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(Feb. 24, 2016) — For many people, starting their own business is a dream. However, very few have the financial capacity to turn that dream into a reality. This is why we are taking a look at business ideas that you can start with $100 or less in your savings account.

Sell products on Clickbank

The obvious place to look when starting a business with little capital is online. The leverage to reach thousands of people, without needing a store front, is a great way to shave off a huge chunk of the financial requirements of a new business.

Selling products on requires no investment other than your time.  Once on the page, you can find products to promote by using your social media networks. After you make your first $50, you are qualified to start a vendor account. This is where your business really kicks off, as you will now be able to create your own E-books and have affiliates sell them for you. The E-books should be on topics you are passionate about, or topics you are prepared to put some real research into. Some people have made 7-8 digit incomes using this model so the potentials are mouth-watering.

Start online gaming

Gaming is not, usually, regarded as a business but when you look at the thousands of gamers making a living off their skills by broadcasting on YouTube and entering competitions – you might want to have a rethink. Some of these players go on to become game testers for big name companies. However, you don’t even need to go that far. If you have a decent skill in casino gaming already, you can have a look through sites like and put these talents to good use.  Your starting capital of $100 may be peanuts for some business, but it’s absolutely huge on these platforms.

Sell used books

This is one of the most interesting businesses you can start, for less than $100. All you need to do is visit sites like Amazon and see what books are selling for; then visit a book auction and try to find the same titles for a cheaper price.  A few rounds of sales later and you could be in serious business. Focus on textbooks, as they sell for the healthiest margins, but there’s no real limit or restriction on what kind of material will sell.

Sell auto parts or commodities

Ordinarily, starting this business will require huge financial outlay but many people have been able to approach larger corporations and begin selling for them. The challenge is finding a company that will allow you to enter such a partnership, but if you can convince them of your ability then your business could grow in no time. The best way to start is with a small number of parts or commodities and then scale up over time.

Become a house painter

Depending on your location, you could start a painting business without a license. If you decide to go down this path then it’s always best to start with indoor painting, as it requires less equipment.  Don’t know how to paint? Fire up YouTube for some tips and then practice with a corner of your home.  Matt Shoup is a great example here: he went from $100 to annual revenues of $2.5 million!

Start window cleaning

This is another good business idea for people with less than $100. However, you may not get any commercial contracts right away, as most businesses prefer to hire established window cleaners with their own equipment. You can however, start with cleaning around residential areas and increase your equipment and capacity as the income rolls in.

Home Tutor

There are many websites offering you the opportunity to provide services as a tutor.  You should embrace them if you have the necessary skills and knowledge.  These broker websites take a good chunk of the amount paid (could be up to $50 an hour) but it still stands as an efficient, low-cost method of starting off a business. Over time, you could setup a website, targeting individuals in your local area and perhaps, beyond.

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