by Dr. Tom E. Davis (Ret.), Col., USA, ©2016

(Jan. 8, 2016) — I have long been an admirer of Judge Napolitano. But suddenly, he has begun to sound more like Harry Reid, an acolyte of Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama. Judge Napolitano’s offhand remark lacked considerable validity or honesty. The mere fact that Obama is in the “LAST” year of his misbegotten presidency is all the more reason for his impeachment.

Mr. Obama has committed numerous criminal offenses during his tenure, not the least of which is Treason. Does the Judge suggest or even intimate that Obama’s crimes should simply be overlooked or forgiven because he has been falsely occupying the Oval Office? More than one of Obama’s crimes is capital in nature, meaning there is no statute of limitations that can be applied or looked to for relief.

To cite just a partial list, I offer, beginning with the most heinous:

  • On or about January 22, 2013 Obama delivered or began to deliver 20 F-16 Fighter Jets, 200 Abrams Tanks and One Million Dollars for maintenance to the Islamic government of Egypt. All the foregoing is in direct violation of either or both Article III, Section 3 of our Constitution and also of Article 104 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).
  • On or about September 11, 2012, Mr. Obama, in flagrant violation of his Presidential Oath of Office, failed to send aid to our Consulate offices in Benghazi, Libya as it was under attack by Jihadist terrorists making the lame excuse that “There was not time.” To date NOT even one of the many individuals involved and culpable has been brought to the bar of justice.
  • On or about October 2009, 9 months into his first term, Obama and his Attorney General. Eric Holder initiated “Operation Fast and Furious,” a gun-walking scheme in which automatic weapons were sold to phantom members of the Mexican Gun cartels. One of these weapons was recovered at the scene of the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010. It was only one of the murders committed with “walked” weapons; many Mexican nationals were also murdered. Delivery of the weapons clearly constitutes ‘Providing Aid and Comfort to the enemy.’ The murder of Agent Terry is a clear case of accessory to murder in which both Obama and Holder were key players and therefore culpable.
  • Obama and Holder did on or about April 23, 2010 illegally advise Arizona Governor Jan Brewer that Arizona Senate Bill 1070 was illegal; that Arizona lacked authority to carry out the provisions of said bill, in spite of the fact that Governor Brewer had on five separate occasions asked the federal government to exercise its authority under Article IV, Section 4 to come to the aid of Arizona in its attempt to stem the incursion of illegal aliens from across its Southern Border. The Constitution is very clear on this matter, stating, “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, …or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

It is and was at that time patently clear that an invasion was taking place, people’s lives were at risk and the Federal Government had failed in its constitutional responsibility. Thus, Obama and Holder, purportedly Constitutional Scholars, should have sent immediate assistance. They did not, and they committed flagrant acts of Perjury.  My assessment is borne out not only by a reading of the Constitution but by the seminal work of Justice Joseph Story in his “Commentaries on the Constitution” in which he states, “Still, a state may be so situated, that it may become indispensable to possess military forces, to resist an expected invasion, or insurrection. The danger may be too imminent for delay; and under such circumstances, a state will have a right to raise troops for its own safety, even without the consent of congress.”

This writer is of the considered opinion that it is imperative that Mr. Obama MUST be impeached; he is unworthy of any consideration other than judicial. He is without doubt a traitor, a perjurer, and an accessory to murder. Impeachment is the sole remedy under our constitution, and conviction is NOT absolutely necessary. Obama and Holder committed numerous crimes in the state of Arizona and are therefore subject to trial in the Federal District Court of Arizona consistent with Article III, Section 2, Clause 3.

I would therefore ask Judge Napolitano to rethink his “Let Obama off the hook” remark and restate his opinion consistent with the facts noted above.

One follow-up remark is in order.  I have written literally hundreds and maybe thousands of missives to the White House, to many members of both Houses of Congress, to the heads of many agencies, bureaus and Departments and I have submitted numerous petitions requesting that Obama and others equally guilty be incarcerated, charged, tried, convicted and hanged by the neck until dead as befits traitors. The only response I have received has been two visits by the United States Secret Service. They appear to be the only ones doing their jobs.

Though I am in quasi agreement with the Venerable Dr. Benjamin Franklin that rather than impeachment, an obnoxious Chief Executive ought to be hanged, drawn and quartered, skinned alive or simply assassinated, as a patriotic citizen of more years than Dr. Franklin, I accept the wisdom of the founders who settled on Impeachment to deal with obnoxious Presidents and other public servants.

Our Constitution is a gloriously, God-inspired document, a real piece of Art. Our Criminal Code Title 18 is fine. The problem is the failure of application and a tendency of too many bleeding hearts to shy away from Capital Punishment. This great Republic convicted the Rosenbergs on considerably less evidence than is available and clear to convict and execute Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder and a host of others.

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)

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