by Dr. Tom E. Davis, Col., USA (Ret.), ©2016

From Congress.gov

(Feb. 17, 2016) — Reason #1– They don’t spend enough time on the job; check their calendar!

The 114th Congress utilizes the 168 hours in a week as follows:


             HOUSE                                                                                  SENATE

January, 2016:  Work Days: 13/31                           Work Days: 15/31

February, 2016: Work Days: 12/28                         Work Days: 10/28

March, 2016: Work Days: 12/31                               Work Days: 11/31                               

April, 2016: Work Days: 11/30                                  Work Days: 12/30

May, 2016: Work Days: 9/30                                     Work Days: 15/30

June, 2016: Work Days: 16/30                                  Work Days: 19/30

July, 2016: Work Days: 16/31                                    Work Days:   8/31

August, 2016: Work Days: 0/31                                 Work Days:   0/31

Sept, 2016: Work Days: 10/30                                    Work Days:   19/30

October, 2016: Work Days: 13/31                              Work Days:    4/31

November. 2016: Work Days: 9/30                          Work Days:   8/30

December, 2016: Work Days: 11/31                          Work Days:   12/31

Total Work Days: 122                                                     Total Work Days: 133

Little more need be said. This Republic has allowed the servants to set their own work schedule, their salary, benefits and retirement. And, they have refused up to this point to call an Article V Convention of States to make some badly-needed changes. Their arrogance, narcissism, lack of character and humility makes a mockery of their loyalty to this Nation. Their lack of meaningful accomplishments and inability to bring an obnoxious Chief Executive to heel is despicable. Both chambers lack any semblance of leadership. Their singular goal is to keep feeding at the public hog trough.  The ‘work’ schedule of the Supreme Court is likewise abbreviated. The justices decide which cases they will hear, about 80 each year. They decide another 50 without hearing arguments. The cases they choose usually address constitutional issues or federal law. The Supreme Court gets about 7000 requests to hear cases per year, so there are many cases that don’t get heard.”

In summary, our servants are highly over-compensated, lazy, haughty, corrupt and in general lacking in CHARACTER. Our faux president is clearly an enemy of the United States, a muslim a provable traitor who MUST be indicted or impeached, followed by a Civil court trial or a Military Court-Martial for violation of either or both, Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution or Article 104 of the Uniform Code of Military justice (UCMJ).


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