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(Jan. 13, 2016) — We are actively seeking candidates for ALL state legislative offices and “Meet the Candidate” events. Please contact Al at albel1@aol.com …….. [Help FIGHT for OUR Rights]

It’s sad news –BUT great news at the same time – 1-DAY TRAINING SOLD OUT

It’s apparent there are many folks who want changes in government. This training class was sold out long in advance.

NOTE: Seeking Hosts for Activist Training Class – contact Al: albel1@aol.com

We need to hold these classes in all parts of the state. Anyone can host a training class. If you are willing to host one, please let me know and I’ll help you put it together. BTW – all you need to do is pick a date and that get us a starting point.  The rest is easy to organize.

If you really want to attend the event, see below.  Send an email to Chris and ask him to put you on a waiting list. You never know – there could be people who cancel. Email Chis:  c_zaleski@yahoo.com

[EVENT: How to Reclaim OUR Rights, Jan 30] SOLD OUT

It’s All About Learning EFFECTIVE Protesting/Activism/Campaigning/Electing GOOD People

  • The SAFE Act and all bad legislation was caused by US – the people who elected the bad politicians.
  • Like it or not, to regain OUR Second Amendment – and ALL rights – it is up to US to fight and remove the miscreants who call themselves “OUR” senators and assemblymen. BTW – BOYCOTT them all!!!
  • In order to RECLAIM the REPUBLIC RESTORE the CONSTITUTION, WE must have the tools and skills to defeat the bad governance that now plagues US.

A 1 Day Seminar To Learn, Network And Organize With Like-Minded People

This event is only for people who truly believe in Americanism – not socialists.

This is an event you will not regret or forget and it WILL benefit YOU.

LIMITED space – first come – first serve – but we will try to accommodate all.

When: Saturday, January 30 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Where: Holiday Inn Express Fishkill-Mid-Hudson Valley, 21 Schuyler Blvd, Fishkill, NY 12524
Cost: $40 (includes coffee breaks and lunch)
How to register:  Call and/or send money to:

·         Christopher Zaleski, 8 Sky Top Dr., Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 Phone 929-900-NY2A (6922)
·         Or register online here: https://www.faclevents.org/list?task=confirmreservation&src=
·         Or – register at the door (subject to availability)

I hope YOU agree – WE must Rock This State – shake it up and make changes. I hope YOU will decide to spend a pleasant day with solid Americans. Don’t hesitate – register today – thanks – Al

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Request:  Help US Grow. Spread the word far and wide. Urge ALL plain folks to join us.

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