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(Jan. 7, 2016) — Elmer did a heck of a job. This was a very worthwhile event. I’m sure glad I went.

There were about 150 people in attendance and all were very engaged in the whole thing.

I am absolutely certain OUR folks were enlightened a great deal. There were four candidates vying for the Hudson Valley congressional seat and one “rising star” candidate who is running for Schumer’s seat. We all got a good idea of who all five of these people are and an idea about their “representative thinking.”

I want to point out the gains we have made in recent years and the importance of “Meet the Candidates” events are the first step in the process for selecting a candidate for office. Normally, most people only meet the person that was already selected by others and never even know there were any others vying for the position. WE now have a VOICE directly in the ground-floor selection. OUR biggest problem has been that the parties simply select one of their own and jam that person down OUR throats. Participating in events like this help OUR VOICE WILL GROW. WE will wind up with better candidates and more candidates to choose from. “Top-Down” has failed – Bottom-Up WILL Work. WE are grassroots that shine when working from the bottom up. I’m proud to stand with grassroots people.

WE made a video of the entire event and it is presented through the link below. It is a two-hour video and it is offered up so YOU get the firsthand view of these candidates and decide for yourself which you tend to favor. BUT remember, this only a first view – keep an open mind and make them earn support from you.

Hoping YOU have time to look, listen and learn: Click Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I-heeDfX88

By watching this video, I hope many people see that they can organize and host “Meet the Candidates” events in their home towns and counties. I hope WE all get the idea on how important and empowering this stuff can be. WE must seek find, support NEW candidates and all work under one umbrella – united to take back OUR government.

Any person, group or organization that is holding a Meet the Candidates event, please let me know and I will help promote it – thanks – Al.


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