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by OPOVV, ©2016

Why does Obama advocate so strongly for the arrival of “Syrian refugees” and other Middle Easterners to the U.S. when they cannot be fully vetted for terrorist ties?

(Jan. 7, 2016) — “Was chow good tonight, or what?”

“I’m leaning towards the ‘or what,’ like, okay, it was pretty good, but what was it? I heard say it was camel. Me? I’m voting for 80% camel, 20% donkey.”

“Maybe chow wasn’t so good after all.”

“Hello, Sergeant of the Guard, what brings you out on this beautiful night?”

“You know what? I pray every night that I’ll wake up the next day and see all you Navy Pukes in Marine PFC uniforms, and I’m in charge, see?”

“Give that man a stripe and he wants to rule the world. So when did you make Corporal?”

“One week ago today. Okay, pay attention.”

“Listen up.”

“Okay, listen up. Stay alert and have a nice night.”

“Gee, thanks, Corporal. Well, we’ve got four hours of walking the perimeter and staying alert. What you want to talk about?”

“How about that chow?”

“How about going home? You got any of this figured out?”

“No way, but my gut tells me I’m not alone.”

“No, you’re not alone. I’m thinking that no one knows what’s going on around here anymore.”

“So you’re implying that someone back home, maybe someone in the State Department, maybe, at one time, maybe knew what was going on?”

“No, I wouldn’t go that far. At first it was, what, going after ‘terrorist training camps,’ right? We sent them all a letter saying, ‘Come to the USA! Our Department of Homeland Security will make an Islamoville for you anywhere you want to be.’ So they all packed up and moved to America. After they moved from their terrorist raining camps we bombed the daylights out of those empty camps and declared that we were victorious.

“We bomb rocks and take credit for it: ‘We bombed 10,000 rocks during the last month!’ and the Generals and Admirals stand proudly smiling for posterity.”

“Remember the Mujahedeen and the Northern Alliance? And then we had ‘Afghans for George Washington’ or some other nonsense. Meanwhile, we’re bombing rocks and spending money, as if that’s some kind of substitute for killing the enemy. Our Rules of Engagement are so whacked as to confuse everyone EXCEPT the enemy.”

“I hear you; I’m not blind, you know. Like it’s normal for a couple of Navy guys being stationed a thousand miles from water. That’s because everything going downhill, so whenever Army wants to take over our country they’ll be able to do it quick.”

“The enemy will just fly in to all of our airports the same day and declare themselves the victors. Look, this is depressing, seeing all our troops on stretchers, missing arms and legs, some blind, being loaded up every day for their flight back home. I hear they just drop them off at the local bus station and drive away.”

“That’s what it’s coming down to. And now the Taliban is back (as if they ever left in the first place). Remember we had them cornered in some town and we let them walk on out? Whatever happened to us?”

“Politics, that’s what. Let the General run the war; well, not the Generals we have now, but there’s a few who we should bring back out of retirement and tell them to ‘Wipe the enemy off the face of the earth’ and just have enough sense to leave them alone to do their job, like when Roosevelt told Marshall:  ‘Win the war. Unconditional surrender is the least that I’ll accept,” and our military delivered.”

“Those days are gone.”

“Right, they’re gone because there’s no one left who can figure it out. Here’s a real question: how do you get past ‘Kill the Jews and Christians wherever Ye may find them’? If you can figure that one out, good luck. I say kill them all, either that or they’ll kill you, maybe not this year, or the next, but somewhere down the road you or your kids will pay the price for our not doing our job, which is to protect and defend the Constitution, just like we said in our Oath.”

“Right. So let’s say we run all the Taliban out of Afghanistan, what then? We have a country full of ‘Kill Jews and Christians wherever Ye may find them,’ is what? And they call that progress? They call that protecting the opium fields? They call that ‘Hearts and Minds’?”

“And then to top it off, when we get back to the States they want to confiscate our guns and call us ‘Domestic Terrorists.’  What a joke. This is just like Vietnam, when the biggest enemy we had to face was our very own government.”

“That’s true, isn’t it? Why would anybody want murderers to live near them? I mean, these Muslims coming into our country are the same people who believe ‘Kill Jews and Christians wherever Ye may find them.’ So the only way it makes any sense to import Muslims is if there’s no Jews or Christians left to kill, understand? It’s a calculated equation to cleanse a country of undesirables, such as Jews and Christians, which is why the Obama Administration is doing it: Obama is Muslim; ergo, let’s make America a Muslim country.”

“Look, let’s just walk around this camp and look for something to shoot; will that work?”

“Best plan I’ve heard all night, or morning.”

Semper Fi


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