Report: NWCX Gang Member Stabbed After Property Theft


by Sharon Rondeau

Although Northwest Correctional Complex (NWCX) emphasizes education, it is the home of many gang members responsible for assaults, thefts, injuries and resultant “lockdowns”

(Feb. 23, 2016) — A letter received on Monday from an inmate at the Northwest Correctional Complex (NWCX) in Tiptonville, TN reports that the stabbing of an inmate on February 9 triggered a three-day “lockdown” of Site 1, which houses the most dangerous inmates at the facility.

Despite the level of danger posed by gang members at Site 1, NWCX is “designated as a medium-security facility.”

It was reported by a retired warden last year that the “maximum-security” label is avoided by the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) in order for the state to allocate fewer correction officers and thereby “save money.”

The Morgan County Correctional Complex (MCCX) in Wartburg is “designed as medium security, with 120 beds designated for maximum security.”

In July 2014, an inmate was reportedly murdered by another inmate at NWCX.

The Turney Center Industrial Complex (TCIX) is designated as “close,” or one level below “maximum,” security.

Over the last eight months, various NWCX inmates have told The Post & Email that the prison is actually run by gang members and not the staff and warden, Mike Parris.

In Monday’s letter, the inmate wrote, “We just come off lockdown we went on on 2-9-2016 and just come 2-12-2016.  A Gang member of the Vicelord’s got stabbed in the stomach, shoulder and neck.  he and his other gangmembers went over into another part (unit) and robbed a man in his cell for his T.V. and commissary and the man decided to come over here and get revenge and he did.  but ain’t nobody saying nothing about this matter.” [sic]

In addition to NWCX, the West Tennessee State Penitentiary (WTSP), colloquially known as “West High,” has experienced inmate violence which has been reported in the mainstream media.

The latest incident at NWCX does not appear to have been reported by Tennessee media outlets, although a violent gang uprising at NWCX’s Site 1 in July was widely-reported.

TDOC Commissioner Derrick Schofield and Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam have been roundly criticized by some legislators for the reported dangerous conditions faced by both inmates and correction officers within the state’s prisons.

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  1. Leigh King Fossett   Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 7:46 AM

    How sad!

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