by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 24, 2016) — On Sunday evening at approximately 6:46 p.m. ET on the TNALC Radio Show presented by the North American Law Center (NALC), host JB Williams told a caller and the audience that NALC possesses a sworn affidavit from an individual who reportedly interviewed Ted Cruz in 2012 when he was seeking his U.S. Senate seat and was told by Cruz that a “natural born Citizen” is a person “born in the U.S. to citizen parents.”

Cruz is currently seeking the presidency which Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution states must be filled by only a “natural born Citizen.”  The term is not defined in any of the founding documents, although the U.S. Supreme Court said in the 1875 case of Minor v. Happersett that there was “no doubt” that a “natural born Citizen” is a child born in the country to parents who are U.S. citizens.

Several other Supreme Court cases indicate that the citizenship of the parents is a factor in determining the child’s citizenship.

Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in December 1970 to a father from Cuba and a mother who is reported to have been born in Delaware.  A week before Cruz announced his presidential candidacy last March, two former solicitors general wrote an editorial published in the Harvard Law Review that a person born anywhere in the world to one U.S.-citizen parent qualifies as a “natural born Citizen.”  The essay essentially ruled out of the presidency only those born as citizens of another country to citizen parents of that country who later went through a naturalization process to become a U.S. citizen.

Williams stated that he believes Cruz’s campaign is failing, at least in part because of the eligibility question.

Williams reported that in 2012, Cruz neglected to inform the citizens of Texas that, as he sought the U.S. Senate seat, he held Canadian citizenship, which he said could constitute fraud concerning tens of millions of dollars raised during the campaign.

The Post & Email has attempted to obtain proof of Cruz’s U.S. citizenship but has been denied by government agencies citing “privacy” laws. Last April, we wrote to Cruz’s campaign directly by certified, return-receipt-requested letter asking him to disclose a list of documents proving his status.  We received back the “green card” but nothing more.

Others have claimed that Cruz was naturalized or that both of his parents became Canadian citizens while they worked in that country’s oil industry during the late 1960s and early 1970s.  The family reportedly moved to Houston, TX in 1974 when Ted was approximately four years of age.

In August 2013, The Dallas Morning News reported that Cruz was born a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada.  At the time, Cruz’s spokeswoman, Catherine Frazier, claimed that Cruz had never held Canadian citizenship, but the following year, Cruz filed papers to renounce it.

The Canadian government asks those renouncing citizenship to state whether or not they possess, or will possess in the near future, citizenship in another country so as to assure that they do not become stateless.

In recent weeks, presidential candidate Donald Trump has stated that Cruz may not be eligible for the presidency because of his birth in Canada without respect to the parents’ citizenship status.  In 2011, Trump also questioned Obama’s eligibility, prompting the White House to release what it said was Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate purportedly proving that he was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

On his 2008 campaign website, Obama had claimed that he was born a dual citizen of Kenya and the U.S. and that he qualified for the presidency under the 14th Amendment, passed decades after the Constitution was ratified.

According to Williams, also included in the 2012 interviewer’s sworn affidavit is a statement that Cruz said that he “did not believe that Barack Obama is one,” meaning a “natural born Citizen.”

Doubts about Obama’s eligibility arose in late 2007 after MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews stated that Obama was “born in Indonesia.”  The same had been reported by Will Hoover of The Honolulu Advertiser in 2006, although when it became a focus of Obama’s presidential campaign, Hoover changed his article to read that Obama was “born in Hawaii.”  Since that early broadcast, Matthews has fiercely maintained that Obama was born in Hawaii but failed to explain why he originally said that Obama was born outside of the United States.

A number of other reports stated that Obama was “born in Kenya.”

Matthews and other media personalities have disparaged anyone who has questioned Obama’s birthplace, eligibility, or the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website which was immediately declared a forgery by experts, then by criminal investigators on March 1, 2012.

No one in Congress has acted upon those findings, which include that Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Williams said the individual who provided the sworn affidavit is willing to speak publicly about it; he then asked rhetorically if Cruz might do the same.

In the closing minutes of the show, which ended at 7:00 p.m. ET, Williams said that Cruz is attempting to ascend to the White House in the same way in which Obama did, without qualifying as a “natural born Citizen.”

The media ridiculed and derided anyone expressing doubts about Obama’s eligibility, background or policies, and Congress failed in both 2009 and 2013 to resolve the issue before the Electoral votes for Obama were approved.

