January 22, 2016

Dear Glenn,

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I’ve been with you since 9-12. I’ve traveled from Florida to participate in your Restoring Honor event in DC. Your Restoring Love event in Dallas.

I’ve been a paid subscriber to The Blaze TV since you established it (and stuck with it even though I was keenly disappointed when you ended REAL NEWS and replaced it with Goth Girl, who mirror images Megyn Kelly, another snark queen).

I’ve been among your biggest fans for years, but over time I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, and haven’t watched or listened to you as much, finding your views and mine increasingly going separate ways.

Glenn, I’ve been a national speaker across the country on several tours with the Tea Party Express, so you can’t say I haven’t been in the Tea Party tent. But when you brought teddy bears and whatever to border illegals, it was a serious turn off for me. I get that you were attempting to show Christian love, but I believed it was a big mistake.

Yet… I continued to give you the benefit of the doubt, and supported your efforts by continuing my BLAZE subscription, giving you $10 a month out of loyalty for all you’ve undertaken in the past to educate and inform and stand up against the headwinds produced in large measure by the GOP establishment.

But now…

After that abhorrent piece in NRO, seeing you join with the insufferable GOP establishment “leading lights” who deign to tell Americans why 45% (latest Zogby poll) are “stupidly” following Trump, well… that has sealed the deal for me. After debating for months about canceling my subscription, your involvement in this is what did it.

Sorry Glenn. It’s not that we disagree about our choice of candidates. It’s that you’ve thrown in with inside-the-beltway establishment snobs. I don’t even know you anymore.

You’ll have to peddle your views elsewhere. I’m done.


Major blowback. Bad move, NRO. Bad move.

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