by OPOVV, ©2015

(Dec. 12, 2015) — Leonardo and the Mona Lisa; “The Night Watch;” Venus de Milo; Plato and Pliny;
Spartacus and Martin Luther; Cinerama and Moses; Pez and Slinky;
Lionel Trains and the Hula Hoop; “The Tunnel of Love” and the Twist;
The “Pentagon Papers;” worldwide entertainment via satellite with Elvis.”

The Inquisition; press gangs and floggings; the American Indian and Smallpox:
Child labor laws; monopolies and the Federal Reserve Bank; the Black Sox;
The “Black List” and the 4th Amendment; J. D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye;”
American churches vs. the IRS; NAZI’s Gestapo and the DOJ’s FBI;
Arab-owned American media disseminating White House lies;
The American soldier going off to war or staying home at Fort Hood to die;
Step by German-National-Socialism-textbook step: confiscating citizens’ guns;
The enemy’s nose is under our tent flap: no more to say; it’s all been said and done.

History is a fickle acquaintance indeed.

Meanwhile, to the victor go the spoils, at least that was the age-old goal.
Today we’re in a new kind of war, and the goal isn’t tangible: it’s a fight for souls.
Either accept insanity as the norm by believing in the “Murder of the Innocents”:
Beslan, Ukraine, where the Devil ruled and welcomed Muslims into his confidence.

Adults are supposed to be in charge, but what if the adults lack the capacity?
Is our home to become inhabited by psychos allowed to go on killing sprees?
Is our planet just one big “Lord of the Flies” experiment, and we’re the pigs?
We’ve witnessed atrocities, and now add to the equation Russian MIgs.
We’re life forms stranded on “This Island Earth” that reacts to harmful stimulus,
Going through our day in an ignorant cloud of a gullible bliss,
Never believing that the end of Western Civilization is but a breath away,
Even though some drank the Kool-Aid, we can’t accept that all of our deaths may be today.

History is a fickle friend indeed.

Win and win we can, by trashing political correctness and carrying a gun.
If we offend, don’t say “Sorry”: rather, say “Tough it out”: have fun, live a little.
Any place on earth can be a Garden of Eden, a desired goal to be had by each;
The key is communication through education for all within easy reach.
Spread the Good Word as He taught us: The Golden Rule, and if they doubt,
Keep in mind that it is they who are the ones that we can live without.
Remember, being in a reactionary or defensive mode, you’ve lost the initiative,
Better to choose your own time and place by increasing our chances to live.

History is a fickle mistress indeed.

Semper Fi


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