O Canada (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2016

(Jan. 27, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see, we’re at the Smithsonian here in Washington, DC to interview tourists from other countries. See my sign? It reads ‘Want to interview foreigners.’”

“Hey, how you doing? I’d like to be interviewed.”

“Hey, how you doing? You from the Bronx?”

“Yeh, how’d you know?”

“I’d say you qualify, especially since I’m getting a thumbs-up from my crew. Okay, what about Ted (Rafael) Cruz’s eligibility to be president?”

“We on now, live? Can I say ‘Hello’ to my wife? She watches your show: likes your attitude. I’m down here with the kids; lost my job to an illegal in construction; haven’t worked since Obama, the bum.

“Okay, I’m a Ranger fan and watch hockey more than any of the balls combined: baseball, football, you know, so I know the national anthem of Canada from watching hockey so much, right? So I’ll answer your question by singing it.

“O Canada

“That was very nice: interjecting a little bit of class in ‘The Pulse of the Nation.’ Good way to answer the question. Thanks. See ya.”

“See ya. Next. Where you from? Sweden? Welcome to America.”

“Thank you. You know we watch your show in Sweden? We get you on satellite but we speak English so it works out fine. How can we help you? But I must say your American politics really has all of Europe confused.”

“How’s that?”

“Why isn’t everyone backing Trump? Why you people waste your time with any of the others, including those in your Democratic Party? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“You mind expounding on that a little bit?”

“Your illegal immigrant and Muslim problem. Oh, I know, you don’t think you even have a Muslim problem, as if 9-11 and the Boston Marathon bombing aren’t enough to wake you people up.

“The thing is, your politicians and government employees are just as corrupt and stupid as ours. The European Union and the Euro are all manifestations of making it easier for Sharia Law becoming a reality. Just look at the borders of the European countries of yesterday compared with today. Countries used to be able to protect themselves; now it’s all a joke and a border is just in name only. Why, just look at your southern border if you don’t believe me.

“Your country used to be the ‘Beacon of Liberty’, but you’re going down the road of no return, just as England and the rest of us. It’s all very sad. Your free speech won’t save you; your Constitution won’t save you and I doubt if you’ll even be able to save yourselves, even with your ‘Hip-hip-hooray!’ Second Amendment rifles waving in the air.

“You been to the JFK lately? Seen all the Muslims, the men with beards and the women in hijabs and burqas? Your country is losing it and you don’t even know it, or even if you do know it, your government is doing everything possible so you don’t know it and don’t do anything about it. But don’t feel bad: everybody is being taken to the cleaners.

“Look, we came here to see the exhibits, not to talk about America being destroyed. You got somebody that is willing to stand up to the bullies and all you do is find ways to knock Trump.

“I remember four years ago there were a pair of Americans who were running for president and VP on the Republican ticket who said they’d deport all illegal immigrants and Muslims and take $1 a year and no perks; no vacations; no specialty treatment: all they wanted to do was to save their country. They didn’t make it, but they paved the way for Trump to do exactly the same thing.

“Your country didn’t learn then; perhaps they’ll learn now. Hope so. Nice talking to you. Enjoy your show.”

“Hey, thank you for your comments. Well, time’s up. Thank you for watching another episode of ‘The Pulse of the Nation.’ Hope to see you same time, same station tomorrow night. And a special welcome to our Swedish viewers: welcome aboard.

“Just heard that Trump will be boycotting the Fox debate, so we’ll be watching whatever station he’ll be on and we hope you do likewise. Remember whatever station you’re watching is automatically counted as a viewed station, which is how they charge different rates for advertising dollars.

“This is your Roving Reporter on behalf of my crew saying goodnight: Goodnight.”

“Now that was a great show. How bout that guy from the Bronx singing ‘O Canada’? Gosh, I love my job. Let’s grab ourselves a burger; bet they have some good ones in this town. My treat.”

Semper Fi


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