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by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), Chairman, CombatVeteransForCongress

The 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) set forth conditions which had to be met in order for an alien to be admitted to the U.S., one of which was that they could not be a member of an organization actively seeking to harm the U.S. government or its citizens

(Dec. 15, 2015) — Citizens of foreign lands have “no” constitutional right to migrate to the United States, and US Federal Law provides a president with broad powers in deciding which foreigners are permitted to migrate to the US and which foreigners are not permitted to migrate, especially in wartime.  The Republic is in fact a nation at “War” with the Islamic State, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and radical Islamic terrorists who are have “Declared War” against the United States.  Islamic terrorists have been killing Americans for over 45 years.  Clear-thinking Patriotic Americans await Congress to “Declare War” against the Islamic State so the US Armed Forces can put an end to ISIS.

The left-of-center liberal media establishment, the Washington ruling political class, and the Obama administration are supporting wide-open borders and the infusion of mass immigration of Middle East and African refugees without vetting them to determine if they have terrorist ties.  This migration of 900,000 refugees, in violation of the required vetting process required by US Federal Immigration Laws, has been ongoing on for seven years.  DHS and the State Department have restricted anyone in government from reviewing the incoming refugees’ postings on social media to protect the privacy of incoming refugees with complete disregard for protecting the lives of American citizens; social media is what ISIS has been employing to recruit and convert radical Islamic terrorists.

The members of the Muslim Brotherhood appointed to key leadership positions of DHS by Obama and Valerie Jarrett who instituted such an insane policy should be not only be fired, but should charged by the FBI with aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States. They are responsible for aiding radical Islamic terrorists to murder American citizens.  Americans with common sense are now demanding that a moratorium be imposed on the massive influx of Middle East and African refugees through which Obama has been resettling hundreds of thousands of Muslims throughout the US for seven years without informing elected state and local leaders and law enforcement authorities in all 50 states that they are now residents of their communities.  That inept Obama policy continues to destabilize the national security of the United States and must be changed to allow the FBI, ICE, and local, county, and state law enforcement officers to know where those refugees are being resettled.

Until the FBI and DHS can guarantee that every refugee admitted doesn’t have terrorist ties, there must be a pause in the Refugee Resettlement Program.  American citizens want the migration of illegal aliens, Middle East refugees, and African refugees to cease, because they have been allowed to resettle throughout the United States for seven years despite the fact that they were never vetted to determine if they had terrorist ties.  US Federal Immigration Laws and the US Immigration regulations have been intentionally and repeatedly violated in so many different ways over the last for seven years by Obama, including employing illegal flights to bring refugees in under the cover of darkness.  Until the broken immigration system is fixed, the migration of “all” refugees into the United States must be halted.  The wide-open southern border must be closed and unscheduled flights delivering refugees must be halted by the Republican leaders in the House and Senate!  We wonder if the new Speaker will follow Pelosi and Boehner’s lead of keeping the wide-open southern border open—the wall to exclude illegal Mexican and Central American aliens and Islamic terrorists can be easily built with the funds already approved by previous Congresses.

By clicking on the below-listed link, you will be able to view a video explaining how UPS 757 aircraft, retrofitted to carry passengers, have been landing late in the evenings, under the cover of darkness, on the far side of US international airports, where they unload busloads of Middle East and African refugees who do not go through the required Customs and Border Protection screening, then are driven out of the airport to locations unknown—we have been receiving reports from former pilots of those flights for over a year who opposed those flights and quit piloting them.


Since 9/11, there have been 72 terrorist attacks by Islamics on the United States that have killed thousands of Americans.  The FBI recently notified Congress that 250+ Middle East and African refugees, admitted as US Citizens through Obama’s fast-track citizenship program and/or of first-generation Americans of Middle East and African descent have traveled to Iraq and Africa to participate in ISIS’s genocide of Syrian, African, and Assyrian Christians.  In a recent press release,  Americans learned that 82 ISIS terrorists plots over the last two years have been foiled by the FBI, and the participants have been arrested for plotting to kill Americans (most arrests were effected in NY, CA, and NJ).

The FBI also informed the Congress that they have opened 900+ terrorist-related cases in all 50 states and that the Bureau is not adequately staffed to properly investigate and prevent ISIS terrorists from committing future murderous attacks on Americans.   There is absolutely no doubt that many of the 72 terrorists attacks in the US, the 82 foiled attacks on the homeland, the 250 recent US Citizens participating in ISIS’s genocide of Christians, and the 900+ open FBI cases on terrorism are a direct result of Obama’s policy of open borders, his violations of US Federal Immigration Laws, and Obama’s resettlement of 900,000 Muslim refugees throughout the United States without vetting them for terrorist ties.

It is time for the US Congress to do what it is supposed to do and has never done for seven years under the Speakership of Pelosi and Boehner.  In other words, Congress must finally function as an equal branch of government under the US Constitution to oppose the repeated violation of US Federal Law by the Executive Branch of government.  Congress has had the ability to file lawsuits in US Federal Court against Obama and individuals appointed by Obama for continuing to violate US Federal Immigration Laws (multiple lawsuits would paralyze the repeated violations of federal laws by different branches of government), and Congress must use the power of the purse to prevent the wholesale violation of US Federal Laws of the Republic—it can do so, if speaker Ryan is serious, on Wednesday of this week.

