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by Michael Gaddy, ©2015, blogging at The Rebel Madman

James Arness played Marshal Matt Dillon in “Gunsmoke”

(Dec. 18, 2015) — The more I think about the subject of this Rant, the more I realize it has gone far beyond the old adage of “The inmates are running the asylum.” It is much, much deeper than that. 535 politicians and a legion of bureaucrats could not possibly exercise dominion and control over 320 million people without the consent and assistance of a sizable number of useful idiots whom I have referred to in the past as the species “Ignoramus Americanus.”

Yesterday, I was watching, as it is my want to do on occasion, an old episode of the most popular TV show at the time called “Gunsmoke.” In this 54-year-old classic Western, an old buffalo hunter had basically gone mad and decided the world was becoming much too modern for him and that to remedy the situation he would just kill all of the settlers who were destroying his image of the plains. The Marshal, Matt Dillon himself, was traveling from settler to settler warning them of the danger of the old hunter and what amounted to acts of terrorism against them. Explicit in his warning was the admonition to “keep your rifles close.” Some of these settlers, having already heard of the threat, were visibly armed.

All of this seemed to be the paragon of common sense at the time; there was a violent threat out there and the people should arm themselves to protect hearth, home and family. Marshal Dillon did not ask these people if they had permits for their weapons, if they had been properly trained or submitted to the proper background checks when the weapon was purchased.

Of course this was a fictionalized program depicting events of the Old West in America, but, have evil people and their penchant to do harm to others changed that much since then or has it grown worse? Are the streets of Chicago and Baltimore a good barometer?

Jump forward with me, please, 54 years to America today. Our government now has military forces in over 160 countries. We built a multitude of military bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan, at great cost to the American taxpayer. Yet, most of those bases have been abandoned to our new, well-equipped and trained by us, villain du jour, better known in polite society as ISIS.

We have drone forces in Africa in considerable numbers with one of those units very proud of their 69 kills. Does anyone remember our Congress declaring war on a country in Africa? Has American Exceptionalism reached the point that because of our great superior morality and position of authority, we reserve the right to kill anyone, anywhere, at anytime—perhaps because we claim to be a Christian Nation? Was the Golden Rule declared null and void when it comes to our actions toward other peoples, but if another country fails to follow it the penalty is bombs and death?

What has happened to common sense that Ignoramus Americanus cannot comprehend people in other countries do not want our military in their country, much less in their country killing their family, friends and neighbors?

Has anyone noticed how absolutely incensed John (American citizen) Rambo gets when it is revealed that foreign troops are in our country for training purposes? In April of 2012, it was reported there had been sightings of Chinese troops near our Southern Border with Mexico. This brought on a multitude of warnings across the internet and frothing at the mouth by armchair GI Joes. While an invasion was possible, if not eminent according to many circles, the idea the entire Chinese Army could change into Mexican peasant clothing and simply walk across our porous borders, reform in the desert Southwest and attack Phoenix, Los Angeles and Albuquerque seems to be lost on those who preach the need for “boots on the ground” in everybody else’s country except ours. “Fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here” seems to have failed miserably.

What about the possibility people in other countries who have been witness to many thousands of their friends, neighbors and family being killed by American forces, bullets and bombs, deciding they will seek revenge on those who support this madness is lost on so many people? What if they realize they do not have the resources to fight the dog that is killing them but decide instead to attack the owner of the dog whose government wants them disarmed? Would you really be understanding of the foreigner who killed your family and referred to them as “collateral damage,” or would that create even more determination to seek revenge in your mind?

Where is the logic in the theory proposed by all candidates for president in 2016 and the entirety of useful idiots, the answer to stopping terrorist attacks in this country is to accelerate and increase doing what created those seeking to bring terror to our streets in the first place? There is a reason firemen attack fire with water and not gasoline.

Of course, only useful idiots would find reason and sensibility in telling those in our country who have witnessed or actually been the victims of terrorist attacks the best way to prevent those attacks is to surrender any and all means of personal protection (firearms), except for your cell phone, to the government that is busily spending your grandchildren”s money creating more terrorists.

For those of you who find yourself in support of gun control and surrendering all of your ability to defend yourself and others from an armed attacker/terrorist, please take the time to read the book “Dial 911 and Die.” 

As I write this last sentence, I am assaulted by reality; those of us who support our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones fully realize the only way Ignoramus Americanus will see the truth of the reason for the Second Amendment is when they find themselves in a gun free zone with someone who is determined to do them dire physical harm and rape their women folks. I can’t help but wonder how their progressive, liberal, passive approach to the situation will serve them? I’m sure the terrorists will listen to reason; they always do!

“Men die for a lot of reasons. I’ve even heard of worthy ones. Like a man who’s willing to face it for the good that might come after. But he’s a different breed than most of this Boot Hill trash. These people died for fool’s reasons. A spilled drink, a wrong card. Maybe, worst of all, the bull-headed stubbornness that keeps a man from listening to reason. To die like this is a waste, for nothing’s gained by the dying.” ~ Marshal Matt Dillon (Emphasis added)

In Rightful Liberty

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