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(Feb. 4, 2016) — Republican House Representative from Michigan’s 7th District Tim Walberg was once a leading “birther” not so long ago, when he was seeking a seat in the U.S. House in the 2010 election. This is a VIDEO of Representative Walberg at a local town hall meeting during his bid for the U.S. House in 2010, in which Mr. Walberg acknowledges the known “birther” (Constitutional eligibility) questions surrounding Barack Hussein Obama, and mentions the word “impeachment” for the first time…

On January 26, 2016, the 7th District of the Michigan Republican Party passed a Resolution calling upon their U.S. House Representative Tim Walberg, to initiate TNALC Articles of Impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama, deemed by Mr. Walberg and many House and Senate Republicans to be the most impeachable administration in U.S. history. (HERE IS THE SIGNED RESOLUTION)

The 7th District GOP covers seven Michigan counties and is represented by twenty-five District GOP Committee members, twenty-four of whom were present for the vote last week. The 7th District Resolution for Impeachment passed by a 14-10 vote.

In a pre-meeting ahead of the official gathering, the committee was unanimous on the following issues…

  • Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of impeachable offenses
  • Barack Hussein Obama has been very destructive to the USA and continues to be
  • Impeachment is the proper constitutional solution to Obama treason, tyranny and treachery
  • Obama should be impeached

However, as indicated by the 14-10 vote on the Resolution to Impeach, members of the 7th District were not quite so united, given the opportunity to take an official stand on the record. In part, this may be due to the fact that Representative Walberg and two aides decided to show up and speak against the impeachment resolution, after the pre-meeting and before the actual vote was taken.

Even though Representative Walberg has been a very outspoken critic of Barack Obama’s since 2010, speaking about how “we are slaves of government” in this May 2014 VIDEO, and then just last November, Representative Walberg had this to say about the threat of Obama aiding and abetting known terrorists across the Middle East and importing them to the USA under the guise of “refugee resettlement” …

“Michigan has a long and rich tradition as a welcoming state, and we can provide humanitarian assistance while at the same time prioritizing the safety of our citizens. Given the recent terrorist attacks abroad and the very real threats we face, it is common sense to pause Syrian refugee admissions until a thorough review of our security processes is conducted. We need absolute certainty that rigorous vetting procedures are in place and enhanced safety measures are taken to protect the people of Michigan and all Americans. Ultimately, we need a plan to address the root cause of the refugee crisis—the President’s failed foreign policy in the region—and develop a strategy to destroy, not merely try to contain, ISIS,” said Walberg.

Last October, Walberg had this to say about Obama’s weakening of our own military…

“It’s reckless and wrong for President Obama to veto the critical funding our military needs at a time of escalating threats at home and abroad. In just the fifth veto of this entire presidency, the President has undercut our sacred constitutional responsibility to provide for a strong national defense. It’s a sad day when a bipartisan bill to ensure our troops are equipped to carry out their missions and keep America safe is vetoed purely for political gamesmanship to force an increase of deficit spending,” said Walberg.

But Walberg stopped short of saying it the way DNC Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard said it on Real Time HBO. Gabbard essentially accuses the Obama Administration of aiding and abetting known enemies of the United States, including working hand-in-hand with ISIS in the Middle East, and giving rise to the Muslim caliphate. (VIDEO HERE)

However, after the 7th District vote in support of Impeachment last week, Representative Walberg was singing a very different tune, while chatting it up with constituents who had just given him GOP marching orders on Impeachment from his entire District….

7th District GOP Committee member Jimmie Minnick, Jr. talked about his motivations in an interview with TNALC Radio here and here. Just like Carroll County in Tennessee and Gratiot County in Michigan a few days before, GOP Committees at the County and District level have been working to pass a resolution supporting impeachment for months now. Why?

Because House Republicans like Louie Gohmert of Texas and Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee have been stating that they know they can and should impeach, but “the people do not support impeachment.”