Congress must employ all of its powers to assist the FBI in protecting American citizens.  Speaker Ryan can do so on Wednesday of this week by eliminating the funds in the omnibus spending bill which fund the continued resettlement of refugees throughout the United States.  The pause in the immigration and resettlement of “all” refugees must be approved and enforced financially.  The Refugee Resettlement Program must be halted until the violation of US Federal Immigration Laws can be rectified, i.e., until all refugees can be properly vetted to ensure they have no terrorist ties.  Until the Director of the FBI and the Secretary of DHS can personally guarantee that every refugee being allowed to enter has been properly vetted to be free of terrorist ties, business as usual must be halted.   In Wednesday’s budget vote the Congress must also provide adequate funding for the recruiting of more FBI Special Agents.

The other action that must be taken to defeat ISIS is to put ISIS on the defensive in Iraq and Syria, with the assistance of friendly Sunni allies from Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia who are already engaged in combat with the terror group.  The Obama administration must finally provide the desperately-required arms to the Kurds who are already fighting ISIS and provide arms to the newly-established Christian Assyrian Army that has been doing its very best, with very limited arms, to fight ISIS (they have been seeking the support from Obama for defensive weapons for three years).  Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia have been engaged in combat operations with ISIS in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Libya for over two years.  Since Obama shifted his alliance to Iran and is facilitating Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, the Sunni allies who once worked with the US in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan no longer trust Obama at all and have shifted away from their involvement in Obama’s do-nothing coalition (Saudi Arabia is leading its own coalition of 34 Islamic countries actively countering ISIS terrorism). 

Obama has been leading from behind for seven years, and he is no longer trusted by NATO or the US’s former Sunni allies.  The most effective defense is a good offense—it appears the previous two Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff failed to explain that to Obama—instead he has listened to the military advice of Valerie Jarrett.   The Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Special should convinced Obama that the Special Operations Forces of the United States operating in Iraq on the border of Turkey and in the Kurdish region require US ground combat forces to protect the 3400 US military personnel already operating there; US ground combat forces are required and must have the capacity to extricate US Special Forces from a hot zone, if they require immediate evacuation.

The US, England, France, and Germany are either executing or supporting air strikes against ISIS or have naval and/or Special Forces engaged.   ISIS could have been decimated by coordinated attacks from US, NATO and Sunni Allied Forces if the US had the leadership ability to unite and coordinate those combat forces.  Unfortunately, that will never happen until after Obama is replaced by the election of a new capable President, not by his Secretary of State who initiated the Iranian International Nuclear Weapons Agreement.  The reason the US has not been able to provide the leadership to defeat ISIS. ISIS has metastasized because of Obama’s shift away from 74 years of US support for its traditional Sunni allies in the Middle East in order to provide outright support for the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran, a terrorist state that is actively engaged militarily executing terrorist strikes against former US Sunni allies in Bahrain, Yemen, and Lebanon.

According to a decorated American military veteran advising the Christian Assyrian Army, Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari, USA (Ret), who was deployed to Iraq during his 20-year career in the U.S. Army, the Christian Assyrian Army is in dire need of military support from the United States to protect Christian communities in Iraq and Syria and to effectively fight against the continued genocide they are facing at the hands of the barbaric Islamic State (ISIS).  Lt. Col. Sangari is one of a number of American military veterans advising the Christian Assyrian Army, known as “Dwekh Nawsha,” which means “self-sacrifice” in the ancient Aramaic language spoken by Jesus Christ; that language is still spoken by the Assyrian Christians in their ancient homeland on the Plains of Nineveh.  According to Sangari, the Christian Assyrian Army, which is primarily based in the eastern portion of  Iraq’s Assyrian Nineveh plains near Kurdish forces, has goals which are closely aligned with the strategic goals and aspirations of the United States.  Not only has the Assyrian Christians’ desperate need for defensive weapons to protect their women and children been refused by Obama for three years, but the widespread genocide of hundreds of thousands Syrian and Assyrian Christians in the Middle East by ISIS has been ignored by the Obama administration.

The above-referenced 72 successful terrorist attacks against the Homeland by Islamic terrorists, the travel by 250+ recruited US citizens to join ISIS’s genocide of Syrian and Assyrian Christians on the Plains of Nineveh, the 82 foiled terrorist attacks in the US by radical Islamic terrorists, and the 900+ current ISIS terrorist plots designed to kill Americans currently under investigation by the FBI in 50 states are indications of how the attempt to effectively protect the homeland by law enforcement is getting completely out of control because of Obama’s continuing violation of US Federal Immigration Laws.  Future terrorist attacks can be foiled by the FBI with the support and assistance of thousands of Patriotic Muslim-American citizens; their cooperation is important to combat the murderous element of radicalized Muslims who entered the US through the influx of 900,000 Muslim refugees who Obama immigrated into the Republic over the last seven years.  At the same time those Muslim refugees were allowed to emigrate into the US,  300,000 Christian Middle East refugees being housed by the Greek Catholic Relief Agency have been repeatedly excluded from resettlement in the United States by the Obama administration. 

The below-listed article by Pat Buchanan presents a history of how previous US Presidents, going back 100 years, excluded certain classes of immigrants from the United States—there is absolutely no reason why the refugees settlement program can’t put on a “long pause” until the vetting process can be finally instituted to exclude Muslims with terrorist ties.

Copyright 2015, Capt. Joseph R. John. All Rights Reserved. This material can only be posted on another website or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without permission from the author.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt              USN(Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108

Fax: (619) 220-0109



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