by Bob Russell, ©2016, blogging at Conservative Daily News

(Feb. 20, 2016) — The video by Project Veritas found at this link shows the massive vote fraud that occurred in the recent New Hampshire primary and reveals how useless voting really is due to the ease with which corrupt people can manipulate the numbers to achieve results favorable to their tyrannical agenda. Voter identification laws are decried as “racist” by those who seek to undermine the very fabric of the “representative republic” that this nation was formed as but ceased to be a very long time ago. People must show a picture ID to cash a check but showing one to vote is “racist”? That is beyond absurd, especially when state-issued picture ID cards are issued without cost. Why is requiring identification to cash a check not just as “racist”? Isn’t that “cash checking suppression”? Some people are so stupid that they are a waste of fresh air. They seem to think that the people who promise to steal from others to give to them won’t eventually turn on them, but Nazi Germany is one of many examples of the fallacy of that kind of “thinking,” and I put quotation marks around that one word to denote sarcasm, as those people aren’t capable of intelligent thought.  The usual guttersnipes will have already quit reading by now and are already picking out the words to pick over like vultures and won’t bother to post any intelligent or helpful comments.  For those with intelligence and integrity, I will continue.

Hitler said all the right things, how did that work out for Germany, and most of Europe? Dictator obama said what people wanted to hear, how has that worked out? Now Donald Trump comes along saying what people want to hear and they mindlessly clamor to him without bothering to look at how he got to be a billionaire, filing corporate bankruptcy numerous times while protecting the money he had skimmed off for himself. People also don’t know, or don’t care, that Trump would get the private property of middle or low income people condemned so he could snatch it up for nothing and make hundreds of millions building a casino or high-rise office building. Yes, Trump is a business man, but the kind that uses his money to trample people to get more. It is true that he is generous at times but he is acting like a typical politician, using money from questionable business practices to be “generous” with. Trump likes to impress the easily impressed with his wealth and his circus clown media attention but I don’t see much to be impressed by. I see Trump as a white barak obama, one who will rule by edict to suit his own personal agenda of self-aggrandizement above what is best for us commoners and the nation as a whole. It is sad that a country founded on the wisdom, courage, and blood of so many has become just another banana dictatorship rapidly on its way to third-world status.

For years I have heard the GOP whine that they couldn’t stop obama because they didn’t have control of Congress but We the People changed that in 2012 and 2014 by giving them control of both houses of Congress. But the GOP has not only not done anything with that power, they have repeatedly stabbed us in the back by giving dictator obama even more power than he has demanded, and he has demanded far beyond what the Constitution allows. Now the corrupt GOP wants us to give them the White House also. The last time they had total control they showed themselves to be just as corrupt as the demokrats, enlarging the federal bureaucracy and giving us the mis-named “Patriot Act”, the most unconstitutional legislation passed during my 66 years of life. They also created the TSA, a bunch of autonomous thugs who terrorize air travelers and steal their belongings while not preventing a single crime from occurring on an airliner. This once-great nation is controlled by the globalist international banksters through what I call The New World Order Socialist Party, with its donkey and elephant wings.

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