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by OPOVV, ©2016

“No honor among thieves”

(Jan. 5, 2016) — Hark! And listen with grave intent, for shadows cast long arms from which no amount of darkness can hide the offending coward.

Run and find shelter among the likes of yourself and compare history’s most infamous backstabbers to your own nefarious dastardly deeds: stripping your fellow citizens of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and guns, the means that honest Patriot citizens have to protect themselves from the bad people and also from those who don’t collect a government paycheck.

Lie with impunity; conjure up false witnesses and bask in the glory of meaningless rewards. Those who have received a medal from the de facto president Obama, prove that you are indeed a brave Patriot and return the medal in a well-attended public display. Reverse your cowardly ways and honor your Oath: what people think of you is not as important of what you think of yourself.

Little people lording over fellow citizens, never realizing they’re all wallowing in the same cesspool. Government employees not qualified to perform any of the tasks for which they were hired, yet they continue to be promoted and receive a paycheck, let alone a retirement check, even though the evidence is that they performed in a substandard and/or illegal way.

Wouldn’t it make the “God of Truth” proud if everyone in the employ of the government would refuse to work for a usurper? People who would gladly trade their government paycheck for a chance to look in the bathroom mirror tomorrow morning with the pride of standing up for America, for what’s right and not; for once in their shallow lives, do what’s honorable rather than what’s expedient for their own selfish gains?

It’s way too late for most of our traitors, but not all. Employees of the DOJ — FBI — and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are the most obvious “Sold their soul to the Devil” crowd, but if we were to list every one of the people who exercised influence, who were supporters of Obama and his Administrations, we’d just be watering down the message: there’s no place to hide.

So go ahead and continue to take your 30 pieces of silver; go ahead and support the abolishing of the Second Amendment; continue to applaud Big Government and then, when the Grim Reaper comes calling, know that your acquaintances and your family will spit on your grave as you’re taken down into the fiery pit, the very place where you belong.

But WAIT! The Good News is that retribution can happen at any time, isn’t that right? And therein lies the beauty of Justice: SURPRISE! Everyone knows by now that Obama is nothing but a fake; an illegal immigrant; a lowlife person who has to resort to lies in order to achieve a warped sense of self-worth. The excuse “I didn’t know” won’t work, just as it didn’t work in the Nuremberg Trials following World War II.

Run, Lois Lerner, run to the next person to spit at your feet. If you want to end up like her, then continue believing that there’s honor among thieves.

Good Luck.

Semper Fi


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