by Dwight Kehoe, Editor-in-Chief, TPATH, ©2016

(Feb. 10, 2016) — Yesterday’s primary will clean out much of the slag.  Ben Carson, a really good man, should consider dropping out and aligning with Trump.  Chris Christie can drop his phony conservative façade and head back to his “sanctuary state” of New Jersey.

Despite the fact that state political parties are forbidden from giving support to one party candidate over another, the New Hampshire GOP establishment prompted their active members to not vote for Trump or Cruz.  (But who cares about rules when the survival of cronyism is at stake?)  As a result JEB! and Kasich got more votes than they really deserved.

This has put a new spark into the RINO establishment and now they see a way to stop Trump.  Here is their plan.

Give both JEB! and Kasich equal support in next week’s South Carolina Primary.

Whichever of those two who comes out above the other will become the new “Darling.”

Then prior to the next group of Primaries:

  • Rubio will be asked to get out, with a few promises attached. And he will.
  • Christie will already be home in New Jersey helping citizens get carry permits.
  • Ben and Carly will already be history.
  • Either JEB! or Kasich, depending on which one finished below the other in South Carolina, will be asked to exit, with many promises attached. And he will.
  • That will leave Trump and Cruz splitting the patriots’ votes and one RINO which they hope will be JEB! receiving all the establishment votes.
  • This will finally rid them of Trump and even Cruz.

This scenario, if played out like that, will probably work.  Once again the establishment will win and the American people will lose.

This can be stopped, but it will take an agreement between Cruz and Trump, which would require putting the country ahead of personal aggrandizement.  Since Cruz would not be the top choice in this agreement, given that his natural born status could create Election Day problems, Cruz should be offered any position in the Trump Administration he wants, except VP.  Secretary of State, Chief of Staff or even a seat on the Supreme Court.

If Cruz supporters and Trump’s joined forces, the RINOs would be cooked. (What a joyous BBQ that would be) This joining of forces most likely will never take place, and once again, the inner circles of the National Republican establishment will select yet another weak and low-energy loser.

But……. It just might be that this can be worked out.  The future of our country is in the balance.  A Trump and Cruz team cannot be beaten.


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