Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Claremore Veterans Center


by Bob Russell, ©2016, blogging at Conservative Daily News

(Jan. 5, 2016) — I read about the obama regime edict that all veterans units refrain from saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS” but to instead to use the secular “happy holidays” greeting and to not display any Christmas decorations in public because it might “offend” someone. I am happy to report that the Claremore facility honored God by ignoring the asinine edict from dictator obama. There were Christmas trees galore, including just inside the main door, in the dining room, and at all of the nurses’ stations I had access to. I am also pleased to report that the only greeting I heard during the entire season was MERRY CHRISTMAS.  I heard it from employees, volunteers, residents and visiting family members, including from many of the Jewish faith. The center even has its own “Santa Claus, along with Mrs. Claus, in full costume. Santa is a resident, and one who doesn’t need a wig and fake beard, nor the pillow-stuffed suit. He is confined to a wheel chair due to a series of strokes he has suffered over the last few years but is as jolly and cheerful as he can be. I see him nearly every day in the dining room or at one of the many daily events I help with.

Being a volunteer to assist in serving people who served the nation in the military is both an honor and privilege. I have been treated very well by employees, residents, and resident family members. It is very humbling to be treated so well when I do so little. I have made many friends among the residents, including Santa Claus. One resident gave me a Bible today that has a very nice tribute printed in the back that honors those who died in battle in all the wars our nation has fought. These men and women of honor, integrity, and dignity have stayed true to God and have ignored the orders of an evil man to turn God out of their public life and will be greatly rewarded in eternity.

There were several groups, including several churches that came in to sing Christmas carols, both secular and religious. The groups would tour the various residency wards and also sing in the more public areas. The singing was warmly received and appreciated very much by all who heard the carols. I was not able to attend the actual Christmas parties that were held in each wing nor the main party but I was told they were wonderful, reverent affairs enjoyed in the true spirit of Christmas by all. The auditorium is about 40 ft. X 90 ft and had rows of 8 ft tables with only walking room between rows and the tables were full of gifts for the 300 or so resident veterans. Groups such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Elks Clubs donated massive amounts of money and gifts to be passed out to the residents. There were also civic groups like the Boy and Girl Scouts as well as churches and individuals that contributed. Bert Ellard, the head of volunteer services, told me they had the largest ever amount of contributions this year. There was a variety of clothing, hats, gloves, coats, and other items given, along with large cash donations so staff members could purchase items that residents had specifically requested. One man received a 25″ High Definition flat screen television and another received a watch that is unique to me. It doesn’t have a face that shows the time, instead has a button the wearer can push to hear the time spoken in a very nice female voice. Neither of these men asked for these items and both were thrilled beyond words. Others received items they didn’t expect and all of the residents I have spoken to are so thrilled and thankful for the generosity shown by strangers. Seeing this gives me great pride in the American people because it shows the generosity and Godliness of a nation that too often goes unacknowledged and unappreciated by people of other nations who have benefitted from the Godly generosity of the American people (and, sadly enough, there are too many in this country who fail to appreciate the goodness of our society as a whole). There is much good in this nation and one can see it when one looks beyond politicians and into the real fabric of the nation.

The New Year’s Eve party was opened with a prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ and every head in the room was bowed in reverence. The anti-God despots that control the government can issue edicts but true Christians and Jews who love God will disobey those unconstitutional and evil edicts to honor the one true God as they wish and they will be honored in eternity by God for their faithfulness. I must say here that I am humbled, honored, and privileged to be able to witness the goodness that comes out of our society and I know that it comes from people who live their lives according to the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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