Thirty-Day Countdown Until the “It’s About the Child Conference”


by Sharon Rondeau

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(Dec. 28, 2015) — In early November, The Post & Email interviewed media entrepreneur Ruth Bryant White, whose new initiative,, is sponsoring a three-day conference at the end of January titled “It’s About the Child” at the Crowne Plaza in Houston, TX.

White has been building her brand over the last three years and will be launching two subscription television channels during the conference which will be completely family-friendly.

“Our children are the most vulnerable individuals in society. They are helpless unless we advocate for them. If parents and grandparents don’t defend children against the insidious power grabs targeting them, who will defend them? Parental Authority must be recognized or the child and America’s future will be stolen in front of our very eyes. We can’t afford to miss this opportunity to help US all,” the event’s website states.

Events will be live-streamed throughout the weekend for those who cannot attend in person, a benefit included in the introductory cost of $70.00 for a year’s subscription to BNJ’s child-friendly programming.  The regular rate is $19.99/month.

Speakers include author Jason Hoyt, TNCAC and Tennessee Against Common Core organizer Karen Bracken, and a number of educators, parents, professionals and and constitutional scholars.

On Monday evening, White announced that she had contacted Donald Trump’s presidential campaign about his plan to increase his advertising in advance of the Iowa caucuses which begin on February 1, the day after the conference ends.  White said she will be participating in a conference call with Trump’s organization on Tuesday morning.

White and her husband, educator Steven White, have opposed the Common Core Educational Standards (CCES) launched in 2011 through the “Race to the Top” White House campaign which had states competing for federal dollars for their school systems.  Common Core was adopted by a majority of the states but has since been abandoned by several.

According to White and her team, some of the reasons for developing an alternative to Common Core with parents’ support include “data mining;” excessive testing which is not an accurate indicator of how well a child is learning; and unnecessary “control” of children’s minds reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany.  Those at the conference believe that Common Core is abusive to children and “has revealed the contempt public ‘servants’ have for the people they are supposedly ruled by.”

A promotional video on the event has been released on YouTube.

Of the “Dream Channels,” or “clean TV” which will launch within the month, BNJ states, “Out of small things great things are possible. And out of our small efforts united together we can create a gradual and important turning of the toxic culture. We can do more than make a difference. We can BE the difference, simply by stepping up!”

On Sunday, January 3, BNJ will be having a “Twitter party” to promote the event, with more details to follow.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, but our children are worth it,” White said on Monday evening.

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