 7 day a week work schedule, his track record of amazing accomplishments, it might be a good idea to not bet against him.

Finally, while many of you may think Trump won’t be able to accomplish these things, his enemies, who also are the enemies of America, are not quite so sure.  What else do these people know? They know that none of the other candidates will change anything. As Trump likes to say, “All talk, no action.”  Which actually is the establishment’s creed.  Some of you may wish to continue supporting that doctrine.  I and so many of my friends do not.


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  1. Brilliantly put. To those who don’t want to permanently open the Presidency and Vice Presidency to those like Prince Hamzah Bin Al Hussein of Jordan (who, according to Cruz wouldn’t even need a residency requirement to run for President because his mother is American) only have the choice of Ben Carson, John Kaisch and Donald Trump.

    It’s not a hard choice from that vantage point.