by Dr. Tom E. Davis, Col., USA (Ret.), ©2016

FBI Director James B. Comey was sworn in by then-US Attorney General Eric Holder on September 4, 2013

(Feb. 9, 2016) — Not a single Loyal Patriotic American has any doubt that Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, is a complete and total FRAUD!

His known background, coupled with his own statements, is indicative and should be accepted as absolute proof that he is NOT an American! His Loyalties lie without the borders of this republic. His religion is well-documented as other than Christian. His numerous remarks found at this link:  are plain, direct, clear and understandable to every American. His heart and such mind as he possesses, coupled with his total absence of loyalty, appreciation and love for this magnificent Republic, are the indices of his hate and malicious intent directed toward all that America stands for. One of his more malevolent statements was essentially, “If the political winds shift in an unfavorable direction, I will stand with the Muslims.” And, the clincher, this statement made by Obama at the United Nations in 2012: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

If Islam were a peaceful religion, Americans might be able to place at least a modicum of trust in him, but Islam is NOT in any sense of the word peaceful or trustworthy, nor does it worship a peaceful deity. To Muslims (and I hate even capitalizing the name), Allah was the moon god of the city or village of Mecca, Muhammad’s birthplace. Muhammad, following his purported visit from the Angel Gabriel whose name Muhammad learned or knew via the ‘Oral Tradition” in vogue at the time in the Middle East, claimed that the moon god had suddenly become Allah, the supreme creator of the Universe and all it contained and that he, Muhammad, was Allah’s last and final prophet.  Books were nonexistent, at least at the local village level.

All knowledge was passed along ‘orally,’ and some individuals were noted for their phenomenal memories, able to recite family genealogies back several generations. That practice had one logical drawback:  a charlatan could insert totally false information into the conversation. Muhammad took oral knowledge and created a totally new and murderous cult under the guise of “religion.” Islam is not substantially different from two murderous and lawbreaking cults of recent times: the “Peoples Temple,” established by James Jones and its tragic demise in 1978; and the “Branch Davidians,” eliminated in a murderous and likely illegal fire fight with the Government at Waco, Texas in 1993.


Muslims are notorious prevaricators; lying to save Islam from “misinterpretation” is known as Taqiyya. The practice is well-known and is condoned, even encouraged by the Imams, caliphs, ayatollahs and other Islamic ‘religious’ leaders. Obama makes liberal use of this deceptive practice. This article is not intended to be a dissertation on Islam. If the reader has an interest, here is a link to a clear exposition.

Barry Soetoro has made extensive use of his pen, issuing 219 Executive Orders in 2015. He is, without doubt, attempting to govern by fiat or as a monarch exercises despotic rule over the members of the Third Estate.

In order to deal with an obnoxious Chief Executive, e.g., Barry Soetoro-Obama, the obviously unqualified and therefore “False” president of this republic, the Founders, after lengthy deliberation, decided upon the use of Impeachment rather than the remedy proposed by the venerable Dr. Benjamin Franklin, who opted for “Assassination” as the punishment of choice.

“Benjamin Franklin felt that political assassination was justified in some cases.

“Franklin had the assassination of Julius Caesar and the trial and execution of Charles I centrally in mind when discussing the removal of obnoxious chief magistrates. Both Caesar and Charles were tyrants who had subverted their countries’ constitutions in ways that undermined republican liberty, and both had prosecuted bloody civil wars in the process.”

Had the United States House of Representatives impeached Soetoro-Obama early in his maladministration as they should have done as soon as they gained full control of Congress in November 2014, this most serious governmental crisis might have been prevented. The Speaker, John Boehner, was dilatory. derelict and obviously dictatorial by not urging or likely not permitting Articles of Impeachment to be presented. Rather, he opted for a lawsuit to bring a halt to Soetoro-Obama’s Executive overreach, using unilateral actions to make law by Executive Order rather than as provided for by the Constitution.

The Speaker

Who among you in the federal government, particularly within the Department of Justice, is going to give Soetoro-Obama a free pass? The answer, I pray to our God, is No One. He has blatantly, knowingly and with no excuses, twice committed the dastardly crime of TREASON. One was his dereliction of constitutional responsibility, as required by his sworn or affirmed Oath of Office, by failing to seek assistance or to send aviation assets from Aviano, Italy to Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Deputy Chief of Mission Gregory Hicks stated in his testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, in response to a question from the minority leader, Elijah Cummings: “Sir, again, the Defense Attache said to me fighter aircraft in Aviano might be able to — would not be able to be over Benghazi before two to three hours.  That’s what I’m going on – what the Defense Attache told me.”

Adm. James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) was commander of the Pacific Fleet during the 1980s

Retired Four-Star Admiral and former head of the Pacific Command, James A. “Ace” Lyons, and an expert if ever there was one, has stated numerous times that there was a gross failure of Leadership, that there was sufficient time to get Naval Aircraft to Benghazi within 2 to 3 hours.

Soetoro-Obama paid little, if any, attention to that disaster, being more concerned with his reelection. His BS story about a film causing all the problems and the resultant murders of four Americans constituted a gross example of dereliction of duty, as did that of Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Leon Panetta, General Dempsey and Susan Rice.

Since the Congress failed to carry out its constitutional responsibility to impeach Soetoro-Obama, that responsibility devolves to the Executive Branch and to the Department of Justice and thence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Director Comey, the ball is in your capable hands.

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)
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