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by OPOVV, ©2015

How did a man with forged government documents win the White House?

(Dec. 11, 2015) — If anyone ever had any questions about which side of patriotism FOX NEWS is on, one has to wonder no longer. Of course we’ve known that most, if not all, of FOX’s employees were Muslim Brotherhood/Obama/Trash-the-Constitution supporters from the day Obama came on the scene of national politics.

“The President” is how Obama is addressed or referred to on FOX. Since when has Obama been the president of anything? He hasn’t because, in order to be the president, there are certain hurdles over which one must jump in order to be on the ballot. Obama was never vetted, and what we do know about him would get any legal American thrown in jail. It is, after all, a felony to use a stolen Social Security number. It is also a felony to use that same number on a Selective Service Registration card.

Muslim or Muslim, which is he? Obama attempted to push the Muslim Brotherhood down the throats of the Egyptians. The death of Libya: from a country on the sidelines to be one giant terrorist training camp on the front lines. Nice going, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Muslim Brotherhood: a terrorist organization funded by petrol dollars, has made it abundantly clear as to their plans to render Israel off the map and the USA a Sharia puppet of Iran, complete with the Constitution replaced by Sharia Law.

If nothing else, Donald Trump’s comments that Muslims just maybe want to decapitate you, your family, and every other non-Muslim in America have really exposed the lowly cockroaches in our country. Dick Cheney is just one of many who hasn’t been paying attention. Trump suggested that maybe importing Muslims, especially these Muslim “refugees,” isn’t such a good idea after all.

That’s when Dick Cheney put his foot in his mouth, when he exposed himself to be not quite as smart in international affairs as, say, any one of the moles in my front yard. Cheney actually referred to Islam as a “religion,” and furthermore went on to say that “… just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in.” I wasn’t aware that we supported “honor killings,” nor was I aware of endorsing reporters and aid workers being filmed while decapitated; and I was truly surprised that Americans liked the notion that it takes two women to act as one male as a witness.

Dick Cheney is just one of many millions (not just Americans) who have been brainwashed into believing that Islam is a “religion.” It’s not. Islam: Totalitarian system of rule over the populace by encompassing Draconian methods to keep those in power in power.  It turns out that “those in power” are old men who yearn for underage girls; force women to live as second-class citizens; make women subservient to men by denying girls educational opportunities; denying women the right to come and go as they please, wear whatever suits them, and to speak their mind; dictating who they should and should not marry; and if a woman disobeys, doesn’t enjoy being beaten, whipped, kicked, punched and, consequently, files for divorce, then the men of the family – father, brother, uncle, cousin, husband – have been afforded – through Sharia Law – the legal “right” to murder – “honor kill” — the women for bringing “dishonor” upon the family.

And Dick Cheney thinks that’s all okay, actually endorses – WELCOMES – even more Muslims within our borders, to move next door, to live among us knowing full-well that Muslims are not entering America to assimilate in any form or fashion – EVER – into the fabric and mainstream that makes America what she is: a melting pot of people who live by the Constitution. Apparently that’s a little too much to ask for from the likes of the America-haters like the Cheneys and FOXs of the world.

And so we applaud our well-respected Lt. Col Ralph Peters for honestly describing Obama as what he truly is: a person with the capability to do good but instead deliberately makes the world a more dangerous place by wantonly endorsing the destruction of ancient artifacts; the wholesale slaughter of the Christians in the Middle East; throwing Israel under the bus by allowing ISIS to flourish and Iran to acquire nuclear weapons of unimaginable destruction (the bombs detonated over Japan during World War II were but firecrackers of what can be wrought with today’s megaton bombs); and the untold human suffering of all those involved with Islam running rampant over the world.

People who aren’t afraid to speak the Truth are becoming a rare commodity in America. Those who refuse to cower to the lies and falsehoods spread by the mainstream media – including FOX NEWS – have become such a rarity as to be considered “politically incorrect” and must be, therefore, kept off the airwaves for 14 days, in our esteemed fellow Patriots’ case.

And so we, the Patriots of America, salute Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash for speaking the Truth; to telling it exactly as it is.

Thank you.

Semper Fi


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