Yet even after the 7th District passed their Resolution, Representative Walberg told constituents that “he knows of no reason to impeach Obama…” – his memory lapse of all of his previous statements to the contrary notwithstanding…

Hillsdale County GOP Chairman Glenn Frobel was at the 7th District meeting and asked Representative Walberg if he would act on the resolution just passed by his district. In Mr. Frobel’s words…

Representative Walberg stated – “Obama has not done anything impeachable.” Mr. Frobel then asked Walberg, “what about changing the Affordable Care Act with his pen?” to which Walberg said “The Supreme Court said he (Obama) could do that.” The conversation concluded with Representative Walberg telling Mr. Frobel, “get me a list of impeachable things Obama has done…”

One of Representative Walberg’s most interesting excuses was his statement to meeting attendees that he had sought counsel with Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, who has made Hillsdale College a Tea Party favorite through their Constitutional Course.

According to Representative Walberg’s statements at the meeting, Arnn advised Walberg against impeachment, the “constitutional solution” for the most impeachable administration in U.S. history, which left Walberg constituents wondering, why did they elect Walberg if it is the unelected Larry Arnn who is going to make Walberg’s decisions, at odds with his District, I might add? Everyone’s a constitutionalist until the time comes to take a stand for the constitution… then many self-proclaimed constitutionalists scatter for cover.

This is why GOP registration and participation is going the way of the Whig party.

Republican politicians like Walberg want to be relevant to their voters, donors and committee members, especially at election campaign time, while at the same time sending a clear signal that none of them are relevant to Walberg.

In 2010, the people entrusted the national purse strings to Republicans in the House for the sole purpose of defunding Obama’s entire agenda against America. Since then, Republicans have defunded nothing of Obama’s agenda, not even Planned Parenthood, even after films of butchered baby parts for sale hit the internet. Five years later, the nation has doubled its national debt. It took America more than seventy years to arrive at $10 trillion in debt, and it took Obama and House Republicans only six years to double that number, with another estimated $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities…

But bankrupting the nation is not an “impeachable offense?” Numerous House Republicans said, if we can get control of the Senate, then we will impeach… which happened over a year ago now. Then they said, if Obama does the Iran deal, or doesn’t stop the inflow of Middle Easterners that we cannot even vet, or doesn’t comply with court orders to stop illegal immigration on our southern border, then we will impeach…. But still, nothing…

So, what are the people to do?

Tea Party and Constitution groups across America started forming State Constitution Accountability Coalitions seven months ago, in at least 29 states, for the sole purpose of pushing Republicans to impeach Obama…

The North American Law Center has proposed three Articles of Impeachment encompassing forty-eight criminal charges. GOP District Committees across the country are working to pass resolutions like the 7th District Resolution in Michigan, just to demonstrate to their elected Representatives in the House that “We the People” expect them to keep their oaths to defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, including a rogue administration which has become more of a threat to the well-being of our Constitutional Republic than any outside threat.

Clearly, unless forced to do the right thing by “the people” and GOP Committee members at the county and district levels, no one in the House intends to do the right thing.

Even the US Taxpayer Party of Michigan just passed a Resolution supporting Impeachment. As long as Obama is in power, he remains a threat and it is not too late to impeach. If even treason is no longer worthy of impeachment, then nothing is…

But what kind of country will exist in the wake of Obama’s two anti-American unconstitutional terms is beyond my imagination. I can only hope and pray that there are enough real patriots left in America to join the good people of Michigan, who are leading the charge for Constitutional Accountability. If not, the future for this country is indeed frightening…

Mr. Walberg, as a Christian man, a fellow Republican, a Representative of the 7th Congressional District of Michigan and all Republicans across this country… I call upon you to grow the courage to stand with the good people of your district, for the Constitution and against the evil that currently holds our White House, while you still can… If you need a list of impeachable offenses, here they are… READ THEM!


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