by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

(Jan. 25, 2016) — All of America, Republican, Democrat, in-between, confused and cynical, have found themselves struck upside the head as billionaire mogul – ‘say it like it is’ patriot Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring and changed everything.

Don’t you just love the journey so far as ‘establishment’ creatures of various kinds go from ignoring Trump and not taking him seriously to slightly panicking, then demonstrating intensive care-level panicking? They have found themselves stuck on stupid horror as they can see their controls and career power structures collapsing before their eyes. Trump has known from the beginning that the political power structure in place on both sides of the aisle has never been about serving America, our Constitution and freedom. They must go and Trump is the guy to make it happen.

The desperate establishment folks are most entertaining as they attempt to find anything to put legs on a Trump defeat, but can’t. Instead we hear the desperate ones crying in shrill tones about his reference to 2 Corinthians vs. 2nd Corinthians. I’m still laughing at this. Glenn Beck and many others raced in saying…”it is obvious he has never read the Bible. Why doesn’t he just admit it.” Making Trump out to be a fake Christian just pushes him higher in the polls as he continues to stay on track. What does this kind of ridiculous criticism say about those throwing Christian hypocrisy bombs?

Even with their sound-bite theater, the media and political establishment represent a whorish brew of sellouts to those who bring them power and money. They have no interest in our real traditions, values and Christian underpinnings because the God of the Holy Bible is simply in the way and so are us pesky Christians. Their call sign and ongoing legacy is ‘keep the power, protect their careers, steal money from the masses and flip off God because He is in the position that they demand to be in.’

It hasn’t at all gone like it was supposed to go. Trump was supposed to drop out again, like his last few attempts. All the other contenders more in line with political career profiles and GOP establishment weren’t and aren’t getting close to Trump. Most have been talking GOP, kind-of conservative sound bites, staying away from certain ‘issues.’

Trump instead and from the start dove into the most forbidden issues and roared. This has stunned and given Americans much hope all over the landscape…African American, Hispanic, females, GOP, DEMOCRATS, Independents, young and old. Trump, though far from perfect and far from saying everything perfectly, has a patriot’s heart, entrepreneur’s spirit, and fabulous ideas for the country, its healing and growth. He is proud to be a Christian and last I checked Christians aren’t perfect, just saved and know the truth. Some of us actually speak it.

Let the response to Trump go on record

No matter where this election cycle goes, Americans have been in a real rage for many years now and are more than sick of being lied to, betrayed and not represented. Americans are simply done watching their jobs evaporate and country disappear before their eyes.

Obama and his leftist minions have talked “hope and change” forever and brought despair and destruction. Now, on the waves of rage, real patriotism and faith comes the American Tsunami back at the White House and led by Donald Trump.

No more looking the other way with political crimes. No more greed and corruption. No more flipping of the Lord Jesus Christ and targeting Christians. No more joblessness and lack of employment options. No more betrayal of our allies and friends, especially Israel and England. No more letting millions come across our borders illegally and continuing crimes all across our country. No more pretending fundamentalist Islam isn’t dangerous and just wanting to ‘get along.’

You can all do what you feel led to do as the election cycle unfolds. I have felt from the beginning that Donald Trump is the very outside-the-box answer to prayer of millions to get our country back into shape. Vote right and let the healing, real hope and change and vision unfold in our country. Believe, pray, show up and vote.

Stay tuned. I am exploring options for my show.

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