by Robert Quinn, ©2016

(Jan. 14, 2016) — In a previous article I mentioned a letter which I had received from Israel over eight years ago, which questioned Barack Obama’s claim of being a “natural-born” American citizen who was eligible to seek the office of President of the United States. Eight years and hundreds of hours later spent to confirm or disprove his claim, I have no doubt that through lying and deception Obama, former Constitutional teacher,demonstrated by his words and actions that he knew he was never lawfully eligible to even seek the Presidency.  Before I continue herein, I would like to point out that I, a Caucasian, was prepared to vote for Herman Cain in 2008, until he withdrew from Presidential consideration and I am currently considering Dr.Ben Carson for the election in 2016. Knowing this, if anyone thinks my writings could possibly be “racially motivated”, which race, may I ask, would I have tried to motivate? Caucasian? If so, why would I have considered voting for an Afro-American President? Nuff said? I’m not too smart but I’m also not color-blind. In reality, in a voting booth character, not color, guides my hand, just as Truth permeates my letters, regardless of the consequences. I do not care if a presidential aspirant is white, black, brown, yellow (or you name the color) as long as he or she offers their service, not our serfdom, to our Nation.

I also do not seek praise for my writings but seek to impart awareness of issues to others. In eight years, I have received but a handful of responses aimed at disproving my words (unsuccessfully) and I reach thousands, all of whom receive copies of each letter, as do most of those mentioned therein. Over the years, Obama kept saying that he was born in Hawaii, yet, to this day, no Hawaiian Hospital has ever claimed to be his birth hospital, including Kapiolani Medical Center,” the hospital which he personally cited as such! Please reflect on those words. He lies and some of his die-hard supporters simply accept and echo his lies, even after the Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, after claiming he would secure a copy of Obama’s birth certificate to settle the issue, had to admit publicly that he couldn’t obtain a copy  and had to leave the hospital….empty handed! Funny why the Major Media missed reporting this story.

What Obama and/or his defenders had  done was to create a “Certification of Live Birth” which was not only invalid for use by anyone seeking the Presidency but was, more damning, a forgery. I am not speaking about a minor oversight but of a criminal production meant to deceive America….and it did just that! This from a man who just a few day ago, justified his own intelligence by reminding an audience that he was a former “Constitutional” teacher. In reality, a “user of forged Constitutional documents” would have more aptly described his vocation.

Obama’s Deception Deepens

Later, when various States began to consider requiring a valid long-form “Certificate of Live Birth” of all Presidential aspirants, including Obama, for the 2012 election, he knew that his ineligible, fraudulent (maybe I should have reversed the order) “Certification of Live Birth” would no longer pass muster. He had used that document for over three years but now could be required to produce a valid “Certificate of Live Birth,” a document whose very existence he, the Constitutional teacher(?) had never mentioned as having been lost, or even had existed. In desperation, he produced a second forgery, this time a long-form “Certificate of Live Birth”(convenient), claiming this new forgery was actually his missing birth certificate, supposedly found by the Hawaiian Health Department and sent to him three years later. What an impressive filing system! Unfortunately, for Obama, a cursory review of this “newly-found” document by document experts caused it to also be declared a forgery, and a bad one at that. In fairness, creating false documents does take time and precision. Having run out of deceptions, Obama took the only path open, permanently sealing all his records from public scrutiny. So much for the man who boasted of being an example of true “transparency.”

Our country is being governed by a presidential impostor who makes his own laws and signs executive orders without a shred of authenticity, while our Congress sits paralyzed. Articles to follow will show to what lengths and at whose expense Obama will go….and has gone, to keep his true identity a secret.

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