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by Dale Williams, ©2016, blogging at The Rebel Madman

(Jan. 14, 2016) — A couple of Markus Wolfe-style U.S. State Security goons were up Harney County way, pretending to be just regular folks, when an actual American decided to ask them what the yoke they were doing sniffing around the armory there.

Because the intrepid, just-resigned Harney County fire chief who witnessed the doings of these lingering G-men has blown the whistle on their shenanigans, a few more Oregonians may now begin their awakening to the fact that the F.B.I., the C.I.A. and other organs of the behemoth U.S. intelligence complex, the heirs of those who neutralized George S. Patton Jr. and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, are not our friends.

Let’s state what’s already obvious to many of you and what we’re waiting for so many of our countrymen to wake up to. These wicked institutions as well as, regrettably, numerous elite formations of the U.S. Military, taken together, form an apart culture. Just the thing our Founders feared in a standing army.

Indeed, this elite amalgamation of “heroes” constitutes what is really an Order of Assassins. And just as the B.L.M., if not stopped, is sure to play a crucial role in the depopulation of rural America in pursuance of the internationalist agenda, these spooks and Erik Prince types are earmarked to deal with anybody who tries to intercede against that agenda.

These people will slaughter all comers, without conscience and to any number, simply because their God-like “National Command Authority” issues the order. The now manifestly un-American, foreign/finance/corporate nature of the U.S.

Central Government matters not a lick to these people. They were trained to kill, and they sure seem to be on the balls of their feet, everyday, waiting for the order which will consummate their training, and thus to them, their purpose in life.

And if we, the ordinary folk of this country who naturally abhor murder, do not face directly into the fact that we have already been herded between two outcomes — total compliance or death — then no third option will ever be realized.

If the option is gulag or the toilet paper line,  I’m thinking Ammon Bundy is way out ahead of the game.  -D.W.


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