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by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)

The F-16 Fighter Falcon was originally manufactured in 1976 by General Dynamics, which sold its aircraft division to Lockheed in 1993

(Dec. 15, 2015) — [Editor’s Note:  The following is a comment to an article published on Tuesday at The Horn News titled “Trump vs. Cruz: Showdown tonight!”]

Donald Trump is, by far. the only VIABLE candidate among the declared males; he takes a logical stand on an issue, justifies it and then stands by it. His point on Muslims is powerful, reasonable, desirable and absolutely necessary for our republic. ISIS/ISIL is. but a reincarnation of the Barbary Pirates of Jefferson’s time only more barbaric. Apparently no more females, Nikki Haley, Pamela Jo Bondi or Mary Fallen have any notion of entering the fray which is too bad, All three of the young Senators lack polish and intestinal fortitude, I have challenged both Cruz and Rubio to take legal action to depose the cockalorum in the Oval Office; not even a response. They simply ignore the presence of a traitor among them rather than charge him with the treason of which he is obviously guilty. Mr. Trump, could use that as his ‘Ace in the Hole’ to become the runaway “Savior of America.” Obama’s gift of 20 F-16 Fighter Jets, 200 Abrams Tanks and One Million bucks in ADDITIONAL aid to the Muslim Brotherhood is a flagrant act of TREASON consistent with Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution and Soetoro-Obama must be held to account for TREASON. I am convinced that Director Comey of the FBI is a thoroughly honorable man as is Director Casey of the Secret Service and both are duty bound to answer any indictment of Obama for treason. There is NO reason for Soetoro-Obama to still hold office when he is, without question a Felon holding office as the faux president of the USA!

Dr. Thomas E, Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)

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