World War II Veteran Calls out Journalists for Obama’s “Precipitous Ascendancy” to the White House


by Dr. Tom E. Davis (Ret.), Col., USA, ©2016

(Jan. 9, 2016) — [Editor’s Note:  The following note and op-ed were submitted to The New York Times at on January 8, 2016.]

Authors submission information: I am a 91 year old retired Army officer who served his nation for just short of 42 years.

I served from the rank of Buck Private through the rank of Staff Sergeant as an Army Tugboat Captain in the CBI Theater.

I was commissioned from the ranks from Staff Sergeant to 2nd Lieutenant in 1951, I served as a troop commander, staff Officer and retired in 1985 as a Colonel O-6. I was awarded a doctorate, DMD, from UMDNJ in 1966, taught at that institution while simultaneously serving in the New Jersey Army National Guard; retiring from both the University and the Army on January 20, 1985.

I have been since circa 1935, a keen observer of the fine art of Journalism, seldom practiced today, I learned from the Father and Son Team of Dan and Frank Whetstone, respectively founder, owner, publisher, reporter. type-setter, Linotype operator and general factotum. I think there are few better qualified to write my article than I. I am accustomed to receiving more rejections than acceptances; therefore I do NOT offer the Times an exclusive. I suspect you lack the intellectual honesty to publish my castigation of the lost art of Journalism as envisioned by Walter Williams and practiced by Dan and Frank Whetstone of the Cut Bank, Montana Pioneer Press of the early 1930s and owned and published by the Kavanaughs today. I used to read, “All the News that’s fit to Print.” However your left turn and my ARMD have brought a halt to my reading of newsprint.  A bio and clips are available just in case I have piqued your interest. I donate any and all monies earned from my writing to Children’s and Veteran’s Charities.

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)
326 F Nantucket Lane
Monroe Twp, NJ 08831
PH: Day & Night (609) 395-7951

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The Demise of Journalism in America

If ever that revered craft of Journalism, practiced by an inspired but so dismally few, were practiced ethically as envisioned by Walter Williams, it could correctly be referred to as a “Profession.” The Federal government populated by far too many characterless thugs and political party hacks, under professional and ethical scrutiny, would insure that the Vox Populi was heard and respected.

Every left of center piece of newsprint, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Slate Magazine. Buzzfeed, Politico, Washington Post are die-hard leftist according to a Pew Research study done in 2014. The big five of leftist Television broadcasting are ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN. If these media giants were to follow the ethical creed of Mr. Williams, they could, in all likelihood have a large impact on the recalcitrant socialists in our federal government.

There is bound to be a certain amount of “Difference of Opinion” in any given population. This nation, however, was blessed by God and a learned body of men with a Federalist charter of government, meaning the several states actually had a major voice in the conduct of the federal bureaucracy. Instead, with the passing of the XVIIth Amendment, at the urging of and with some chicanery on the part our first Socialist President, Thomas Woodrow Wilson, a man devoid of character, tossed the United States Senate into the hands of the President.

Every pretender to the craft of Journalism should be required to memorize the elegant prose of Walter William’s “Journalist’s Creed” and when and if found in violation, be soundly chastised. After all the first Amendment provides protection given to no other occupation or calling; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

This nation’s coterie of so-called journalists is, for the most part, pretenders to the high calling of Journalism. They would not acknowledge the truth if it jumped up and bit them in the butt. Their impious circumvention of the validity of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama’s claim of presidential qualification, of American citizenship, of Christianity has not the ring of Journalistic integrity. These so-called journalists have displayed a devout allegiance to falsehood,

As a result of the Failure of Journalism, America is now facing the greatest threat to its existence since it became a Republic in 1787. The wretched performance of the current crop of story tellers, liars, if you will, to investigate the truth behind Barack Obama and his precipitous ascendancy to the Oval Office from the quagmire that is Chicago is at best criminal, at worst complicity in treason. Saul Alinsky is Smiling—See his Rule 11.
Thanks to you deceivers, you are killing you fatted goose. Journalism could be our panacea rather than our death knell. With a modicum of basic honesty, YOU, the scriveners have an opportunity to save this glorious, God-inspired Republic. Failure to act and to act immediately is to hand over this nation to its haters, The Democratic party, The Republican Party, the leeches, the riff-raff, the Cult of Islam, the Muslim Jihadists and all their disciples.

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