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by TJ McCann, III, ©2016, blogging at Liberty Born

(Feb. 1, 2016) — Please, please share this information with everyone you can!  WE MUST GET THE WORD OUT.  JUST AS THE COLONIALS DID WITH THE FIRST SHOT IN CONCORD IN 1775!

The videos below from The Connors Report radio show, January 31, 2016, discussing the fact that Lavoy Finicum was shot twice before the kill-shot by the “sniper” from behind, and he was not at all reaching for a firearm, as the FBI is falsely claiming.

The first shot actually came from the agent crouched at the tail end of the black pickup truck, who fired at Finicum with his hands up as soon as Finicum came into his view as Finicum walked away from his white truck up the embankment.  Upon being shot, Finicum’s hands dropped to his left abdomen, but then immediately went up again. Finicum was clearly not reaching for a firearm.

After shooting Finicum, the agent that shot Finicum then immediately retreated into the group of officers behind on the far side of the pickup, and the second shot came from the officer immediately in front of Finicum — both shots being fired without any threat whatsoever being posed by Finicum, who was exhibiting total surrender, and had exposed himself completely.

There was no threat by Finicum, and the ONLY TIME he briefly dropped his hands was to the wound in his left side upon realizing he had been shot!

The claim by the FBI that Finicum was shot because he dropped his hands and was reaching for a weapon, is false, and reverses chronology.  Finicum’s hands dropped immediately after being shot, reaching only to the wound in his abdomen, then immediately raising his hands again, and he never reached for any weapon at all.

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