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(Feb. 14, 2016) — J.B. Williams returns as guest. J.B. will discuss and provide expert analysis on Canadian-Born Ted Cruz’s attempt to become President of the United States. Ted Cruz was Born in Canada and is clearly not eligible to hold the office of Commander-in-Chief. Examining the current field of contenders (Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz), it has become alarmingly evident each candidate is taking advantage of our free-for-all Government which is allowing anyone access to the White House.

J.B. Williams is leading the Articles of Impeachment from the North American Law Center which has recently gained more traction in Congress.

Gary Wilmott from giveuslibertyy1776 is returning as host.

Open Telephone Lines: 347-989-8853 (press1 to get on the air)

Air time: Tuesday 02-16-16  8:00-10:00pm eastern

Listen Live Online: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wheresobamasbirthcertificatexcom/2016/02/17/the-ted-cruz-investigation-with-jb-williams-nalc

Mike Volin
WOBC Radio 570-284-7477

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