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by OPOVV, ©2015

(Dec. 15, 2015) — Okay, everyone, a request was made, so I’ll acquiesce and tell the tale of a people who have let, or are letting, or will let their guard down and were, are, or will be wiped off the face of the earth. Some say a guy named Mickey Mouse was to blame, but I think it may be a little bit more complicated than that. To hold one mouse responsible for the decreased attention span of the whole culture of the USA (compared to other nations of the world) may be construed as being far-fetched, but then again, maybe not.

Was it the pilgrims’ unabated license to clear-cut that’s been carried over to today’s developers who act just as irresponsibly? But clear-cutting doesn’t just happen for apartments and housing developments; it’s also applied to the coal industry in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia, where they call the practice “strip mining,” with the added attraction of the correct substitute word for global warming: pollution (including humans breeding as rats).

Ever since Americans decided to adopt classical Greek and Roman architecture for the buildings that represent control — the bastions of law — the fable that we have a guarantee that our Constitution is permanent for eternity is but a myth. Vatican-inspired domes; Parthenon-copied columns: monuments that everlastingly convey a dream not reflecting reality. The ignorant believe that buildings make a nation; the selfish ones subscribe to the power of the purse, while the common-sense contingency relies on time-proven sermons that are food for the soul and longevity for the body: the Golden Rule.

But at some point the attention span was broken down from hours to but a handful of minutes. Whoever heard of a concert by Mozart lasting but four minutes? Was it Truman’s acceptance of a truce with North Korea? Was it allowing Czechoslovakia to be overrun by the Russians? Did we get Sputniked, or was JFK our last chance to get out from under the smothering yoke of the Federal Reserve?

No matter what the reason, the “Greatest Generation” blinked, and all the wails and warnings by the John Birch Society became, are or will become true: destroyed, crumbling, or finished from within. The writing was on the wall: the Pentagon Papers, available at all newspaper stands: a paperback in silver: the chalice that no one drank from or, if they did, was regurgitated, discarded, forgotten.

A generation of the young lied to; expendable; nothing more than cannon fodder who, in the end, ran away, which left the door wide open for China to become an accessory to the Killing Fields of Cambodia, let alone their own support of the Viet Cong’s own fields in South Vietnam’s “Re-education Camps.”

Vietnam: a golden opportunity to do good; to save a helpless little country from the atheist hoards  — Communists — knocking on the door of Reason. But Reason failed to bar the door, leaving it open a crack until the crack burst open and a rout was the awful Truth: each for themselves, for the Americans abandoned them. Now, 50 years later, it’s our turn to be invaded, just as was done in the past, but this time there’s no one in sight to help us, unless we helped, help or will help ourselves. As they say, payback is a condemnation of past treaties of the pen or word not honored: we are in the process of reaping exactly what we have sown.

Recognizing our errors and correcting said errors are two entirely different animals. Half the population sees no correlation of giving half of Europe to Stalin in 1945 to our vulnerability of today. They see nothing out of the ordinary in having same-sex marriage and women in combat units and in the blue water Navy. The current Rules of Engagement favor the enemy, but as long as we ignore the problems, the problems will remain: stating there’s not anything wrong doesn’t mean everything’s right.

The Commander-in-Chief is a fraud. Depending on one’s point of view, either Obama is doing very well (supporters of “Death to the Great Satan and Israel!”), or else Obama is destroying America day by day (welcoming Muslims within our borders). It can either be one or the other: an A+ for those who want to kill us or a big-fat “ZERO” for those of us who want nothing to do with Muslims within our borders; Sharia Law; or have a bunch of deranged individuals masquerading as rational humans (including Obama and Valerie Jarrett and all of her Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR friends).

Trillions in debt; a very real Muslim problem; revolvingdoor justice for those who molest our children, rape our wives and daughters, and kill us. America’s future is at stake, and we can’t even agree whether 9-11, Fort Hood and San Bernardino are connected.

And that is, perhaps, the most telling error of all: we see the same thing but can’t agree on what just happened, is happening, and will happen. Rest assured, what has happened in the rest of the world, in Sweden, Europe, England; what is happening in the Middle East; and what will happen in Africa and everywhere else by the hands of Muslims will happen to us, right here, in the USA. And we can’t even agree on that.

And that’s the end of our campfire story. For or against, and it’s not a mystery. But there is a mystery here, and that mystery is why American citizens aren’t on the same page, at least when it comes to doing the best for the next generation of Americans.

Our country has been very lucky to have a few type “A” personalities as presidents, with George Washington perhaps being the most notable. To say that we require another type “A” for the 2016 election would be an understatement, yet nevertheless true. Our allies have abandoned us because this Administration is the enemy: the very animal that everyone previously circled the wagons against, so there’s no one left to save us. We must save ourselves. Look at the sorry state of the candidates: professional politicians who EACH failed to uphold their Oath to the Constitution when they COLLECTIVELY turned their backs on LTC Terry Lakin’s conviction in a kangaroo Court-Martial in 2010.

The saving of America – “Let’s make America great again” — has gone far beyond any cheap partisan politics. What used to be the argument of “either give them fish or teach them how to fish” has morphed into either “accept Sharia Law or get your head cut off.”  Do we elect Trump or do we kiss our country goodbye? Do we stand up for what’s right or do we wallow in the intellectual gutter with Whoopi Goldberg and The View and its viewers and say goodbye to Reason forever: leave the door ajar and let the hoards overwhelm us?

And that’s our campfire story for tonight.

Semper Fi


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