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by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2016

(Feb. 23, 2016) — Next month it will be an entire year since the SAPPA Group and Nicholas E. Purpura filed the lawsuit, Purpura V. Christie, in the Federal District Court in Trenton, New Jersey.  This petition, if you are not familiar with it, was filed charging officials in the state of conspiring to violate the civil rights of Mr. Purpura.  These violations were meticulously detailed and proven in the filing.  It also provided comprehensive evidence that the activities of those officials stood them in violation of the Federal RICO Act.

The petition, which produced its first spikes in the collective EKGs of the long established political elites, was at first not taken seriously by either the court or the over 35 Defendants, which included our esteemed Governor Christie.  Through a series of sneaky underhanded dirty tricks, there is evidence that people in the court clerk’s office and the attorneys for the defense, conspired to have the case closed.  In so doing, no one would need to respond to or defend the allegations of the petition.

As we have detailed in earlier reports, Mr. Purpura was on guard for these tactics and beat them at their own game at every turn.  For more information on this please read the update log. You will feel so proud as you see how your public servants, being paid with taxpayer dollars, have worked so very diligently to prevent the citizens of New Jersey their right to an honest and legal adjudication.  How good would it be if they worked that diligently doing what they are being paid to do?

Without getting into too much legal jargon, (all of which can be found on the SAPPA District Court Document page) [http://www.tpath.org/sappa-district-court-documents.html] the rules of the Federal Court, which by the way are also Federal Law, require each of the defendants in a lawsuit to provide a detailed defense for each of the allegations and here’s the big part, they must do it in the time frame set forth by a Court Order issued by the assigned Judge.

As the law groups defending those charged, utilizing attorneys being paid by the state of New Jersey, believing that the case would never reach the court because of their intended dirty tricks, failed to prepare the required defense and thereby failed to file in the time required by the Court Order.  That failure, under the rules, requires the Judge to declare them in default.  As of this date he has failed to do that.

Typical of the “above the law” mentality of these power elites, they ignored the fact that they had missed the filing date set forth by the Court Order and filed a motion to dismiss.  And typical of the ideological bent of the court, those papers were accepted. The act of accepting them itself was a violation of the Federal Rules of the Court.

It should be noted here that the Petition, which in the beginning had been taken lightly by the defense counsels, once they understood they needed to reply to it, were no doubt registering even greater spikes in their collective heart rates.  After actually reading the Brief, they understood that they were not dealing with a typical Pro Se petitioner and as a result the first wave of attorneys were removed and some big dogs were brought in.  How nice would it have been to be a fly on the wall when that transfer was discussed?

Then at every turn and each motion filed by the defense, Mr. Purpura was ready with a response and very adroitly destroyed the inane and feeble defense put forth.  It was apparent, that even this new cadre of supposed super stars failed to do the reference work required on some of the case precedents they quoted.  So lazy were they that many of those reverences actually supported Nick’s petition.  Speaking of spiking heart rates, wonder what they looked like when Purpura’s reply to their motion, not so delicately, pointed those things out and took the time to thank them for their research assistance.

While all this was going on, the Court itself was busy trying to figure out how to assist the defense in keeping this case from being adjudicated by the court.  Many times Mr. Purpura, understanding the shenanigans which are routinely employed against those confronting anyone who dares challenge the system, demanded in filings and motions to have the Judge order an oral argument. This was required so that any ruling that Judge Shipp made, would become part of the record.  And in the upcoming appeal, the Judge would be compelled to explain and defend that ruling.  Of course there is no defense, no legal one anyway, so as a result all of Mr. Purpura’s requests for oral arguments were simply ignored.  Makes one so very proud to see our legal system in full function. No?  Okay, maybe not so proud.

The court, after accepting filings from the defense which were late and incomplete and ignoring legal requests for oral arguments, scheduled a date for the ruling in early September.  That date came and went and another date was scheduled in October which also came and went, as did yet another.   Are they afraid of something?   Well, yes they are.  They know that the defendants are guilty of civil rights violations under the RICO Statute and the Judge knows he has no leg to stand on if he rules against  Purpura v. Christie.  So what to do?

Delay! Delay! And more Delay!

When the ruling date scheduled for October passed without a whisper Mr. Purpura decided to take several actions:

He filed a request for an inquiry into the District Court of Trenton with the Chief Judge.  That request detailed the delays as well as the dirty tricks which were attempted.  That filing has not been responded to or even acknowledged by the office of the Chief Judge.

He filed a Writ of Mandamus with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals demanding that that upper court investigate the activities and the delays of the District Court.  Notice was issued by the appeals court that the Writ had been received and docketed but no course of action has been detailed or implied.

Third, since the court appears to fear making a decision which would be destroyed in appeals process, Mr. Purpura sent a letter to Governor Christie on January 22, 2016 offering to meet and work out a compromise.  As of this date Christie’s office has not replied, but Nick has had meetings concerning this issue with persons in the political system.   See that letter here. Offer to Meet Christie.

According to Mr. Purpura, on a typical ruling date, if no oral arguments are being permitted, the Judge will spend time in his chambers, review the documents and within a few days issue his ruling.  Having said that, Nick is certain that the Judge has long ago decided and known what that ruling would be.

It’s difficult to comprehend why these Federal Courts always delay rulings over unreasonable time periods.  It may have something to do, at least in this case, with the fact that the intended ruling will have no legal leg to stand on and the longer they can go without going on record the better chance there will be for the case never getting to the Appeals Court.

When the latest ruling date of February 16, 2016 passed without a notification Mr. Purpura waited two days and on Thursday February 18, 2016, he called the court to find out what the ruling was.  He was told, once again, that there had been no ruling and that Nick would not be allowed to speak to the Judge’s clerk without writing a letter requesting it.

On Friday, February 19, 2016, I called the Court representing the TPATH news website and inquired about the scheduled ruling.  I was told there had been no ruling and she (the woman who answered the phone) had no idea when it would be made.  The next question about how long it generally takes for the Judge to rule after making a decision, was answered with the sound of a click followed by a dial tone.  Our tax dollars at work.

If anyone would like to see if they can get information on this case, please feel free to try. When you call ask for the status of the Purpura V. Christie civil rights violation case and give the clerk who answers the case Docket Number.  15-cv-3534

Here is the District Court’s number:  609-989-2065
Please let TPATH know how long it takes for you to get a dial tone.

Finally, as we have chronicled over this past year, the various professional defense teams have made one blunder after another, failed to get motions in on time, appeared to have colluded with someone in the Court Clerk’s office, submitted papers which did not comply with the requirements of a Civil Rights RICO action, provided misleading and outright fabrications concerning the scope of Purpura V. Christie.   All of this without the slightest effort from the court to rule them in default.

On the other hand, our petitioner, Mr. Purpura, a non-attorney, filing as a Pro Se, made not one submission or procedural error.  Anyone care to guess how quickly Case Number 15-cv-3534 would have been relegated to the nearest dumpster if just one little mistake was detected?  Probably quicker than Bill Clinton could scan a room full of cheerleaders.

Throughout this report, some may have noticed that not one time did we describe the scope or intent of Purpura V. Christie.  That was intentional, simply because, according to the law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment, every citizen has the right to contest governmental illegal activity and overreach, regardless of what areas those ugly deeds involved.

Anyone not familiar with the actual scope of this legal action might read this report and come to the conclusion, and rightly so, that our legal system is corrupt.  Even one who might be predisposed to leftist politics would agree with that analysis.  Until, that is, he discovered this lawsuit was about the Second Amendment.  Then there would be no further interest in the misadventures of this fraudulent legal system.  Move along people; nothing to see here.



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