Several legal challenges to Cruz’s candidacy have been filed in recent weeks:  a number of ballot challenge petitions in New Hampshire which were overruled; a lawsuit in Texas on January 15 by an attorney; and a ballot challenge in Illinois by a pharmacist and attorney who hopes to have Cruz’s name removed from the Republican primary ballot in the state before voting is held on March 15.

Williams said that he always believed that “the people” would solve the problem of an unqualified person seeking the presidency rather than government elites.  He stated that the evidence supporting his claim of the affidavit would be released “soon.”

Over the past six months, Williams has led an effort to introduce NALC’s Articles of Impeachment naming Obama in the commission of crimes to the House Judiciary Committee for a vote.  State “impeachment” organizations have been formed in 29 states.  Williams and NALC’s lead attorney and author of the Articles have been guests on a number of radio shows over the past two months.

Sunday evening was the third NALC radio show since moving to its new host station on patriotvoice.net.

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  1. The FACT that many in the US Congress have tried to change Article ll, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution for qualifications for US President and VP by going around the Amendment process since the late to middle 90s just about says it all. “We The People” have socialists in the US Congress trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic by backing the North American Union. US Constitutional law must be ENFORCED if “We The People” are to remain a free and Constitutional Republic.

  2. According to this article Ted Cruz campaign received a request for documents proving his citizenship status and they sent a copy of his “green card” and nothing else. Is there something that I am missing? A U.S. Citizen doesn’t need a green card. Also I can’t find on Ted Cruz’s birth certificate where it shows citizenship of his parents. It is my understanding that Ted Cruz parents became citizens of Canada one year prior to Teds birth. Thereby, not being able to convey citizenship to Ted, because they had to renounce U.S. Citizenship in order to become Canadian citizens. Dual citizenship didn’t become law in Canada until 1976, six years after Ted Cruz was born. Are there any documents showing exactly when Ted’s parents became Canadian citizens?

    1. We do not know Cruz’s status, nor that of his parents, for certain since neither the U.S. nor Canadian government will release the documentation, if it exists. Cruz himself has ignored direct requests to release any documents he might have in his possession, so we simply do not know his history. Is this situation reminiscent of anyone?

  3. Ted Cruz apparently also lied about his mother being born in Delaware = an investigator could find no Birth Certificate on her at all anywhere in the US. But he did find a voting record by her in Canada and you need to be a citizen there to vote. His Birth Certificate lists his mother at time of his birth as a Canadian citizen. So Ted Cruz has NO connection at all to America; and lawfully they use the father’s nationality and citizenship, not the mother’s, to define a child’s citizenship. Ted Cruz is an illegal resident in America – same as Obama.
    In Obama’s case there were several witnesses in Kenya to his birth there, including government officials. But to this day Obama is an Indonesian citizen – they also did not allow duel citizenship.

  4. Cruz said he memorized the Constitution when he was 8 years old. Ted Cruz stated in August 2011 “I’ve spent my professional career defending the Constitution” and “as a supreme court litigator” birthright citizenship was not legal. Then when convenient (to attach himself to Trump’s popular position of ‘no birthright citizenship”) he changed his ‘mind’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zBW8vLnRDY
    This guy is a total fraud and a world-class liar.
    It appears that you have evidence of something very similar with his position on “birthright citizenship”. He only believes in the Constitution when it is convenient! This is YUUUUUGE! Thanks so much for coming forward!
    If that doesn’t end his ‘career’, would it be possible for anyone who has donated to the RNC to initiate a class-action suit against them for fraud. Obviously I’m not an attorney, but it seems reasonable. Based on the “reasonable man theory law”, we believed that our votes counted and that the person with the most votes and/or delegates at the convention would win. From what I can tell, the RNC committed fraud by soliciting money and encouraging people to vote. It’s a pain for some of us old folks to stand in line to vote, but we did. The RNC did this for money and power.

  5. Cruz is blatantly illegal.
    Ted Cruz claims he is a natural born citizen based on the 1790 Nationalization Act. which was repealed in the 1795 Nationalization Act.

    United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform rule of Naturalization; and to repeal the act heretofore passed on that subject” (January 29, 1795).

    SEC. 4.  And be it further enacted, That the Act intituled, “An act to establish an uniform rule of naturalization,” passed the twenty-sixth day of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety, be, and the same is hereby repealed.