by Bob Russell, ©2016, blogging at Conservative Daily News

(Jan. 16, 2016) — Barak obama and his satanic minions are destroying the spiritual fabric of this nation with the intent to turn it over to their master, satan/allah and create World War III. Their plan has already been put into action. Obama started it from the day he first began his campaign for president, knowing he was not eligible to hold office but also knowing that evil people were in control of the process and would ensure his success to make themselves richer and more powerful. They, including Nancy Pelosi and the members of the DNC, knew obama would do exactly what they wanted done, the destruction of the greatest nation in history.

Many “Christian leaders”, including pastors of some mega-churches and some “religious organizations” are turning their backs on Jesus to be “tolerant” of the satanic cult of murder called islam. One prominent mega-church pastor, John Hagee, has remained true and has openly rejected the politically correct stance of bowing to satan. There have been some preachers that I once admired who have adopted the false-god worship referred to as chrislam, and have embraced the importation of islamists and the acceptance of the false god of islam, called allah. The “allah” of islam is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who sent His son to earth to live as a man and to die on the cross for the redemption of the sins of all mankind. The false god, “allah”, calls for followers to torture and murder anyone who believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ. In contrast, the God I follow sent His son to suffer and die for all mankind, including the murderers who follow “allah/satan”.

There are many times in the Bible when the Hebrews turned from God, and accepted and worshiped the idols of clans they had conquered. Every time they did this God punished them by allowing enemies to defeat and enslave them. The Pharisees, the political/religious hierarchy would make big public productions about how “pious” they were, putting on prayer shows to impress the common people. Today we are seeing many “Christian leaders” take this same approach, congratulating themselves on their “righteousness” and condemning the rest of us as “haters”.

America has turned away from God to embrace islam, with politicians, many clergy, and others patting themselves on the back and proclaiming their “tolerance” and “diversity” while driving the one true God out of public life (Matthew 6). It is interesting to me how “tolerance” applies to everything against God but not to anything or anyone proclaiming the deity of Jesus Christ. Homosexuality, abortion, and islam are pushed on society while any speech or depiction of Jesus is decried as “hate speech”.   In the time Jesus was spreading the Gospel the Pharisees pounded their chests and proclaimed that their way was the only way acceptable and plotted against Jesus until they managed to get a crowd who would do their bidding and fulfill Scripture by crucifying Jesus on a cross as had been foretold centuries before. Jesus Himself said, “I have come, not to destroy the law but to fulfill it”.(Matthew 5:17)

I believe that America is the Mystery Babylon described in the Book of Revelation, the final book of the Holy Bible, written by St. John the Divine on the Island of Patmos ( Rev 17:5). Some people, like obama, nancy pelosi, and most of the political establishment, are pure evil but many others have been deceived by satan into believing that the lie of accepting and even pushing abortion, homosexuality, and islam make them better than those of us who stick to God’s Word. These deceived ones are the Pharisees of today and are leading thousands of people into eternal destruction. Judgment day is coming soon and those who beat their chests and proclaim themselves “tolerant” are the same people who demanded that Jesus be crucified. They will discover, much too late, that their “tolerance” and “diversity” are neither, but rather their ticket to an eternity in the Lake of Fire. Jesus also warned His future followers about persecution when He said, “before they hated you they hated Me”. Jesus knew this day would come and revealed the “End of Days” scenario to John of Patmos so His loyal followers would know what to expect and would be able to see the signs of His coming.

Unless We the People of God make our voices heard loudly and clearly our nation will be plunged into the abyss of destruction from which there is no eternal escape. Those who proudly boast of their “tolerance” of islam are portending the destruction of The United States of America and their own eternal destruction. God will protect those of us who stand by Him until the end. We may suffer physical death at the hands of the evil ones who control the government and their allies who will attack civilians but He will protect us from eternal death because we took a stand for Jesus and refused to bow to satan. Eternal life with Jesus is more precious to me than acceptance by satan’s minions on earth so I continue to speak the truth spelled out in the words of Jesus and his early day disciples such as Paul, once known as Saul, Pharisee and the persecutor of the early church who was converted on the road to Damascus.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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